Switching to a Water Meter

If you are worried that you are paying too much for your water bills, unfortunately there is not the option to switch suppliers.

You can however switch to a water meter which could save you money as you will only then be charged for the water you actually use.

Most households are entitled to have a meter fitted and your water company will not charge you for this. For information about getting a water meter fitted then contact your water company. You can find a link to your company with contact details here.

Compulsory Metering

Companies can compulsorily meter existing household customers when there is a change of occupier. For example, when customers move house or where a property has been split to create several separate new dwellings with completely new occupiers.

Other circumstances where a meter may be compulsory include, when customers:

  • Water their garden using non hand-held apparatus, such as sprinklers.
  • Have a bath, spa or Jacuzzi with a capacity of more than 230 litres.
  • Have a water treatment unit that incorporates reverse osmosis.
  • Lives in an area of water scarcity as determined by the Secretary of State.
  • Have a pond or swimming pool with a capacity of more than 10,000 litres that is automatically replenished.
Use Sprinklers
Have a bath, spa or Jacuzzi
Have a pool with a capacity of more than 10,000 litres.

Average Metered and Unmetered Bills

Average Household Bills 2005-2006
Average Unmetered Average Metered
Water Sewerage Water Sewerage
£141 £149 £116 £132
Total = £289 Total = £248

  • Bills are estimates based respectively on provisional and forecast data provided by each company.
  • To calculate the total average bill add the average water and sewerage bill together. Your sewerage service may be provided by a different company to your water supply.

Source: Ofwat