Rainwater Harvesting

Why harvest rainwater?

There is nothing new about collecting rainwater and it is not diffcult to do, but are enough of us doing our bit?

It is surprising how much water can be collected from roof tops. With every inch that falls on a surface of 1000 square feet, it is possible to collect approximately 600 gallons of water. This could dramatically reduce water bills and with the much publicised, continual water rate increases, we cannot afford not to save our water and subsequently save money and the environment.

Did you know…

…Business owners can claim 100% tax relief on rainwater harvesting systems under the enhanced capital allowance scheme as long as the product is approved on the water technologies list and a typical domestic rain harvesting system can yield up to 70% of the non-potable water needs of an average family of 4, with a typical pay back period of 3 years.

For help and advice on rainwater harvesting solutions, tax benefits and product ranges, no matter how small or how large your project, visit the Combined Harvesters website or call their advice line on 0151 639 0880.

Also, South Downs Eco Installations supply and install rain water harvesting systems into domestic homes, commercial premises and for agricultural purposes in the south of England. Please call 07545 174 817 or 07824534733 for more information.