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Yorkshire Water
PO Box 52

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  • General Queries 0845 124 2424
  • Fax 0127 437 2800
  • Website www.yorkshirewater.com
  • Online Contact form Email
  • 24 hour automated service 0845 124 7247
  • Leakage 0800 573 553
  • Asian language helpline 0845 124 2421
  • Text telephone/Minicom 0845 124 2423

Billing enquiries are open from 8am – 8pm on Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturday. Water and waste water enquiries are open from 6.30am – 10pm on Monday to Saturday and 7.30am – 10pm on Sunday.

General Information

Yorkshire Water is part of the Kelda Group which provides water and sewerage to 1.7 million households in the Yorkshire area. Over 1 billion litres of drinking water are supplied to customers every day and about a billion litres of waste water is taken away and treated.

All this treatment and supply takes place across more than 700 water and sewerage treatment works and 120 reservoirs and 40,000 miles of pipe work transports the water and wastewater.

  • Water and Sewerage Company.
  • Water in this area is generally hard. More specific information about water hardness can be obtained from the companies website.
  • 99.95% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 met Water Supply standards.

Customer Service

Yorkshire Water boast a high level of customer service. They hold the Government’s prestigious Charter Mark for service excellence, and have received both national and international awards.

In 2004 Yorkshire Water were voted Utility Company of the Year ahead of all water, gas, electricity and telecoms companies.

Yorksire Water have a customer charter which promises that certain standards are met in order to provide the highest level of customer service. This includes offering customers compensation where promises are not kept in relation to complaints, appointments, water quality and interruptions to services.

Special Services

There is a ‘Helping Hands’ service which offers extra help to those customers who may need it. This includes:

  • Bills in large print, Braille or read over the telephone for the visually impaired.
  • Help reading your meter.
  • Special arrangements for informing about interruption to supply, either by home visit or text telephone.
  • If you have medical requirements and are registered then help installing a temporary water supply can be arranged.
  • Visiting staff always carry ID cards for added security and peace of mind.

62 responses to “Yorkshire Water”

  1. Patrick Rothery says:

    Could someone please expalin what the turn off mechanism on the street should be for each house. I have a box at the bottom of my drive labelled water and would like to know what should be in this box

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Do not ring the call centre. It would be quicker to walk and sit and wait a couple of hours to speak to somebody, who will probably not be able to resolve your problem, but will put you on hold an hour while they find someone who can.

  3. William Ernest Clasper says:

    Recurring problem after heavy rain with sewer not clearing due to quote “sheer volume of water, pumps unable to cope.” My property is right next door to the pumping station so what chance has anyone else got? Each time the problem occurs the toilet backs up and cannot be flushed, and today we have the same problem, plus my garden is under six inches or more of water, which has never occurred before, suggesting that there must be a severe drainage problem. Like Mr. Marchant I attempted contacting the Call Centre but gave up after being kept on hold for over half an hour. What happened to Customer Care?

  4. Richard Jamieson says:

    Well done to this site.
    A very good achievement.
    Too good to be true.
    Everyone will find it useful. Recommended by me


  5. Richard Jamieson says:

    If you are going to say anything about this site then I would just like to say that it is really easy and the company’s employees are really co-operative and if you are emailing or writing then you will get a reply in no time! THANK YOU WATER-GUIDE.ORG!!

  6. Jonathan Cairns says:

    Found YW totally unhelpful, will not answer letters correctly, nor will they tell me where the developers drains connect to their drains. Useless.

  7. Anne Walters says:

    Our water has been off since 8 o clock this morning. My husband rang them to see if there was any news, all he got was a taped message nobody to talk to. It is now 13.30 and nobody has taken the time to come out and informed us why the whole of Brotherton is without water. They haven’t even brought any bottled water round to help out while the get it back on again, like they say they do. So much for customer care!!!!!

  8. Jean Burke says:

    I only wanted to see if I could complete a form or something to apply for a water meter but something as important as trying to save water this way is not listed.
    About right!!!! Sorry you should have received a minus star not a plus.

  9. Ruksana Kauser says:

    I would just like to say that I have called the contact centre a number of times and I feel that the service was excellent both times. I would also like to say that the person that was dealing with my account was very efficient and helpful, so it’s not that bad, and a bonus is that the call centre seems like it is in the UK.

  10. Karen Comer says:

    Why is my rateable value different to my family and friends, we all live in the same area?

  11. Sam Lucas says:

    This site was really useful to me and my partner as we have just moved into our first house together. Following these tips on the site really helped us to cut costs and save energy!! Well done!!

  12. Catherine Davison says:

    I couldn’t find what I wanted at all! All I wanted was a quote for my AS Business Studies coursework, and they don’t give you that option!!

  13. Lawrence Wankshaft says:

    Karen: RV between properties is different due to many reasons.
    Things like proximity to bus stops and amenities, desirability of the particular street the property is situated on along with a million other things all play a part.

    Theoretically the higher the RV, the more desirable the property.

  14. Elisha Ejaz says:

    I’m doing some research on Yorkshire Water and I hope you can help me. I would like to know it Yorkshire water effects the environment in anyway? Also what skills are needed to work with Yorkshire water and to explain their importance to society.

  15. Paul Harrison says:

    I have contacted Yorkshire Water on 5 occasions and been told 5 different prices, I find their service very confusing to say the least. I hope to have better correspondence from them in the future.

  16. Peter Wilson says:

    Why am I paying over £100 a year more in water charges than my neighbours? The houses are approx the same size. One person lives in my house (me). Up my road I know of a house occupied by approx 18 people.

  17. Michala Potts says:

    Yorkshire Water, ey? Awesome thieves. They send me a bill 1 year in advance, for water I’ve yet to use. I don’t pay it all, so I’ve just had the bailiffs round to recover goods (thankfully I wasn’t in and only found the letter when returning from work), yet have had no previous Final Demands or anything like that from YW. Seems like they’ve taken me to court without telling me they were going to take me to court!!! Is this legal!? Yorkshire Water are appalling in both service and inability to communicate with their customers.

  18. Bryn Davies says:

    What a company! They boast about their love of the environment, then park a huge, rattling generator/pump close to homes and leave it running day and night for a week non-stop! They do this regularly about once a year despite being regularly requested to consider neighbours.

    Hypocritical, money grabbing, anti-social, inconsiderate, incompetent sharks. Completely out of touch.

  19. Nik Shahie says:

    YW are unbelieveable. They have asked me to pay £382 for one year contract, checked with my next door neighbour and he has got a bill of £423. I have another friend who lives just five mins far from me and is paying £174 (in Leeds). I don’t know what is wrong with YW.
    Can somebody help me or YW please because I have not paid it yet and I don’t want things get complicated?

  20. Ronald Bell says:

    I am on a water meter and am the sole occupier of the property, for the year 08/09 I was paying £6 per month foe my water useage, for the year 09/10 my monthly payment has increased to £10 a month. What could the reason be for a 66% increase in my bill, as I have not used any more water than I have done in previous years?

  21. Toby says:

    Patrick, are you on a meter? If do there should be a meter in this pit. Alternatively there could be a stop tap. If you need the stoptap turning off then you will need to contact YW and they will send out someone to do this. With regards to your question about the turn off mechanism, it depends on what sort of housing you live in. It could be a joint supply (in which case a member of YW will have to come out to let you know the best way of shutting off your property without turning the rest of the street off) or alternatively it could be a single supply and this means that the stoptap will need to be turned off in order to shut of your supply and once again only a YW employee with the correct tools can operate this. Hope this answers your question.

  22. Joan Spurr says:

    I am a single OAP concerned by the fact that on paying £15.00 per month for water! Being contacted my water supply was being increased, by undisclosed amount, plus I had used more water over the past year and was in debt for the amount of £28.97, hergo my water charges are now £21.00 per month in total projected charges are £252.00 before usage. Last years was £180.00!! How can they assess £72.00, before I use the water?

  23. S Fountain says:

    Water from yorkshire water is dirty and they have been blaming the langsett treatment works for years (in which case why haven’t they replaced them?). Always stinks of chlorine, is brown in heavy rain (which makes your clothes look as if they have stains on them if you wash them and when the water is bad!) – last time they came out because I complained that it was a bit like drinking water from the local swimming pool the smell was so strong, they informed me that I live in a ‘hard water’ area – erm I’ve lived here all my life – the water is NOT hard – it froths up and you hardly need use any soap – when I pointed this out, the 12 year old they had sent to see me (with his chemistry kit) informed me that they had ‘redefined’ what constituted ‘hard’ water – in other words, dirty also means hard…. Haven’t bothered trying to sort it out since – I give up – just use Brita filters for everything – the water isn’t fit for consumption as it comes out of the tap (oh – he did suggest that if I wanted I could PAY to have the pipes from the main supply in the road replaced…. as he thought all the crap and chlorine they have flushed through the pipes over the years may have ‘built up’ in my supply pipe – no thanks! I pay a fortune to them – they should be doing it!

  24. Phil Of Yorkshire says:

    I phoned YW just to make an appointment to have my meter read. The reception I received was well below good customer service standards. I had my sentences repeatedly interrupted and was ‘told’ that in effect, I would just have to wait around ‘all’ day for when they could call. How dare the ‘customer’ expect a morning or afternoon time period! I agree with Ian (15/06/2007), customer service does not seem to be YW best point!

  25. Karan Ridley says:

    Can anybody offer any advice on the following, we moved into a property last Sept and the property was 1 house and 2 flats, we have converted it to one house but it still have 3 supplies. We have been told that we MUST have a water meter, we have 35 acre of land and intend to have some crop or animals on the land but this would be very difficult if we are metered, any comment would be appreciated.

  26. Paul Gaughan says:

    As I understand it the health authority is pushing the addition of flouride in Sheffield drinking water. If this happens you can cut off my water supply because I am not drinking this poison.

  27. Robert Mackley says:

    Unbelievable, I’ve been charged £5 per week for water out of my isa not even taking it for rent arrears. Don’t use that much water. I only use it to make a brew or brush me teeth, I have a shower at me mom’s struggling at the moment so thanks a bunch YW!!!!!!!!!

  28. Simon says:

    I work at the Yorkshire water call centre (and there is only one call centre, therefore some of you might have spoken to me!). All I can say is that customers give YW workers a hard time! The most common complaint coming to me at the moment is “Why is my neighbour paying less than me” (the reason for this could be that they have a water meter maybe? or that their payments are over a shorter period?). Also customers rushing us on the call, or speaking to us like dirt because we work in a call centre (we are humans!).Customers should show at least a bit of gratitude that they’re coming through to England (and not India) and that most of us actually enjoy our jobs, and are happy to speak to people who are (mainly) from Yorkshire too! So please please please, think about this before you ring me up and speak to me like I’m somebody selling the big issue!

  29. George Day says:

    Not content with just robbing us blind they now intend to apply compulsary medication with fluoride through the tap.
    It will only be fit for flushing toilet

  30. Dale Shephard says:

    I’ve heard YW publish their busy times at their call centre. Does anyone have any info on this pls??

  31. J Akhtar says:

    Hi, do not trust Yorkshire Water with your personal details. I have had an argument with somebody and they abused their position as being as being an employee of Yorkshire Water and accessed my home telephone number and started to give pranks for the past year and a half, I did not realise until June 09 and made a complaint, Yorkshire Water initially lied and said this employee did not access my records for personal use, 4 weeks later I find out from 4 employees from there that this person is under investigation for accessing my records, and I did not tell these employees about me making a complaint. I rang Yorkshire Water again 2 week ago and stated what action they will take against the employee, the team leader said she would get an investigator from HR to ring me that day and nobody has.

  32. Anthony Hall says:

    I am served by Severn Trent water and last year I paid £234 for the year, my sister served by Yorkshire Water paid £636 for the year. How can they justify this, they are ripping their customers off at an alarming rate and it is time someone did something about it. Admittedly I only have clean water and she has surface water too but there is still a very large difference. I’m not surprised their call centres get abuse when they are abusing your customers on such a scale. With Severn Trent and on a meter the cost for 6 months is an average of £50 for clean water only and of that only £12 is for water used the rest is for standing charges etc. Come on get real.

  33. Steve Croston says:

    I am looking for any information on the Wingate and District Water Company Limited, registered office at Gatenby House, Wingate , Co. Durham. Possibly closed down around the year 1896.

  34. Fiona says:

    I have just received my water bill from when I moved in, the only thing is I haven’t yet contacted the water company. How did they get my details? It was on my to do list to arrange my water bill so I am happy the bill has come but I am just a little concerned about how they get the details. This happened in another house I lived in but the thing was I was lodging at a house and had nothing to do with the bills. If anyone has any answers I would be very grateful.

  35. Natalie A says:

    I am a lone parent with one daughter unable to work at the moment due to ill health. I am currently paying £40 a month to yorkshire water by payment card. How can they jusify there rates?? I am struggling financially at the moment and when i contacted Yorkshire Water they said they cant accept any less. Thanks for being so helpful.

  36. Lee Ogden says:

    I find Yorkshire Water expensive. I would like to change water supplier when this becomes possible. Every year they increase their rates and I do not feel I get value for money.

  37. Carol Mackay says:

    My water bill is 602 pounds this year, my son who lives 10 miles away in a better house than mine has 294 pounds why.

  38. Chris Kendall says:

    I’m appalled at Yorkshire Water, I think you all have it quite easy, my bill for the year is 501.59. and its £62.69 per month. How on earth can they justify this? I was paying 50.00 per month last year when I fell behind with payments, I paid the remaining bill off for last year in full and now it’s higher and I have no outstanding. They tell me it’s now calculated on how close to local amenities I am, the size of the house and garden….. for one it’s a 1 bedroom flat, 2 I don’t have a garden and 3 what has it got to do with yorkshire water how close I am to a Shop?? I’m gonna go to every house in my area and build a poll and petition against this it is technically theft…… and I won’t stand for it!

  39. Hayley Dunn says:

    Just want to know my mum is on a water meter and is paying more for her bill than she was before she went on it, can she have the meter taken out?

  40. Sean Glover says:

    Whichever company, service you have to call it normally means you have to hold, navigate various menus to reach someone who takes ages to deal with your request and then refers you elsewhere. ONE call to Yorkshire water and it went straight through and my issue was dealt with immediately. This reflects the absolute perfection in regards to customer service that is reflected across the company.

  41. Sue says:

    YW ring me constantly about their insurance. When I say I am not interested the girl started with the ‘horror’ story, “so how would you feel if you woke up one morning and…”. I stopped her and said I did not want to hear the horror stories and am not interested. She was really rude. However, you can’t phone to complain to THEM because it takes so long.

  42. Zarar Hussain says:

    How do I complain about my £208.67 bill from Yorkshire Water from 19/01/10 to 26/04/10.

  43. Zarar Hussain says:

    Has anyone challenged and got their water meter removed?

  44. Nancy Simmons says:

    I want to know how much water charge is for 1 year in a one bedroom flat in Leeds? If anyone can help?

    • michael says:

      Hi water rates for 1 year in leeds unless on water meter is aprox £340.00 per year.Hope this is of help.

    • James says:

      Without a meter I used to pay ~£24 per month (£288 per year), that was in 2008, since having a meter fitted I now pay £20 per month (2011), up from £16 when I had it fitted (2008)

  45. Nicola Grinlaw says:

    Hi, I’ve been living in a 1-bedroom flat for the last two and a half years and I’ve been paying £35 per month for my water an a friend who lives in a 2-bedroom house who isn’t on a water meter is paying less than me. How come?????????????

  46. Miss H says:

    What a joke Yorkshire Water are. I got billed £346 in March, £166 in May and £393 on my last bill, after all I paid they are now saying I owe £702. I am a single mum with 2 children, I am also on a meter have no leaks in the house, I wonder if they just make prices up as they go along and also as I am on benefits they say they can ‘enforce’ payments from me without my permission. Hmmmm maybe that’s why my charges seem 2 be high, if I could change company I deffo would and would never recommend Yorkshire Water to any1.

  47. John says:

    If Yorkshire water want to steal money from people in illegal way they should say it openly. Without asking for any service, this company illegally got my name somewhere and sent me a bill. I live with many other tenant in a shared accommodation. I did not give them my name and they did not want to say where they got it. They only asked me to pay the bill for the whole property while I am in one room. This is not professionalism. This is not ethical. This is illegal. Why they do not just send their staff to break in houses of people and steal they belongings?!!!!

  48. Anthony says:

    I have just moved house. This is the first time I have had a water meter. I cannot find what YW charge per cubic metre anywhere on the Internet. Can anyone help? Either by providing a link, or reading your bill.

  49. Mark says:

    After been on a meter for 4 years, Yorkshire Water have just informed me they may have been billing me for the wrong meter. I am not happy as they could demand more money for what is their mistake. Any advise would be appreciated.

  50. Tony says:

    Hi, me and my girlfriend are just discussing moving in together and are just wondering as we haven’t done this before, how much are water rates in the rotherham area and what are the payment options available to us?weekly, monthly etc, any help would be very much appreciated thanks!

  51. Leslie D Todd says:

    Is it possible to get copys of past water bills (say 2 years ) either electronicaly or paper?

  52. Kevin Smith says:

    I’ve just been telephoned by Yorkshire Water and asked to leave a meter reading.

    When I tried phoning back it said it wasn’t possible to connect at this time.

    Someone said they make money from their 0845 number like this, is this true?

    Oh, I don’t even have a water meter by the way.

  53. As I no longer live in the UK and my water bill has gone up some 30% in the past 3 years on an empty property in west Yorks, would it be possible to have a metre installed?

  54. michael says:

    Recently a friend died. He did pay his water rates in full on the first of april one full years payment.A new tenant moved into the property and was sent a bill for the water rates. Was this legal after all the water rates was payed for that full year from the previous tenant.

  55. deb says:

    I am currently due to move out of my property on the 7th of feb 2014, I have paid my water bill up to the 10th of feb. I called yorkshire water this morning to inform them and they are saying I owe 74punds which needs to be paid by monday, how is this so? Are they trying to charge me for the last 2 months on the water bill? (10th of feb-10th of march) and can they do that since I will no longer be occupying the property for those months?

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