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Wessex Water
Claverton Down Road

Contact Information

  • Website www.wessexwater.co.uk
  • Email customer.services@wessexwater.co.uk
  • Billing and customer services 0845 600 3600 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Emergencies and operational problems 0845 600 4600
  • Sewage floodline 0845 850 5959
  • Meter reading 0845 850 0018
  • Debit/credit card bill payment 0845 600 1019
  • Leakstoppers 0800 692 0692
  • Minicom and Text Telephone 0845 730 0619 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, emergency service at other times)

General Information

Wessex Water operates across a large area of the South West, including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol and Wiltshire. Both water and sewerage services are provided across 10,000 square kilometres supplying 1.2 million people with water and 2.5 million people with sewerage services.

Water is supplied to Wessex water customers via 320 storage reservoirs, 95 treatment plants and 385 million litres a day are provided to households and businesses through 11,000 km of water mains.

As well as this, there are 15,000 kilometres of sewers, 392 sewage treatment works and 1,314 pumping stations treating and transporting 480 million litres of sewerage daily.

  • Water and Sewerage Company.
  • Water in this area is soft to moderately hard. More specific information about water hardness can be obtained from the companies website.
  • 99.93% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 met Water Supply standards.

Customer Care Plus

Wessex Water Promise

This promise ensures that Wessex water keeps to a high standard of service. Customers are guaranteed that this level of service will be maintained, and compensation is offered if not.

Customer Care Plus

Extra services to the elderly, disabled and those with additional needs.

Customers can register for this free service offering:

  • Text telephone
  • Braille, large print and audio bills
  • Doorstep security password system

For more information on your water service you can contact Wessex Water for leaflets:

  • Surface water drainage: 0845 601 5 982
  • Meter option: 0845 601 5 983
  • Charges explained: 0845 606 6 271
  • Talking leaflet explaining rateable value: 0845 606 6 269

Water Meters

When you request to switch to a meter, it will normally be installed within 30 days. You will then only be charged for the water you use from the date the meter is fitted.

If your meter is not fitted within 30 days then your unmeasured charges will be stopped at the end of that period and your metered bill will begin when we fit the meter.

17 responses to “Wessex Water”

  1. John Gilroy says:

    We are very economic with our water and have a metered supply. We collect water in butts. Could Wessex Water not encourage this with an offer on water butts like the council does with composters?

  2. Resident In Chippenham says:

    I have been paying £350/half year for the past year on my water bill. We have only TWO people living in the house. That is about £60 per month!!! It stated that I have used 120 cubic meters in 6 months. No matter how I calculate my usage I can’t reach that number. Everyone else including my next door neighbour pay about £30 per month. This is ridiculous. Does anyone face any such ridiculous charges?

  3. Di Bunniss says:

    We are moving to a rented house for 6 months while our house is being renovated. To our horror Wessex Water is charging £110 a month for water.This is apparently based an the outdated rateable value of the house, which is probably incorrect. However the council say this is not their problem and Wessex Water say the bill cannot be changed. Our only option is to try and get in touch with the landlord and get a meter installed. This situation is grossly unfair to people who are renting and unable to affect whether there is a meter or not. Why should some people be forced to pay exorbitant bills for what is a basic necessity?

  4. Capt And Mrs E. B. Newton says:

    Can you advise us what caused the loss of our water supply yesterday from 7pm onwards and should we be concerned that it could happen again without any warning? There could have been serious health and safety issues if consumers particularly the elderly infirm and those who live alone were not sensible enough and able to turn off their water heating and not flush the toilets until the service was restored to prevent boilers dangerously overheating? Unless I am missing something what reassurances / guidelines should be given from Wessex Waters Managers to the general public that would prepare us to take the necessary preventative action if another emergency took us all by surprise like the one last night? We look forward with interest to read your comments.

  5. Krissie Henley says:

    I think it is ridiculous the amount of money people are charged monthly from Wessex Water, I honestly don’t know how they can justify it… I am a SINGLE PERSON living alone and have switched to using a water meter as I was getting charged £45 per month…! My neighbours where getting charged £9.50 a week…! Scandalous…

  6. Andrew Perrett says:

    I have been charged a ridiculous amount for six months even though I am not here half the time. I am living alone and on a water meter. i have been charged 380 pounds for six months. I can’t afford this kind of money.

  7. Resident In Bristol says:

    We have just had our second bill since having a meter put in, they have stated an increase of £67 pounds a month, taking our weekly bill up to £87. I phoned the company who said they had been undercharging us as they thought only one person was living in the house. I thought we paid by the unit not by how many people lived there.

  8. Chris Wrigley says:

    Why is there only one water /sewage supplier? Why do they behave like they know it? (Wessex water)

  9. Patel Hussian says:

    I receive no water at all, terrible service.

  10. Lynn Ridgment says:

    I’m concerned about a practice my neighbour has been repeating time after time, he’s been stretching his garden hose across the road to water his mate’s garden! because his mate is on a water meter! Who can I report it to?

  11. Peter Smith says:

    Wessex have responded in the past very well to any problem including the burst pipe that took our wall away although I did not claim for the rebuild trust they will be fair with us later on!
    I do see the increase in there yearly charges trust the need their money for investment and not to give more to the fat cats.
    Never go for a Meter if more than 2 in family they like that.

  12. Peter Knott says:

    This year May 2011 my water rates will be 660 UK Pounds. 3 bed house Yeovil. What the hell is going on??

  13. Alison says:

    I have moved in to a 3 bedroom property owned by a Housing Association which is fitted with a Water Metre. Before I moved here, | was with a council in a nice semi detatched 3 bedroom house, paying a weekly water and sewage rates of 6.75 quid a wk. GREAT!!! Now? I have been charged 70 quid by wessex water for 3 wks worth of water. What is going on??? I know I had to clean the house Big Time but I am currently on benefits down here since moving 140 miles away from my family up in the south east. My parents live under Anglian water which is really expensive, so they decided to install a water metre 18 months ago, which has paid off. But. There are only two of them in there 3 bed house with an upstairs and downstairs WC’s. Something is very wrong with mine I think. So we are buying paper plates and eating more Sandwiches than ever before! I don’t see me having a choice to feed my 2.5 kids dried food on paper plates really. Unless Wessex Water want to find me a Job??? lol.

  14. Alison says:

    The thought of filling up a bath to relieve my aching Arthritic knees and joints, makes me anxious. Money money. Can i actually afford to have a medicinal soak? NO.

  15. EF5Twister says:

    From the previous posts, I can tell that several people think Wessex Water is far higher than their previous provider. Has anyone come up with hard data as to why that is? Higher water rates? Higher sewage rates?

  16. Steven says:

    Free water every year, big profits for share holders £2.17 a cubic metre for water in Wessex, if in the Southern Water Area only £1.16 cubic meter?
    No competition?

  17. Darren says:

    I have been paying £35 per month for my house water usage for the last 15 months. When I lived in Scotland we didn’t pay for water as it was included in our council tax, and even then the council tax was much cheaper.

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