Veolia Water

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Veolia Water (formerly Three Valleys Water)
Tamblin Way
AL10 9EZ

Contact Information

  • Emergencies 0845 782 3333
  • Non-metered bill enquiries 0845 769 7982
  • Metered bill enquiries 0845 769 7985
  • Water quality, supply & leak enquiries 0845 782 3333

Operational enquiries (e.g. problems with your water supply) are open from 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

General Information

Veolia Water is the largest water-only supplier in the UK, providing fresh, quality drinking water every day to over three million customers. Their supply area covers parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and the London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Enfield, Harrow and Hillingdon.

The company has been owned by Veolia Water UK since 1987, part of Veolia Environnement. In July 2009 the company changed its name from Three Valleys Water to Veolia Water Three Valleys, and subsequently to Veolia Water.

Veolia Water supplies 835 million litres of water per day to 3.2 million customers. 60% of the water comes from the aquifer, 35% is drawn from the River Thames and 5% taken from Grafham Reservoir (Anglian Water). Veolia Water manages 98 water treatment works and 147 service reservoirs and supplies water through 14,500 kms of mains.

Customer Services

Veolia Water pride themselves on supplying exceedingly high quality along with exceptional customer services. Compensation is offered if you feel that they have not met a satisfactory level of service.

Specific services have been put in place for customers with special needs:

  • Large print, braille bills and minicom.
  • WaterSure Scheme to assist low-income households whose water is supplied by a meter.
  • Safeguard Scheme offered to pensioners and customers with special needs.

If you would like to register for the any of the special needs services or would like more information then contact customer enquiries on 0845 782 3333 or by email at

20 responses to “Veolia Water”

  1. Bob Venstone says:

    I would like to comment on the incredible speed a water meter was fitted when requested. I was quoted approx thirteen weeks, in fact it was one. Thanks to Three Valleys.

  2. Irina Bragin says:

    There is a huge water leak on Goldsmith Avenue. Now is Saturday, 5.15 pm and no telephone number is answering, nobody cares!!!

  3. John Powell says:

    There has been a serious water leak outside our house since July 08. It has been causing serious damage to the area and most importantly to our house and others. Despite repeated calls, letters and visits, Three Valleys have done absolutely nothing to rectify the serious problem. It’s all kind words but no action. The surveyor they sent out on an number of occasions has been totally ineffective and singularly useless.

  4. Beverley Norrie says:

    Could you possibly tell me what is the best home use water filter to buy as I have hard water in my area in Harlow Essex?

  5. C2c Services says:

    Very impressed with the service received from the operational help line. Prompt and very efficient service.

  6. Mr T Chamberlain says:

    Sunday Night NO water pressure. If more than one house has tap turned on the rest have to wait for water. Improvement works taking place UB7 you might want to look at the service you are providing and ask yourselves would you pay the water bill.

  7. Caroline Hugh says:

    Useless – just sat on hold to report a leak for 10 mins and got transferred to some random answering machine… not reveling what comes next with this saga… but I can predict it… The last very serious leak took months to resolve (or should I say even get acknowledged). It caused a lot of damage to my house – which subsequently the insurance company wouldn’t even pay for! I ended up paying a private contractor to sort it – even though it was in the distance boundary of the main stop cock.

  8. Ruth Trent says:

    Pleased to see that this Water Guide site includes a section about “encouraging future generations to conserve water”.

  9. Keith Atwood says:

    Emailed with a question in February, I am still awaiting a reply. Quick to take your money but not so quick with their help service

  10. Jamie Betts says:

    Previous dealings with Three valley water the service was excellent. Now under the Veolia umbrella the service is desperate – they are costs driven. Water quality is low on their priority. They have changed the policy on boundary connections. I recently installed a new plastic main into my property, stopping at the public footpath. I expected veolia to make the final connection to the meter in the footpath, some 6 inches outside my boundary. This would give me new plastic water pipe from meter to stop cock under sink. Veolia refused to connect into meter in public footpath. They admitted the policy had changed, guided by cost. So what is the point of replacing an 70 year old pipe with nice new plastic pipe (to improve the quality of my water supply?). Instead I still have an old piece of metal pipe from my boundary point to the meter in the public footpath, some 6 inches. Veolia don’t seem to care about water quality. Bring back Three valleys Water, lead by quality of water to their customers. Not company profits/share prices!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Coen Basson says:

    Water supply has been cut off due to burst pipe. Every time I’ve phoned in during the last 4hours I’m told there’s not estimated time for repair. Have a baby in the house, no water all night. It’s now morning and everyone needs to shower. Still I’m told by Veolia that they have no idea when it will be repaired. Nobody cares. Very poor service…

  12. Mrs Dipple says:

    Thank you for repairing the water supply in West End near Woking in Surrey last night. You had men out in the freezing cold (my husband saw them at bed-time). Please tell them thank you for fixing it. I always thought big companies only fixed things in daylight hours Monday to Friday. It was a relief to have water the next morning again!

  13. june says:

    We have had no water for 2 hours now – tried all the above numbers but no reply, asked neighbour and was told burst watermain in edgeware. could you get your numbers looked into as this is an emergency, and it does not help when all of your phone numbers are not answered.

  14. Laura Marsh says:

    Have just have Veolia out as I had no water. There were at my property within 1 hour of the call and sorted the problem out within the next 30 minutes restoring my water supply. The young lady who came out and dealt with the problem was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for a good service.

  15. Larman, Wayne says:

    I have just got in(2100). I find that someone has dug a hole on the boundary of my property and the path. It is a replacement stopcock or something. The spoil is all over my drive and damage to patio. Thanks.

  16. Boris says:

    Reported a “significant” water leak in roadway – water spouting into the air. Veolia said “will get someone to attend within 3 days!!
    Also told them that ALL the phone numbers on their web site were wrong. Including the emergency one. Not very interested!

  17. Tony Smith says:

    Very friendly and helpful customer service department- most impressed.

  18. Helen Gomm says:

    A water leak has caused damage to my property and I need to claim compensation in order to rectify. It’s damaged my garden wall, my driveway and water has got into my house and damaged all my BRAND NEW plastered walls. Veolia workmen have been out today and dug a hole to find water filling the hole, but no leak where they dug. They said they were sending out a leak team – but they haven’t filled the hole and all the dirt from the hole is all over my pathway and some on my already damaged driveway. REALLY NOT IMPRESSED!!

  19. steve gibbons says:

    How do we know if there is still a hose pipe ban? Nothing is published.

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