Thames Water

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Thames Water Utilities Ltd
PO Box 286
SN38 2RA

Contact Information

Customer services are open from 8am – 7pm on Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturday.

General Information

Thames Water is the largest UK water company, covering an area of 5000sq miles across London and the Thames Valley. 8 million people are supplied drinking water from 20,000 miles of water mains treated at 100 water treatment works.

Sewerage services are also provided to 13 million people in the Thames Water area with a network of 351 sewerage treatment works and 40,000 miles of sewers.

  • Water and Sewerage company
  • 99.91% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 complied with water supply regulations.

Customer Services

Thames Water are committed to providing a high level of service to it’s customers. They have a policy to ensure appointments are met, complaints and billing enquiries are dealt with and that customers are informed properly about any interruptions or supply problems. Compensation is offered if they fail to meet certain standards.

Special Services

Watercare service for the elderly and disabled includes:

  • Minicom, fax, typetalk and sign language.
  • Large print and Braille bills and literature available.
  • Talking bill service – telephone before bill is sent to give details.
  • Bills emailed to customers using Screen Reading Software.
  • Nominated friend or family member to deal with your bill.
  • Registration system for people needing priority notification of supply interruption and extra support during emergencies. (eg Dialysis patients)

107 responses to “Thames Water”

  1. Doreen Jenkinson says:

    A friend of mine had his water supply cut off many years ago by the Water Board because a pipe was damaged within the garden of his property and there was a dispute over who was to pay for this. He has not lived at the property since and now lives at his mother’s home. He does however pay his Council Tax on the property. Thames Water want to charge him back payments for a water supply he has never received. Is this legal?

  2. Peter Potter says:

    To Doreen Jenkinson. Sorry, but the straight answer is ‘yes’. Water companies have to provide a water supply to all properties and someone, usually the owner of the property, has to pay for a basic supply. It is essential to ensure the water tap is turned off, but if this has been done and there are still charges for water consumption, then there may be a leak on the supply side. Discuss it with Thames Water. The damage of a pipe in the garden is difficult to analyse. The person who caused the damage will normally be liable for the costs of repair, but the pipe is the responsibility of the property owner.

  3. Malcolm Smith says:

    Thames Water’s track record with installing domestic water meters is nothing short of disgraceful! I had to wait more than 18 months for the meter to be installed – bombarded with increasingly bizarre excuses for their failure to install. Given they knew I’d be saving money with a meter installed, Thames deliberately avoided responding to installation requests – concocting completely fictitious site surveys – in a brazen attempt to keep low-usage customers on unmetered supplies. Thames abuse their monopoly status every day. Hopeless, time-wasting and inefficient – and that’s on a good day!

  4. Andrew says:

    It is pointless to complain, Thames Water has the monopoly. Apparently they know this and are of the same opinion.

  5. Peter Ashford says:

    I have had nothing but problems with Thames Water. They are the most incompetent company I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with. First they charged my bank account 3times for the same bill which made me over 600pounds overdrawn and they were less than helpful when it came to refunding it. Then when we moved into a house where our landlord was already paying the bill they started sending the bills in my girlfriends name despite us saying that we would not be responsible for the bill when we moved in. I have spoken to thames water about this five times and so has my landlord. It seems impossible to get thames water to understand anything! Do other people have similar problems and is there any way of talking to someone to get this sorted out? This has being going on for over seven months now.

  6. T Hill says:

    I would just like to say how frustrating it is to get through on the Thames Water phone line.
    We have very low pressure, what makes it worrying is we have an open fire with a back boiler, our only form of heating. If this blows up because of Thames Water’s negligence so be it on their heads. I have been trying since 10:00 am this morning; it is now 12:22 pm, still no help. This has got to be the last straw, they need showing up with the media.

  7. Shabaz Ahmed says:

    The Thames Valley website is not very good, I can’t find info on the aims of the business and the organisational structure. I am a GCSE student and I have chosen to do research in the Thames Valley company.

  8. Ms Hilary Pitt says:

    I am on a water meter and pay bills half-yearly. My last bill (estimated) August 2007 was paid and a month or so later I received another bill as the meter had been read. I paid this and then 4 weeks later received a further bill. After a lengthy telephone call this was cancelled and a letter of confirmation was sent to me. Then I received the same bill again, after a lengthy telephone call this was also cancelled and a letter of confirmation was sent to me. In January 2008 I received the bill yet again and after a further telephone call was told this would be cancelled and I would receive a letter of confirmation. This has never materialized and now I have received a final notice with the threat of debt collectors if payment is not received within 7 days. All of this is so frustrating, you get nowhere if you try and complain, so what are you supposed to do?

  9. Ken Pullen says:

    Our school was using 40000 tonnes of water a year for 3 years, but despite many, many calls to Thames Water to investigate we were told it wasn’t their problem. We finally hired a private company who found the problem and renewed a section of mains pipe – our usage has since dropped to 4000 tonnes and now suddenly Thames Water are interested because, yes, you’ve guessed it – the bill has also plummeted!!! NOW they want to investigate why we are using so little water!! Personally, I think TW are the most useless major company in the UK. Professionally, I think they are a bunch of poorly managed, profit driven, self interested, egoistical people!!

  10. Jeffrey E. Melsom says:

    We are in a band “D” house, as are most, if not all, the others. Yet we are charged more than our neighbours, and have been for years. Can you please explain why?

  11. Derek says:

    Very unhappy with TW new charging. I’m single – live in a flat with 3 small rooms, am away working all the time and have tried and failed (because they said they couldn’t fit one) to get a meter installed – but now I’m having to pay even higher charges because they are charging by bedroom. I’ve got neighbours, 3 bedrooms, 5 people but I have to pay the same as them. Why is this allowed to happen?

  12. Julian Bone says:

    My property is being used as a billing address for someone in my family who has emigrated; consequently my direct debit has been stopped by Thames Water and they had installed a water meter at my home that I have lived in for the past 7 years. This was 18 months ago and they are now trying to charge me over double of my actual water usage. This has still not been settled and we are in the process of taking them to court and hopefully giving them some very negative press through the local papers.

  13. Vijay Amin says:

    I discovered a water leak sipping in to my back garden coming from a stand pipe behind my back garden fence, I reported this on 28April 2008 and was inspected by a Thames Water staff and confirmed that the leak was from a stand pipe behind my back garden fence. I was sent an email by Thames Water that it will be repaired within 7 working days. After several calls to the customer service centre 2 work men from a out side company came and started replacing the stop valve in front of the house. They replaced the front stopcock although it was not leaking. They told me that they are doing their job and most of the time Thames Water passes on a a job about which they have no idea at all. I rang Thames Water and was told that they will have to send out a men to look at the leak and it will take 20 days before it will be under taken. What a waste of tax payers money in replacing a stop valve which was not leaking and sending a men again to inspect the same leak again I have to take a days leave for him to come and inspect the job in my garden.

  14. Bronk Frederik says:

    Look vijay, how is that wasting tax payers’ money??? Thames Water is a private company… and I’m pretty sure Thames know how to fix a water leak.

  15. Sid says:

    Had no water supply all of a sudden and their automated service status hotline said their were no problems on their networks.

    Held for half an hour and the lady tells us straight away there’s a burst water pipe in the area but can’t give us an estimated time of fix.

    What on earth is the point of having your Service Status Hotline!! What a waste of our time holding for so long… couldn’t even find this info online….

  16. J Childs says:

    I can’t get through on the phone and e-mail is not working, rubbish service as I’m trying to report a loss of water supply to my and neighbour’s house.

  17. Mrs Jill Andrews says:

    I live in the Kingston area and my water went off this morning with no warning. There does not appear to be anyone working on the mains outside. I have tried to ring Thames water but all I get is an answerphone service with options and when you reach the final option it just leaves you hanging on the line indefinitely. This is an 0845 number so it is a premium line number and as I am a pensioner I cannot afford these expensive calls where I cannot get through. I had heard that Thames Water were not good to deal with and I can only now presume this is true. When will I get some water please, it is hot and I cannot have a drink because I have no water!

  18. Sam Noor says:

    I have a business address that doesn’t use water as it’s not needed but I’m still being send bills despite informing the powers be that there is no water used in the premises. If I’m not using any water and bills being sent to me threateningly what does one do?

  19. John Houldsworth says:

    Thames Water… What a joke. I reported a water leak, several times and was ignored. I then had a bill almost 3 times the usual amount (yes, I am on a meter, which I actually thought would be good, as a low user). After paying for repairs, I could bore you with trying to deal with Thames to get the work done, I have been trying to claim back the water leakage allowance… And that’s where the fun starts. So far, they are pleased that I am moving, when I am not. They will resolve within 10 working days, several times. Thanked me for letters, and then lost track. They have even sent me bills, for the water meter readings furnished at their request, when the bill was not due. Promised to call me with a solution, only to forget. The process is costly and time consuming. They really are a joke, and some how ?? The customers need a body to take them to task. I am now thinking of sending in the bailiffs, to recover my cost. Should be good for a laugh, even if it’s just to annoy. Does anyone actually know how to get money owed back ?

  20. Mike Lambshire says:

    We recently notified Thames Water of an actual meter reading which was higher than their estimate. Instead of spreading
    the usage over the 6 month period (and the charge rates were lower for the first quarter), they applied the whole extra usage at the current rates. What a bunch of crooks they are! – I guess sadly now that applies to most large utility companies in the UK. Needless to say we will not pay this and I also intend to report them to Ofwat.

  21. Daragh Corrigan says:

    Thames Water are very unhelpful and it seems they don’t know what they’re readings are all about between departments. They also don’t want to part with they’re money which should be rightfully refunded back to us, I’ve tried on countless occasions to get this resolved but not getting any luck. Very frustrating and it looks like I’ll be going to OFWAT to complain and see if we can get our large refund back.

  22. Taiyab Darr says:

    Back in July I was sent a bill by Thames Water asking for payment that I had already made. I called up and explained that the payment had already been made on my debit card. I was told that there was no payment made and that I would need to make payment again. The advisor was quite rude. I then discovered last week two payments were taken from my account for the same bill a total of £193.17, which was back in July. I called up and was assured that I would have a refund in 3-5 working days.
    I have checked my online banking yesterday and had not got a refund. So I contacted Thames Water and was told there systems were down so they could not access my accounts and I would need to call back. I then called Tames Water again today and was told that the refund was not actioned properly last week and it would take another 3-5 working days. I was then told that there may be a problem for them to refund me as the card I originally used, to make payment. I no longer had as I was sent out a replacement in its place by bank, which is on the same sort code and account number that Thames Water took the money out from….
    Oh I forgot to mention that I was kept on hold for approximately 30 mins just to speak to a supervisor who was of no real help. A disgusting company with no real sense of customer service… I am awaiting a call back today regarding my refund.

    On a separate issue, my mum is an elderly female who lives alone, she has been billed just over £1000 for her water bill. This is disgusting as she lives in a small flat and hardly uses any water due to being quiet ill. Rather then acknowledge their mistake Thames Water is saying they will need to investigate the matter and this was after several lengthy phone calls to the company. Nothing has been done to rectify the situation.

    I am considering contacting WATCHDOG regarding the service I have had from Thames Water and by reading all these other comments it seems like I am not the only one with negative feed back for this disgusting excuse for a company. Does anyone have any other suggestions on who I could voice my concerns to?

    I would have only rated Thames Water with 0 stars but u only get the option to leave 1 star, which I believe is to much for this unworthy company.

  23. Ann Beauchamp says:

    Some of your above customers are so lucky. I reported a leak on the 19th August, on the 22nd September a technician eventually confirmed that the leak was in my property but did not inform me where it was. I am now still waiting for another technician to come along and tell me where the leak is on my property. I have made at least 10 phones calls to your offices and have been promised that someone will contact me to make an appointment. All this time water is leaking out of my pipes and therefore wasting precious water. One very dissatisfied customer.

  24. Mandy Shanks says:

    Thames Water abuse their dominant position by overcharging and failing to deal with customer queries. The company have sent a bill for £106 for 57 days of water and waste water. The bill is unclear but seems to suggest it is metered. I’ve owned the property for over 10 years and am not aware of a water meter installation. Will they tell me – NO.

  25. Mr M L Smith says:

    Last week I reported a water leak near my property. When I returned home from having a weekend away, the repair had started, my only problem the repairers had torn up my lawn area getting access. After 3 or 4 hours work I made good this area, only to return home today and find it in an even worse state than the first time. Thames Water get yours sorted out.

  26. O Fadero says:

    Just over 2 years ago I had to use a relation’s house as a billing address as I was in between homes. Thames Water were given clear instructions of what was happening. Thames water rather than give me a refund decided to stop my relations direct debit and switch their water bill over to my name. I wrote them another letter threatening to report them to the regulator. They telephoned us both up though they apologised would not admit they had done anything wrong. No other utility supplier has problems following such simple instructions apart from Thames Water.

  27. O Fadero says:

    I have asked for a water meter twice in 6 months. The first time Thames Water has claimed they didn’t receive the request, the second time they have gone silent. So I am now chasing it up. I have a feeling they don’t want to supply me with a water meter as they know they will have to put me on an assessed charge which is cheaper than the rateable value.

  28. Peter Rakowiecki says:

    Utter rubbish company. We just had a leak outside and within our property, probably due to the blocked drain system or something. Whenever we switch the water on, it shoots from underneath the lid outside and floods the neighbours below, as the house is on top of the hill. I rang the customer services, went through like 15 automated options, eventually got through to someone and have been told that someone’s going to check on it within 3 working days! Three working days of shooting water and flooding! They’re crazy!

  29. Danielle Cleverley says:

    Thames Water is without doubt the worst utility company I have ever dealt with, their customer service if you can call it that quite clearly leaves a lot to be desired. They have no interest in dealing with customer service issues and seem only interested of relieving you of as much money as possible for providing such a bad level of service.

  30. B Gonzalez says:

    Their system is a mess, data is wrongly recorder or not recorded at all, this seems to be the norm every time I deal with them.

  31. B Gonzalez says:

    Someone wrote:
    “It seems impossible to get Thames Water to understand anything! ”

    I agree, when I had to deal with them to sort out their mistake I came across staff who didn’t listen and refused to believe their system was wrong. I had to insist, threaten to complain and repeat myself before I could get them to understand their mistake.

    Once the mistake was recognized I did have a prompt resolution and an apology from a manager.

    However, I now have to deal with them a second time and I’m having the same problem: their system data is wrong again and to try to explain it to them is painful and time consuming. I’m still waiting for a resolution at the moment.

    If I could change supplier I would, but apparently they have a monopoly, which is not a good things for consumers and customer service.

    Very frustrating company to deal with!

  32. Val Judge says:

    I live in SW Herts. I phoned Thames Water at 18.30 to say there was a problem with the sewer pipes that I share with my neighbours (I’m at the end of the line). I was told someone would be round within 8 hours, in fact a chap was here 45 minutes later! He had fixed the problem within 20 mins, very fast and efficient. I was most impressed! Had no problem getting through to the Call Centre and the lady on the end of the phone was most concerned and helpful. Full marks Thames Water! I just surprised and sorry others are having problems.

  33. Ansar Gulzar says:

    Thames water is a complete waste of time. I have a water pipe leak in my back garden which is a communal pipe for the whole street but Thames Water is sending me bills to pay for the repairs and threatening me if I don’t pay, they will take me to court.

  34. Robert King says:

    Very poor service, 8 minutes and 29 seconds later someone decided to answer the phone. Can’t say they were that helpful to be honest. Some serious training issues need to be addressed.

  35. Shaukat Ali says:

    I have been paying £138.00 per month for my commercial shop. When every year someone keeps charging me extra money from our banks what are we suppose to do? Not to pay them?

  36. Derek Kelly says:

    Agree with O Fadero post as well. I’ve asked to be put on a water meter as well, to be told ‘no problem we’ll get it sorted’. Then nothing. It’s been going on the best part of a year now. I think they’ve no interest in sorting it out as they’d be getting less money that they are charging.

  37. Jonathan Boyd says:

    Singularly useless. Apparently they were fielding masses of calls at 3:30pm on a Monday afternoon. I did manage to pay the bill using the telephone number, but would have preferred to use the website which wasn’t working. Zero stars despite being made to put down at least one by this site’s ranking system.

  38. Colin Shorrock says:

    First experience of Thames Water. Words fail me on their policy of refusing to take a meter reading when we moved into the house. Why did I ask for a reading, because the meter is so full of condensation that I found it impossible to read it myself. How can I ensure that I get an accurate bill instead of the dreaded “estimated” bill? Disgusted after only 1 day with them.

  39. Abigail Brownson says:

    Last month Thames Water had a problem with their computers which resulted in them charging the Direct Debit 3 times. They took the correct payment but then continued to take money out until there was nothing left. This then resulted in bank arrears which Natwest greedily charged twice.

    Thames Water are thieves who have refused to give me my money back and owe me the amount in arrears which Natwest have charged.

    I am used to such disgusting behaviour from banks and reporting them to the FSA, but I would like to know is it possible for me to bring criminal charges against Thames Water?

  40. Rosie Ryan says:

    Called woeful Thames Water to ask about their policy regarding installing a booster pump to a privately-owned 3rd and 4th floor flat in London. (Water pressure less than half the minimum it used to be due to their decreasing pressure to cut leaks/their fines. Shower inoperative, boiler barely functions due to reduced pressure. Disgraceful, unethical but ‘legal’). I got the smug legally constructed response: ”I have no information about…” to every question I posed. Met a very senior TW executive recently – he regarded me over his glass and said ”you have to understand – TW are not in the service industry – we are a privately-owned profit-motivated organisation”. How super for you Sir. I’ll move to a water provider who doesn’t treat about their paying customers quite so badly/doesn’t pollute huge tracts of river on a regular basis – oh – but wait… I can’t.

  41. Louise Crawford says:

    There is a lot of negative comments about Thames Water but my experience has been very good. I lost supply to my property and when I contacted Thames Water a voice message told me that there was a burst water pipe and gave me a clear update, my water was back on in 3 hours. I have also recently had a leaking meter box outside my house which after I reported on a Friday was repaired by the following Tuesday and the glass on the verge was left very tidy. I understand the sentiment from some of the comments but I have found Thames Water professional and helpful.

  42. Roger Gibson says:

    I only wanted to find the water hardness, as per my dishwasher instructions and just moving in to the area. Instead I find the hardness of getting service from Thames Water. Some one thinks it’s taxpayers money being wasted, wrong its YOUR MONEY. I bet they aren’t so tardy with SHAREHOLDER DIVIDENDS. When you have a monopoly supplier, there is no option to find a better price or a better service. Most of the profits are going to a foreign owner, with foreign shareholders, who will maximise profits until the infrastructure of pipes, reservoirs, treatment plant etc fails, then they will sell to another foreign owner. Water should never have been privatised as supply sources are local to the customers, unlike gas and electric. Renationalise at market price LESS estimated repair and renewal costs.

  43. Joey says:

    To users of Thames water, I have heard of many people being advised to call the environment agency by TW when they have sewage problems. Do not believe them, they are fobbing you off. The environment agency has no power or remit in sewerage. I work for the EA and it is very annoying to have to field TW’s angry customers, who are even more angry when I have to inform them that ‘it’s not our responsibility.’

  44. Steve Taylor says:

    Thames Water continually states its vision on correspondence

    “Our vision: If customers had a choice, they would choose Thames Water”

    My answer to that is – my vision. If customers had a choice they would use any other water company in the world rather than Thames Water.

    I don’t know how any self respecting person could want to work for such an incompetent company. Its operation, customer service, and management is a disgrace. Little wonder the German RWE Group sold them off after such a short ownership. I don’t know how Thames management sleep at night.

  45. Latifa Jama says:

    I have been charged on the wrong meter for over three years. I was always aware that that might have been the case but Thames Water could not be bothered to investigate. I with-held payment as I’d received a bill of about £288 for quarterly bill. This is for a single occupant in a small flat. I went ballistic, but they’ve known about it since Sept. 08, and done NOTHING except carry out readings when my friends were visiting in order to work out what was owed to me. This they paid few days ago Feb 09 with £50.00 compensation which quite frankly is appalling. The story is really long as I’ve had to ask the MP to help me and consumer council for water not to mention citizen advice bureau plus watchdog. They have ignored my 13 lengthy calls ad actually written to say the matter has been rectified. I want my money paid with interest and a written apology, which I have never received, they have very poor customer service. Imagine paying someone else’s bills for 3 years?

  46. Rick says:

    Thames Water at the moment can’t have anything better to do than send out very very poorly informed staff stating a WRAS approved water flow restrictor must be fitted by businesses in London, when in fact the part they are specing is actually just a bypass valve with a flow restriction that can be tampered with by anyone with a one pence piece. So all of a sudden Thames Water are concerned about the restriction of the flow of water in our factory… Our factory now employs just 44 people… Rewind 7 years we had 650 people!! But Thames Water wasn’t bothered about our water restrictions then… Nothing to do I think is the order of the day… Come on Thames Water make those redundancies .

  47. Roger M Jay says:

    I had a water meter fitted last year, it’s stuck on 3.17 cubic metres, I have emailed them twice, no reply.

  48. Clive Carter says:

    Contacting the departed might be quicker than trying to contact Thames Water.

  49. Joan Westbury says:

    I have emailed twice and phoned a few times as Thames Water owe me nearly £100 so far they have not replied AT ALL.

  50. Tony Goncalves says:

    Call the Thames Water today to inquire about the payment on my direct debit but a rep I spoken to was not interested to least or adv and hung up on me. VERY VERY poor customer services, if your want our money PLEASE train your staff. That will be a good start.

  51. Kevin West says:

    Thames Water have taken 3 years to decide they can not fit a water meter in my home. Twice they have ‘lost’ my request paperwork. I am now on the Assessed Household Charge and when I pushed for it to be backdated due to their system problems they offer to start it from April 2008 and give me a refund of the difference. No refund has been received and they now say they have no record of the offer and will not give the refund!

  52. Susan Ryder says:

    I have Homeserve Plumbing & Drainage Cover under Thames Water. I have a serious pipe blockage in my bathroom and cannot use it. From 8:20 this morning until 15:38 (now) I have phoned Homeserve four times; I still have not got details from Homeserve for when a plumber will come. I recommend you get rid of Homeserve and get another company. This is appalling. Is it going to take two weeks???

  53. Natalie Hammond says:

    I keep getting phone calls from someone claiming they are from Thames Water. They ask for credit card details to clear my account. I have no idea where they got my mobile number from. Beware if you get a call from 08452930006.

  54. M Bowers says:

    Over year ago Thames Water replaced a shared main water pipe on my property.
    Recently I noticed subsidence in the area they had been working and on digging down to the pipe I discovered they had actually made 2 holes in my spur pipe (taking water from the kitchen) by using a ‘mole’ to put the main pipe in. The main pipe was then put just under my damaged pipe. What was happening was that soil was then falling into the pipe with the holes and causing the ground to subside.
    I had tried contacting TW on several occasions and finally they sent an engineer out without telling us they were coming and when this was rescheduled they sent out the wrong ‘type” of engineer.
    I have now been told to pay for the repair and claim from them. Big Help!! If they repair is done, how do I know if they will dispute the claim? Also why should it be left to me as it is their fault. I am now left with a large hole in my garden still waiting for THAMES WATER to get back to me AGAIN.

  55. Anon says:

    Thames Water owe me £264…. after an incorrect billing. Tried calling… call center staff are a waste of space. Tried emailing.. no reply. I wish I could change water company but there’s no alternative….

  56. Tony Barnes says:

    Why does it take Thames Water 10 days to do anything. Phoned them to report water meter broken – “someone will ring you in 10 days” 10 days later foreign call cnetre rings ” someone will come and look at it (it’s broken!!!) in the next 10 days. 12 days later engineer arrives and looks at it “it’s broken!” I will log it and some one should contact you in 10 days. 17 days later still waiting for someone to contact me to discuss the replacement. Customer Service!

  57. Karen Crawcour says:

    I requested a meter in March this year after receiving yet another bill that would do justice to a family of four (I’m a single woman in a one-bed flat). Thames Water said they’d send out an engineer. I heard nothing from them for about a month and then suddenly I get a phone call asking if an engineer can come round. I said ‘of course. when?’ He replied ‘I’m a minute away down the road’.
    I can’t believe no one phoned to make an appointment. When I asked the guy what he’d have done if I hadn’t been home, he said he’d have left a note saying he called. So instead of making a single phone call, Thames Water is allowing these technicians to swan around the streets all day, pressing buzzers to presumably empty properties and leaving notes to say they’d be back?! No wonder our water bills are so high. What a complete waste of money. I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  58. Barbara Lock (mrs) says:

    After a pumping station at the end of our road developed a fault work was started on Good Friday and is still ongoing 3 weeks later, day and night and weekends. As no advance warning was given to residents I phoned Thames Water to ask why and what was happening and was spoken to very rudely. He did not deem it necessary to inform residents and was very facetious when I pointed out that up to 6 tankers at a time, Water Board vans and cars had been blocking our road and residents were made to feel in the wrong for wanting to park outside their own homes and he couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say I was discussed by his attitude.

  59. Rebecca Rowley says:

    I am shocked by the Incompetence of Thames Water. Relentless calls during times while I am working when my account is up to date. I am seeking legal action. What an embarrassment!

  60. Peter Morgan says:

    I recently moved in to share a flat with a friend, and she phoned TW to change the water bill in to both our names. We have phoned many times, each time being reassured the change has been done, but still after many weeks of waiting, have had no confirmation. Quite frankly, I have worked in the third world, and seen better service there!!!

  61. Julie Rowlatt says:

    I have noted a water leak in Lybury Lane, Edbourn near St Albans which has been pouring water onto the road for almost 3 weeks, I find it disgusting that we are billed and over charged for water supplies when water is wasted in this way….. Why should we be overcharged by utility companies when they reap massive profits and do nothing to improve services!

  62. Notime2read says:

    In civilized society we shouldn’t have to pay for water services, if I was PM or president of UK /England water would be move back to public sector and cost included in your local authority tax.

  63. Murray White says:

    While I fully understand that water mains need replacing, I am furious that this work can not be done in the evening and at weekends when the roads will not be used as much.
    But no Thames water decide in their infinite wisdom to shut my road between 9.30am and 4p.m for over 2 weeks this means there is no vehicular access to my road, this in turn means I will now have to find alternative means of transport to and from work.
    This being the case I feel I should be able to at least claim back the fares used during this period if not be compensated in any other way.
    For a start I have to pay road tax which will not be used during this period, we also live in a residential road which requires a parking permit to park anywhere else which again is not free but must be paid for by the residents including myself. This has left me absolutely fuming. So in closing I would like to say well done Thames Water for winding people up, what a joke.

  64. Anatolijs Golubeckis says:

    Thames Water simply not answering on my letters. Now I am looking for another living area and I wrote in March 2009 to change my year water bill for 4 three-months (quarter) ones. But after I received one year bill without any explanation. OK, I paid for half of the year and wrote again. Now I received new bill for half of the year with a demand to pay immediately “avoid a legal action”. Why? I already paid until 30/09/09. What is this “legal action”?
    I already was met with similar problem. Simple the employees can create own company for debt collections and now trying to get money from us.

  65. Jo Kennedy says:

    I have been receiving calls from Thames Water and a debt collecting company on there behalf for over 15 months asking for a lady called Kelly Brewer. I’ve consistently explained I have never heard of this person, clearly a male and to stop calling me but there campaign against me continues. I have been ignored every time I ask them to delete my personal details from there files and given no explanation as to where they obtained my mobile number. I was receiving calls at a rate of six times each day between 8am and 8pm and on weekends at times. Often the calls were cold or silent. I contacted trading standards on grounds of harassment, but was told they operated within these rules though they are required by law to update there files. I asked for my details to be removed from there file many months ago but have started to receive calls from them again. They clearly have not done this. They are not to be trusted!!!

  66. Amanda Davis says:

    We have had water coming up in our garden for at least 3 years it looks like mains water. It has been tested by TW and Islington council but neither will give me results. I am convinced it’s a broken pipe coming from the flats behind and it looks like clean drinking water but no one will take responsibility. The whole of our side of the road is affected people are tearing their hair out. Does anyone have an idea how we can tell where it is coming from one? TW are trying to fob us off saying it’s a spring!

  67. Gerry Popplestone says:

    Direct Debit fiasco:
    I changed my bank in June 2008 and it has taken Thames Water a year to adjust the direct debit, in spite of being warned twice last June by my previous bank. So much for Thames’ Customer Relations – they just deny everything. They are supposed (according to the Guide) to sort it within 10 days or pay the costs. Instead they put my bill in the hands of Debt Collectors who wanted an extra £100 for the privilege!

  68. Diana Sholl says:

    You must know a completely different Thames to me as I know they are committed to providing their customers with the best. People take water for granted in this country and have no idea of the cost and manpower involved in making it work. Thames Water DOES care about its customers, it does agonise over how to improve services and it certainly does not over charge.

    As for the comments about a civislised society should not have to pay for water, well if you want your water straight from the sky go ahead but refining it to drink costs money, pipes cost huge amounts of money and so on.

  69. Barry Lloyd Hanks says:

    Since October 2008 my water bill has gone up by 68%. Thames water wanted to increase my direct debit from £7 to £20. Tried phoning but after 10 minutes of button pressing gave up. Emailed them saying I was prepared to pay £14 a month they sent me a payment book for £7 a month. Wrote a letter asking to pay £14 a month they put my direct debit back to £20… they are obliviously illiterate and offer no service at all… Thank you for letting me air my views as I am completely wound up. I feel that I would get more response if I flushed a letter down the toilet!

  70. John Moore says:

    Just terrible service.

  71. I Am You says:

    To anyone that has proof the company owes them money. If you have given up all hope of getting it back, pass the debt onto bailiffs, let them take it. I’m pretty sure they would pull their thumb out if someone turned up and started taken expensive items from the office. Fun idea eh. You will have to fight for change.

  72. Danielle Price says:

    Thames have been accusing me of having a leak in my house. The water bill went up from £11 a month to £146. They sent a technicians out to me who said that it was a skipping metre and that it was not my fault but they are now demanding I pay a bill of £1700. I refuse to pay it. Why can’t they see it’s their fault not mine?

  73. Stuart Munns says:

    We had our water mains pipe turned of for repairs, and it cut out the chapel next door water off. Turns out our metered water has been going to the chapel, and we have been paying for both of ours usage! This has been since 1982!!! Are the water board liable for compensation? The chapel has never had a water bill & they thought theirs was from a natural spring! Holy water they must have thought!

  74. Paul says:

    It’s not all doom and gloom, I’ve been trying to get tw to add me as a customer for 2 years and still they haven’t sent me a bill lol. Sorry if that means I’m costing you guys money but I have tried calling them and all I get is put on hold for ages and ages. Guess with tw some things in life are free after all.
    Keep up the good work tw is all I can say.

  75. John Herman says:

    I have been in the building and plumbing business for over thirty years and have never had to deal with so much red tape and dead ends as I have had to for a new water supply,
    although, in fairness, Thames water take your money for prospective works in a few minutes !

  76. Grant says:

    We’ve been billed for the wrong address now for 2 years, called a cazillion times and arranged many appointments, to no avail because the staff are so stupid. Still having debt agencies after me. Get a new appointment for the 23rd of December CRAZY and now it’s Feb and have to wait till April for them too come out again.
    None plus customer care, in denial of there own incompetence. Might start collecting rain water in jugs instead, would be much simpler and probably more fun than trying to get thames water to understand anything at all.

  77. Mrs Jean Valls-lamas says:

    I noticed water leaking from the grass verge between the bottom of a telegraph pole and a chamber housing cables. I was unable to get through to Thames Water but reported it to B.T. (that took forever)
    This morning I found the freephone and reported the leak. Since it has been listed as a medium leak, they will get someone to inspect it – should be within 15 days. In the meantime water continues to run down the street and who knows how many phones will be affected. Such a terrible waste!

  78. Mrs Jean Valls-lamas says:

    This site has been extremely helpful, giving the freephone number of Thames Water. It is the only place where it is listed. All other Thames Water numbers are 0845. Very expensive if you are a pensioner just pressing buttons. All my neighbours have been circulated with the number now. Many Thanks

  79. Mr Kevin Merriman says:

    Sorry to say this but thames water are incompetent.
    I have had water leaking from the kerb outside my home for over 2 years. The area has been dug up and the water is finding its way there through the dis-used section of an old gas pipe under the pavement. In effect, the leak is further along from my home. They refilled the hole and re-tarmaced with the water still gushing from the old gas pipe. The neighbours complain to ME!
    I complain to thames but still not rectified. In cold conditions it turns to sheet ice at the kerbside and thames come and throw salt on it (presumably in case someone falls over and claims against them). Reported again yesterday 25/2/10.

  80. Reg Baker says:

    Appalling service. I have repeatedly asked why my bill has gone up so much. I have asked for a water meter reader to visit and confirm the location of the meter. Just got my bill this time and got an estimated reading. WHY !!1 I looked in the hole where I think the meter is and its full of water. The girl at the call centre says it is probably condensation. I asked for someone to call and ring me before they do. Cant do that but somebody will call within 30 days for heavens sake. So I ask for a supervisor. It is 11.10 on Friday and I am told that someone will call be back by 5 pm MONDAY. So I ask for the name of the CEO so I can write or the Chairman. Don’t know who it is and no one else does. Unbelievable !!!!!!!

  81. Mr Khan says:

    Thames water need to be shut down or do some serious restructuring. I have had a leak coming into my property for 3 months now. They send out contractors to dig up the road. The problem is when they don’t find the problem they don’t say anything, just disappear – until I chase them up again. Then they told me I had never reported any issue. I was lucky to be keeping a record of everybody who I had spoken to with time and dates and what was said. I will be notifying the ombudsman regarding there behaviour to me and my neaighbours.

  82. A Gurung says:

    I think Thames water is a total rip off. I was billed about £400 in 7 seven months. Is it reasonable? I rented a flat in Swindon Town Centre for seven months and charged that huge amount of bill within my stay. I now moved to 2 bedroom home in Penhill and only charged £270 fixed price for an year. Why £400 for 7 Months and £270 for 1 Year? If there were another water service provider I would leave Thames water. When I was struggling to pay the last bill and requested them to pay the bill at month affordable amount, they sent me warning letter saying I would be sent to court if not pay within 7 days. I did not say i don’t pay my bill, just asked if i could pay in monthly affordable amount. I am so disappointed with their letter.

    • Will says:

      The amount you pay on unmetered premises has nothing to do with the water company. Fixed rate charges are set by local councils at their value and the water company must charge that. If you don’t have a meter then you must pay, if it’s only you – why not have a meter? If you can’t get one – then move!

  83. Pete Jobson says:

    Awful. I received a threatening letter from their debt collection agency but have not actually received any bills for the amount which they claim to be due.

  84. G Mole says:

    I just moved into a new property. One week later I received a bill for £300 which has to be paid in two weeks time. Confused how the TW billing system works. My home is in Band B. Any ideas on how they have charged me so much?

  85. Anne Kaye says:

    I used to pay monthly with a booklet, through the Post Office. This was stopped and I was forced to use a Paypoint agency. Was the reason the Post Office use was discontinued in line with NuLabour’s plans to sell off the Post Office by showing it was losing money? It seems odd that one has to use Paypoint when some of the shops that have it suddenly close down, and a new one has to be found. My main question is however, WHY DID THAMES WATER GET RID OF THE POST OFFICE FOR PAYMENTS?

  86. Kaycee says:

    I am due to move who is my water supplier, I heard southern electric now supply water how does this work? Does this mean at long last there is water supply battle for homes like gas and electric, if so that is great we can actually have a say who supplies us and save money. I’m sick of water companies ripping us off, they get billions of pounds profit and rain water should be part of there out going and it shouldn’t be based on value of a home as home values are increasing at the moment but it doesn’t mean you use any more water in an expensive home as you would in a poxy flat that’s only worth a 10th of the value a big home may cost. Why will one area charge more then another for the same unit in a different area?

  87. Simeon Jackson says:

    Thames water has gone into my bank account and took out £20 from my money on the 28th of July when I’ve set up a direct debit to be paid on the 5th of every month now I am being charged by my bank for this transaction this is really out of order and I am really upset about this they need to get this thing right big rip offs.

  88. Jay says:

    Thames Water rates are very expensive.

    They do not seem to be regularly maintaining the burst water mains as again we and the many residents were affected in north London as well was the west and south west of London in August 2010. Thames Water should have automatically offered us a letter of apology and a huge discount on our bills.
    Just wish there were more choice of water providers for us to switch to.

  89. Zara Smith says:

    TW never informed me and my neighbours we had a water weak on a shared piped, kept replacing their bit outside, left us all with very low water pressure one house with no water upstairs and only enough to flush downstairs toilet. 3 months still waiting for them to sort us out.

  90. Cul D Sac says:

    Would some people be better advised to take time to improve their spelling rather than contemplating correspondence with a monolithic water company with closed ears?

  91. D Clarke says:

    The worst company I have had dealings with. Ever!!!!!!!
    I am being forced to rate them as 1 star. They are a zero star organisation.

  92. Dr. J.C.Ray says:

    On 27.12.10 we have been left with no water supply for over five /six hours and it took 45 minutes to get the Customer service of TW to talk to me. I wish we had a different supplier. TW is a truely Zero rated company.

  93. wally norchives says:

    I couldn’t agree more D Clarke. Unprofessional staff, arrogant operators and inflexible policies are the least examples I can bring up here. To install a water meter I was given eight numbers to call to make an appointment. After ten days calling all those numbers over hundred times I called the main office for help. The answer was: sorry we cant help. Isn’t that pathetic ? Thames Water, a big name, don’t get trapped.

  94. derf says:

    Without a shadow of doubt this is worst and most incompetent bunch of humans I have ever had the displeasure in dealing with. I built a new house and have had to deal with all the services and by a long long way thames water were the worst, first they rip you off then they sub out the work and then declare no responsibility, they cannot even get the correct billing address after ripping me off to the tone of nearly 3k absolutely shocking and dismal service. I agree they should be shut down. The main issue is that they have no competition and they know this, so they are arrogant and have no regard for the customer. If this was any other business they would be bankrupt.

  95. Jacqui says:

    I give Thames water a o rate, but can’t cause website want 1 star plus. Had billing problems with them last year, guess what their fault. Got a debt recovery letter from them-guess what their fault & no apology. Now i being charged double costs this year for my water and nothing has changed. Try to phone them impossible kept waiting 20mins then i have to put phone down. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES

  96. Derek Stapleton says:

    Well, there’s nothing that I can say here that’s not already been said. Thames Water is a really terrible company, and it just aggravates me that such a bad company is the most successful in the UK…

  97. Sophie says:

    For any problems you may be having with Thames Water, may I suggest sending a complaint to OFWAT? (regulators) they will go down on Thames Water like a ton of bricks, believe me :-)

  98. Mary Varghese says:

    I hate Thames Water. They have been sending final demand notices for me when they haven’t send the water bill in the first place. I wish I could switch supplier. I do not even want to give 1 star for this company.

  99. Louise says:

    Just spoke to a bloke called Colin, he was very polite, efficient and dealt with my problem really well. The Thames Water website should state more clearly that the phones ARE answered after office hours; I called at 10pm even though the info said closed after 7pm. I nearly didn’t call at all due to that… All in all, very good.

  100. Kirsty Hutchins says:

    Just had my water bill in for next year for family of 4 (2x kids 2x adults) I think £612.00 is too high but nothing I can do. Monthly payments have now gone from £40.00 per month to £51.00. Just what I need when my hubby has lost his job.

  101. Sandra jones says:

    Does anyone know if it’s cheaper overall to get a meter rather than just accept the annual charge from Thames water which is really high and takes no consideration of how much water you actually consume, so an average family of 4 will pay the same as a single person living on their own, how is this fair?

  102. Adem says:

    Bad service, long waiting time on getting the service you are initially paying for, we have left the days of estimated bills yet they continue and we are still waiting for them to come and get us a clear meter reading because they have to very the reading horrible bunch

  103. Frances O'Leary says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have a water meter fitted if you live in a block of 8 flats? I am single occupancy and have just been served with a bill – Enfield area – of £432 for the year I find this quite shocking as previously living in a house in Barnet required no more than £310 per annum. I have been told by Thames Water that if my current property is not considered ‘suitable’ for a meter they will then switch to ‘single occupancy, in order to bring the charge down and then recompense me any extra money paid initially’. Hopefully this will prove to be the case.

  104. Alex says:

    I have been given a bill of more than £600 for one person living in a small flat in London. Is this a joke? I think Ofwat should review a sample of households to see how many people pay more than they should. Thameswater must be making a killing on people who don’t know to question their bills, and in return they provide bad service. Nice.

  105. martin bell says:

    Can I run a domestic hot water pipe below a domestic cold water pipe?

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