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Veolia Water East Ltd
Mill Hill
C011 2AZ

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Customer services are open from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday.

General Information

Tendring Hundred Waterworks Company was set up in 1884 in an attempt to improve the quality and quantity of the water supply in the busy Harwich port area. The company gradually expanded over the years to supply neighbouring areas and today supplies 150,000 people in 70,000 homes and businesses with 26 million litres of water a day. In July 2009 the name was changed to Veolia Water East Limited.

There are two treatment works and 9 service reservoirs across the Tendring peninsula area and water is transported to its users via 910 km of water mains.

  • Water Only Company. Sewerage services in this area are supplied by Anglain Water.
  • Water in this area is generally hard but can vary, more specific information can be provided by Veolia Water East.
  • 100% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 met water supply regulations. (4,000 tests of water from treatment works, storage reservoirs and customers’ own taps are tested each year).
  • Veolia Water East has the highest proportion of properties supplied by water meter in the country.

Customer Services

Veolia Water East are pleased to be the only water company in the country to be able to offer their customers a decrease in water charges over the next 5 years. With these price limits in place, they are confident that they will be able to continue with the high level of quality and service previously offered.

There is a customer care Guarantee to ensure efficient customer services and a good quality water supply. Compensation is offered to customers if standards are not met.

Special Services

Watercare service for the elderly and disabled includes:

  • Large print or audio cassette bill.
  • Minicom facilities.
  • Password scheme for home visits.
  • Confidential register for customers who may need special assistance.

One response to “Veolia Water East”

  1. Jimmy Green says:

    Beyond the call of duty

    As a volunteer advocate for Age Concern I was assigned the task of helping a Mrs Gill with her on going problems with regards to her house repairs. This had been going on for over a year and her house was is in chaos after an internal leek caused flooding.. For Mrs Gill a person well into her 80s this was becoming a nightmare as you will understand.
    I sent a message to all parties asking for their help to enable me to get a quick and satisfactory solution to this awful problem. This was to Insurance companies, builders, Homeserve and Tendring water.
    Within days Mr Chris Vinter network manager for Tendring water arranged a meeting with me at the house where a full discussion took place, dates arranged for a complete inspection of the pipe work and a clearance certificate was issued. This enabled me to progress with speed and I am pleased to say we are nearly there. I would like to put on record that the service Chris gave was excellent and beyond what I was expecting. Please pass this on to him and his work force with my sincere thanks for a job well done.

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