Sutton and East Surrey Water

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Sutton and East Surrey Water
London Road

Contact Information

  • Customer Service Centre 0173 777 2000 Email
  • Customer Account Queries 0173 776 4444 Email
  • Internet E billing 0173 776 4444 Email
  • Debt Recovery 0173 778 9881 Email
  • Meter Billing 0173 777 2000 Email
  • Meter Installations Enquiries 0173 778 5828 Email

Customer Services are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday.

General Information

Sutton and East Surrey Water covers 834 sq km, much which is rural, to approximately 630,000 customers in 265,000 properties. The majority of the water supplied comes from boreholes, with a small amount coming from Bough Beech Reservoir. 168.2 million litres of water is supplied on an average through 3,372 KM of mains and 9 treatment works, and employ 280 people locally.

  • Sutton and East Surrey Water is a water only supplier.
  • Sutton and East Surrey is generally a hard water area, however this can vary. For more specific information contact Sutton and East Surrey Water directly.
  • 21,112 tests were carried out on samples taken by Sutton and East Surrey Water in 2003. 99.76% of these tests complied with the Regulations.

Customer Services

Sutton and East Surrey Water provide themselves on their customer services and set out certain standards which their domestic customers can expect, such as prompt response times to queries and complaints.

Customers who feel that these standards have not been met might be entitled to £20 compensation, contact the customer service centre on 01737 772000 for more details.

19 responses to “Sutton and East Surrey Water”

  1. Simpson says:

    They offer a first class service on the gas central heating, the best thing I have done taking out the yearly contract with them.

  2. Jonathan O'neill says:

    I was transfered so many times I lost count, and finally when I got through to the department I was on hold so long I grew a beard 5ft long…

  3. Paul Johnson says:

    I have written to them 5 times and have yet to receive anything but demands for payment… A minus rating would be the right one but for some reason I have to give it a star! Writing again today!

  4. Gw says:

    There plumbing emergency cover is good.

  5. Nimrod Nyakanyanga says:

    Today almost a whole day without any water and no communication from the company as to what is happening and when the problem is likely to be resolved. I could have given no star but there isn’t such option.

  6. Alan Falconer says:

    Telephoned today. Put through straight away to the correct department where my enquiry was dealt with by a very helpful lady. First class service.

  7. Muhammad Izhar Sadiq says:

    Telephoned today. Put through straight away to the correct department where my enquiry was dealt with by a very helpful gentleman called Phill. First class service. My first experience is good and I sincerely hope this wont be the last.

  8. Robert Watson says:

    Had a quick question about my account details so rang them up. My call was answered quickly and helpfully – I’ve no problems with these guys.

  9. John Simpson says:

    I have found Sutton Water to be first class in looking after my central heating system and boiler, I am disabled person and it is so nice that Surrey and East Surrey, has taken all the stress of my hands in looking after every thing for me. Their 365 assured comes highly recommended.

  10. Ms Williams says:

    Telephoned customer Services early am. Got straight through and problem dealt with helpfully, politely and effectively. It was a pleasure dealing with them.

  11. Chilcott says:

    I have been trying to get hold of them for ages!!! They haven’t sent me a bill in so many months I’ve lost count! They are taking money from my income support but I still don’t know how much I’m owing! USELESS! I don’t want to give them a star but I have to unfortunately!

    • Ian says:

      Your meter is read every Jan and July and you are billed at those times. SES water have separate department that deal with Direct Payments (deductions to income support). You can also contact income support and ask them to send you a schedule of deductions.

  12. John E Annells says:

    I have their insurance, when I had a leak from my cold water tank they where here within two hours. Very good.

  13. William J. Hodges says:

    Can you give me any idea as to the path of the proposed pipe line from Mogador to Birgh Heath?

  14. Tony Barker says:

    Have been trying for a week to pay a bill, all I get is a recorded message. Does anybody work there?

  15. Miss Eunice Lewis says:

    Emergency cover was prompt, and good, I thought until the new water pump they installed has flooded my airing cupboard – again; this was the 3rd call out in 3 months. The workman were nearly satisfactory, but the admin office is appalling, and do not want to know their mistakes. They got the person I complained about to sort out the problems most of which was about him any way. I am still awaiting the M&S vouchers I was promised weeks ago!!

  16. Audrey Dunster says:

    Where are the links to permit meter applications?

  17. MRS M BOND says:

    I would like to say how impressed I am at the progress made by the workers on the A217 Burgh Heath/Lower Kingswood. I pass several times a day and have never seen a worker not busily working. It will be no surprise if they finish eafrlier than scheduled

  18. David Pointer says:

    How long is the problem going to continue with the pumping station at Kenley?

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