Southern Water

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Southern Water Services
Southern House
Yeoman Road
BN13 3NX

Billing enquiries

Southern Water
PO Box 41
BN13 3NZ

Contact Information

  • Head office 01903 264444
  • Customer services 0845 272 0845
  • Billing enquiries 0845 272 0845
  • Minicom 0845 275 0845
  • Fax 01903 691435
  • Email email forms
  • Website
  • Emergencies 0845 278 0845 (24 Hours)
  • Calling from abroad +44 1903 264444
  • Water supply and Wastewater 0845 278 0845 (24 hours for emergencies) 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday, 8am to 1pm Saturday
  • Leakline 0800 820 999
  • Minicom text telephone 0845 275 0845

Customer services are open from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturday.

General Information

Southern Water supplies water and sewerage services to approximately one million households in areas of Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and Isle of Wight.

Nearly 600 million litres of water are supplied to over 2 million people across the South East from around 104 water supply works and are transported through over 13,000km of water mains. Southern Water also has 390 wastewater treatment works, cleaning wastewater before it is returned to the environment.

  • Water and Sewerage company
  • The water in this area is generally hard to very hard. More specific information can be obtained from Southern Water.
  • 99.86% of water quality tests met regulations in 2003.

Customer Services

Southern Water prides itself on offering high standards of customer care, they have a modern control centre and call centre dealing with 5,000 customer queries daily.

They offer a promise to customers that a certain level of service will be maintained in regards to water supply issues such as supply interruptions, water quality, leaks and customer service issues such as replying to queries and complaints and payment arrangements. If the level of service promised is not delivered then compensation will be available.

Special Services

  • Bills in large print or Braille.
  • Talking Bills – telephone service prior to posting bill for visually impaired.
  • Nominee service.
  • Meter reading for those who have difficulty.
  • Minicom, Typetalk and Fax.
  • Home Visits.
  • Register for help when services are interrupted

121 responses to “Southern Water”

  1. P. J. Dunderdale says:

    The customer service number 08452720845 for paying over the phone is the worst i have ever come acrosss no one ever there loads of pipe music and waffle

  2. Marion Wood says:

    Organised on line for my mother to pay by direct debit..waited for confirmation, heard nothing, rang them, they had no record of it……and they are asking people to pay by dir. deb. !!! not impressed.

  3. A. N. Scott says:

    Southern Water has no intention of letting
    customers pay with credit card over the phone.They do not answer phone calls or answer E-mails.
    All they do is promote direct debit.
    Who is in charge of Southern Water customer services?
    Actions speak louder than words. Southern water have many words on their Web site, customer service action rating 0

  4. David Lowman says:


  5. Jamie says:

    i was most disapointed when trying to contact southern water as you are waiting ion the phones for at least half an hour before any one answer there is no time given saying how long you will have to wait amd there is no manager there before 9 o clock!!!!

  6. Gavin Wakely says:

    I have had to wait for at least 15 mins to speak to anybody then the phone was hung up before I was answered. Two months after having my direct debit taken on the wrong day causing me to be overdrawn and charged £30.00 by my bank I have still not received these charges back from southern water.

  7. David Rex says:

    Like the person above I have been trying to obtain answers relating to my deceased mothers water account.

    Have given up with the phone and am punting in e-mails. Since the 4th April I have received 3 different water accounts for 3 different periods and for 3 different amounts. All attempts to get a response is ignored by this dreadful company apart from an automatic answering device.

    Hope they feel that as their bills are not being settled by my mothers executor they should open up the debt collection procedures !!!

    Just who is in charge of this incompetent company ???.

  8. Graeme Trigg says:

    Truly, truly awful. I have never experienced any customer service as dreadful as this. As others point out, actions speak louder than words – I type whilst waiting to speak to them on the phone, and havve been holding for OVER 45 MINUTES!!!!

  9. Graeme Trigg says:

    50 minutes…..I eventually got through – no point, though, because there are no supervisors or managers working on a Saturday and the nice young man I spoke to was, by his own admission, totally clueless. They operate at about 10% strength on Saturdays, and have about a 40 minute wait average. They make TalkTalk look great!

  10. Helen Bennett says:

    Rang customer services and was on hold for over half hour. A complete waste of my time.

  11. M Battle says:

    You lot are lucky! At least you got through eventually. The phone lines are now constantly engaged. I just want them to send me a bill – It has been a year now since the last.

  12. Mr K Ramsey says:

    The service is what one expects from a bad monopoly supplier. Telephones are not answered and e-mails are ignored.

  13. Neil Finnis says:

    As all of the above and no doubt many others, this service is disgraceful. I have aquestion to ask about my recent bill. I have spent in total one hour and twenty minutes trying to contact this company over three phone calls. I sent an e-mail as the phones do not get answered, still no reply.
    If the phones are not being answered for some time then this needs to be rectified or a free number should be given instead. It does not take a genius to look at customer comments and work out what the problem is, this is just another lazy company charging people knowing that we cannot refuse to pay our bills, because of the rubbish service otherwise they will cut our water off.
    The people in charge should stop being lazy, isten to their customers and sort the problem out.

  14. Michelle Phillips says:

    I have not had a bill since moving into new property. Received a letter you were updated billing records on 29 Dec cannot get through on phones and today at 5.30 the phone message advises This service is CLOSED!!

  15. Sally Lewis says:

    I to have had bad problems with southern water, i tried for 2 days to get through but i had to get to work, in the end i rang the consumer services who bless them did ring back, all this just query the amount i am paying for a 2 bed housing association flat! they reckon i should pay them £409 for the year! i’m a singe working parent who does not earn a lot so how do they justify that amount!
    Well a female did ring me from southern water but i was at work and the message was she will ring me back sometime!
    i will contact the consumer services again and then i will complain to ofwat!

  16. Joanne Anderson says:

    well…after reading all these messages whilst waiting for someone to answer the phone, I felt that i should also add my disgruntled voice to the list, as this is truly the longest phone call I have ever made! This is the third attempt to get through and I’ve lost sight of how many hours I’ve wasted so far. Southern Water – you need staff to whom your all important customers can discuss their accounts with – simple customer focus…where is the problem?

  17. Dave Young says:

    I’ve now been trying for more than 4 months (4 Emails + Attachments and many phone calls > 30mins wait) for answers to letter I submitted in early Jan 07 and which to date has not been answered. Customer Service is without doubt extremely poor and needs to be improved immediately if it is to meet it’s own statement of ‘Southern Water prides itself on offering high standards of customer care, they have a modern control centre and call centre dealing with 5,000 customer queries daily’.
    Need I say anymore. Just give me an answer would be nice!

  18. Brian Burnell says:

    Truly the worst ever utilities customer services phone contact. The usual claim of “we value our customers, etc, etc,” are clearly not true. If they truly valued their customers, SW would just occasionally answer the telephone. But they don’t. Don’t value their customers that is.

    Although the description “customer” has a hollow ring to it. Because we are not customers in any meaningful sense. Customers are usually free to take their business elsewhere to another supplier. But Southern Water is not like other suppliers. It is a monopoly, and although nominally in the private sector, as a monopoly, it clings to the old practices of all monopolistic or nationalised suppliers, where the customer was never the king, but expected to accept what was offered without complaint. Just like those other dinosaurs long dead. The National Coal Board, British Steel, British Road Services, British Railways, BOAC, BEA, British Telecom, regional electricity suppliers, the Central Electricity Generating Board, etc, etc.

    And a few not quite yet dead, Royal Mail, and the NHS.

    It will never get better until the water supply industry is forced kicking and screaming, to change to a structure similar to the energy utilities, where the customer has a choice of supplier. The present water industry has a vested interest in keeping the structure as it is, and their usual untrue response is along the lines of “but there are only one set of supply pipes”. And that is true. It is also true that there are only one set of gas supply pipes, one electricity supply grid, one set of telephone lines. All maintained by one company, but available for use by all supply companies. There are no valid reasons why that arrangement would not work equally well with water supply and sewage disposal. Except that the present water companies would lose their monopoly and customers would be empowered to bring them to heel.

  19. Lianne Forbes says:

    Well i had been on the phone for almost half an hour when it was cut off. I am on the phone to them again now as im typing this and have been waiting for another half an hour so far. The music is driving me crazy. If they want to keep their customers then i suggest they answer their phones. To add to their rubbish service they are also expecting me to pay £465 a year for one person living in a one bedroom flat. I am not impressed with any of the services by southern water at all.

  20. Jonathan Tooley says:

    I received a bill yesterday on a garage I used to rent over three years ago. Three times I rang customer services and each time was kept waiting for about 15 mins until being given the option of leaving my name and number so that they could ring me back. On pressing the option I was cut off! I would be interested to know how much money Southern Water are making from this appalling service.

  21. Oliver Jeffery says:

    I agree with the comments so far on contact / service levels – I have never encountered a company who seems to care so little for their customers!!! I’ve tried emailing (6 or 7 emails with no reply – often not even a standard “we will get back to you” email received), phoning (again more than 6 times and never getting through). I finally received a bland standard letter a month later which never really addressed my concerns. When I tried to copy emails to to let the management know how bad the service was – they got rejected!!! Am now going to send a registered letter to Customer Service manager and company managing director to see what they have to say!!

  22. Sue Hunt says:

    on looking through this i would like to comment that i was originally paying water rates on instalment book, i then this year recieved my bill, and payment slips 6 monthly , and i thought well where is my book , i then was sent weeks after my first payment was due, a payment card, so they received their payment late!! which was there fault in the first place they need to get organised

  23. Duncan Hill says:

    I have beeen trying to get an accurate bill for my Scout Group since January – emails and letters are ignored, I’ve spent pounds listening to their music on the phone, I eventually get promises of a bill, which arrives weeks later and again is wrong! They fail to call back when promised, they fail to pay the compensation the law requires. The worst company I have ever dealt with.

  24. Ian Noscoe says:

    I am with Duncan (message left 19th June) all the way on this one. I have spoken to 7 different advisors, can not get a supervisor to call me back. Listening to music for ever and at the end of this all I want is a bill in my name and not The Occupier. Sorry the ratings are not low enough.

  25. Garry Rawlinson says:

    I have just managed to speak to “Southern Water ” customer services so maybe did a bit better than some of the above complaints, however our water had been turned off with no warning and unfortunately for the cancer patient I care for she was half way through being showered. No ideas when in day supply will be restored and have been informed that no provision exists for supply of bottled drinking water whilst no mains… Think customer dis-service would be a better name for company no…!

  26. T Fitzpatrick says:

    Southern Water Customer Services stinks! In brief : I paid my bill at 8.45pm via Bill Pay and immediately realised I’d made an error on the amount, too late to cancel. Contacted my bank who said they couldn’t help. Next morning contacted A&L Bill Pay who could cancel it on same day as made, but office shuts at 5pm. Sent email to SW Customer Services. 5 days later no reply. Made phone call, waited 24 mins for answer, whilst constantly being told I could email my enquiry – not much point in that as they don’t respond. When phone was answered I advised they had permission to talk to me. I explained the situation, advised cheque would come by return. The computer couldn’t even calculate the correct refund, the advisor had to. I asked what would happen if I refused the cheque (major supermarkets are doing just this), told it was not an option. Advised to put the account in joint names, agreed, wanted Mr X X and Mrs Y Y but was told it had to have full names. I advised them I do not like full names displayed in window envelopes, reluctantly adviser agreed to my request. Then, the advisor informed me the cheque would be returned in joint names. Not acceptable as I had paid it from my personal account and wanted a refund in my name only. Was told this would take more than the 10-14 days, but could take upto 3 weeks while they checked who had paid. Must be a long walk to the office next door! I asked for it the quickest way possible as by now I was in total dispair. I was informed that a cheque would be sent in my name. So who knows when it will come. Perhaps management might like to use this scenario for training or even better have to do it themselves in real life for changes to be made. Ratings do not go low enough………..

  27. David Rex says:

    Since I posted my previous comments about this company back in April there has been no solution to the problem of resolving my deceased mother’s account with this company. They owe her estate £81.59 – not a fortune I accept but they ought to be able to sort this out without all this nonsense. I get lots of promises by the staff about what they will do but no action results.

    In the words of Sir Alan Sugar “You’re a total shambles.”

    The management team should start listening and implementing their own marketing hype and ensuring that they and their staff implement it.

  28. Mr. David Towgood says:

    Have noted the comments in respect to SW promoting their direct debit system of payment.

    The direct debit service is operated through [AUDDIS] or “Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service”. ADDIS allows any originator to set up, cancel and reinstate direct debits [AUTOMATICALLY].

    My recent experience SW reinstated a direct debit that had been cancelled in October 2006 after a dispute concerning their water charges which is still ongoing.

    SW had my banking details from the original direct debit but had to generate a new “Originator Reference Number” and new details of the amount/date requested/date first requested etc.

    I only became aware of what had happened after receiving my bank statements a month after the event. The money was refunded. However, I am pursuing a action against SW for [Bank Fraud]. My investigation shows that my bank were not aware that the transaction had been set up, it was not registered under an official mandate. I have asked SW for a copy of the mandate but they can’t produce one. So, the moral of this story is check your bank statements in the event you had a previous direct debit arrangement with SW.

  29. Paul Johnston says:

    I read that they have installed a 25m SAP system and it’s all gone pear shaped – so much so that they sacked their Customer Services Director who was drafted in to sort out the SFO shambles. Not a great record if you ask me.

    I have personal experience of the god awful customer service offered by this shower and read await with interest the amount of fine OFWAT are due to impose. Strangely, a few years ago when the company were supposedly at their worst, I had some of the best customer services of any utility – sign of the times – outsourcing etc.

  30. Lisa Elder says:

    SW customer service is disgraceful. I have not been able to pay a bill since moving into my property in March, due to the fact they won’t send me a payment card, no matter how many times I phone and request one.

  31. Mrs Julie Switzer says:

    Myself and various members of the family have been trying to get our mother-in-law an account in her own name since the death of her husband in May 2007. She has been told on many occasions that a new payment card has been sent, but guess what? Nothing has turned up.

    We have collectively spent hours on the phone. My last conversation barely ten minutes ago relayed to me tales of “technical problems”!!! She has now been promised payment slips and water card in 14 days. I could go and get it myself, it would be quicker.

    Anyone living alone or elderly who has no help or back-up would be in dire straits if they had to try and sort it out themselves. Dreadful. 0/10.

  32. Doctor Fisher says:

    Southern Water Rocks!!

  33. Sarah Smith says:

    We had a sewage leak from mains blockage in public highway upon my return from honeymoon, of all things, so that was not very nice! SW’s ‘clearing up’ service leaves a lot to be desired, and I’ve ended up with poo splattered all over my windows. Guess what? The supervisor meant to be available to talk to me at any time, suddenly not accessible and that I would have to write in! Silly girl on end of phone had no comprehension of the seriousness of a sewage leak – which was NOT my fault – and was even giggling when I told her how my house stank, my carpets were ruined, my garden destroyed, and that I’d had to take three days off work to wait in for various SW chaps to come and clear up. To take the biscuit, they even used my OWN hard brooms, so now they are contaminated too!!!! Has anyone had a sewage leak before and tried to sue SW, as opposed to going through insurance, since I don’t know why I should be penalised when my premiums go up upon renewal! Any helpful advice would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks

  34. Susan Kelsey says:

    In response to someone who didn’t get a bill for a year after moving into the property, get this, I didn’t receive an outstanding bill for about 3 years! Had a small one for £6 something and thought oh well, they will add it onto the next one. That’s shortly after I moved in. Next thing I know I owe them (SW) about £5/600. Bit of a shock I must admit.

    This company is a totally disorganised ‘business’ who have NOT had enough forethought to proceed with balancing future problems such as leaks/planning for reservoirs/flooding etc.

    As for the customer services, we, as the general public, who have to suffer the hassle of actually sorting out why we are paying such an amount for water, why we are getting such and such a bill, and being left completely in the dark about profits/rates – WHY CAN’T you just speak English in your reports? Why is money from SW being handled by a company based in the Cayman Islands?

    I spoke with a very nice man in customer services today about my bill and he advised me to complain to the credit collectors dept and gave me the number. When I called this number, the woman I spoke with said that he had no right to say that to me. What – are they all not working for the same company!!!

  35. Steve Bintley says:

    I am currently on hold to Southern Water. I have tried twice before to get through but never succeeded. In fact over three attempts I have been on hold for 97 minutes and it’s still increasing. How many people work in their call centre? I’m getting very annoyed…

  36. Jr Carrick says:

    I had great service, very prompt. All went well until I put the phone down, but the helpful operator didn’t. I heard him cough, make a cup of tea and tidy up. He didn’t hear me bellowing the lyrics to comfortably numb down the phone.

  37. G Goodger says:

    Over the last 20 years I have been paying my Southern Water bill with a set by them rateable value of £262 but I have found out that all my neighbours with the same house as mine built the same year by the same builder, and all looked the same in the year the rateable value was set in 1990, have the rateable value of £232, a much lower figure. I can not find any information about this error and the operators tell me that it can not be back dated due this error!! Who says? I have been overpaying for all these years and “they say they can not put this right or repay me back”.

  38. Jeremy Haynes says:

    Southern Water fined 20.3 million- The Bully gets Thumped! Best news I’ve had this year! They should be fined another 20 million for supplying such rubbish water, sack the directors!

  39. Roy Lee says:

    I have recently been at loggerheads with Southern Water over meter readings. Southern water say that my meter readings and estimates have been correct. I pay by direct debit, in may this year my payment was £12 a month. In June it increased to £16 a month. They are now asking for £25 a month. Am I thick or has something gone wrong with my readings. I am now not paying monthly but will pay at the last possible time before a court order. It makes sense for Southern Water to be truthful about my bill, it would save them money.

  40. Martin Keyenes says:

    I have an outstanding water bill of about 800 pounds or more. I meant to pay it, then forgot. I then received a letter from Southern water telling me that this bill was now in he hands of debt collectors. Well, this was a year ago and I HAVEN’T HEARD A DICKY BIRD. I still have not payed this out standing bill, and I have not been billed since, so I probably owe them more. I own my own house and have lived here for 6 years… any advice please.

  41. Ex Southern Water Staff says:

    I have worked for Southern Water for over a decade. It use to be a good company to work for that cared about its customers and employees.
    Following the introduction of a new billing system (SAP) and a new management team it has become not a nice place to work. All customer services (letters/emails/web enquiries/automated phone lines/fax etc) has been out sourced and dealt with in Asia. The only exception is the call centre which is based in Worthing. Sadly since outsourcing, which is supposed to make the company more efficient etc., the service levels have gone done. The staff in the callcentre are suffering with very low morale. They use to enjoy their jobs and relish in providing excellent customer service but are unable to do much now except answer calls and pass enquiries out to Asia to be dealt with. Working in the callcentre used to be about providing excellent service, it’s now all about statistics, Managers are only concerned about call numbers handled not quality provided, if you are found not to be achieving 10 calls per hour you face the prospect of disciplinary and eventually losing your job. We can only hope that one day Ofwat will take the trouble to speak to the staff rather than the management to get a true picture.

  42. Mark Steventon says:

    When I moved to my new place last year I had nothing from Southern Water for three months (even though they’d been informed on my move). When I did finally get a bill, I got two on the same day: A red bill threatening court action for not paying my bill, and a regular bill pre-date to the day I had moved in. Both bills were, however, dispatched from Southern Water on the same day.

    I called them to talk to them about this illegal practice. They continue to deny that they pre-dated a bill and that it was the fault of the post office, and a pure coincidence that the two bills arrived on the same day. No apology or anything.

    As a result I withheld payment and said I’d not pay until they admitted that they are in the wrong, and apologise. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  43. Paul Cogger says:

    I have had enough of Southern Water as the water in my flat and my neighbours water has a bad taste to it and made me and my partner and my 1 yr old little girl very ill ; they don’t even supply us with a bottled water while we are unable to drink the water in the taps.

  44. A. Hudson says:

    Couldn’t even add the figures for my bill I received today – total rubbish.

  45. Mark Leadsom says:

    Well, what can I say… I’m very disappointed in Southern Water. I was paying by direct debit every month, I had no problem until I decided to move. I contacted them to let them know and give them my final reading of the meter, they said they would forward the final bill in the post. I was very shocked to get a bill in the post saying I owe them nearly £200; I contacted them and explained that this must be a mistake as they were taking money each month. It was not until she said that the bill had gone up 6 months previous. I told them that they did not inform me of this and that it was there mistake. They have now sent a final letter which I have to pay. Southern Water are a bad company and need to inform customers of this. Customers beware. I am now moving into a new house and I will def not be going with these.

  46. Colin Course says:

    Yes, it looks like Southern Water are rubbish. I wonder if we can complain to a WatchDog or something?

  47. Another Ex-employee says:

    I left Southern Water as I found I could no longer out up with the failing levels of service the “new management” have imposed. Like the other blogger below, it is ironic that the old management who got sacked for mis-reporting were able to provide a far better level of service than the current bunch of overpaid dictators. I totally agree that in SW the customer comes last, and outsourcing comes first. The standard of service is shambolic and they are pushing more and more work to India and the level of complaints is rising. I know for a fact that the DG figures are still being manipulated and things are worse than ever. Like I said I had to leave as I simply could not put up with the way things are going. The Current CEO and directors should be ashamed of themselves – they have turned a happy-customer-focused company into a horrible place to work that only focuses on stats and where staff that want to provide quality service are slapped down.

  48. P. Shade says:

    Moved into flat in August 2007 set up for direct debit immediately over the phone after having water meter fitted in December, only this week have I had a reply confirming my direct debit has been set up… DISGRACEFUL!

  49. C. Goddard says:

    I just joined SW a month ago and today got a letter from debt collectors saying the SW have told them to collect £35 in unpaid bills from me – when I haven’t even been sent an account number not to mind a bill! It seems disgraceful that they are allowed to operate like this.

  50. Peter Holford says:

    Trying to speak to Southern Water on behalf of my 87 year old mother. She pays by monthly direct debit. Southern Water have failed to take any payments for SIX MONTHS. The bank have assured her that the DD mandate is fully functional. Southern Water have issued a bill for nearly £100 and got a debt recovery firm to demand payment within seven days. Drafted an email in Word but the Southern Water website won’t allow you to copy and paste. Rate it? You must be joking!

  51. Shannon Wells says:

    We just took on a pub 12 month ago, and received our first bill…. £37,000!!!!!!
    S.W. confirmed it was correct, that we had a leak under the car park. We could not believe it to be true. After weeks of asking how this could be possible as there was no evidence of any water even when we dug up the car park. S.W. then gave us a letter that said we must pay almost 15,000 or the water will be shut off, as we have not got that kind of money the water was shut off and our pub closed! S.W are bullies and are able to do what they like because everyone needs their water!!!

  52. Alex Butcher says:

    Southern Water sent me a bill for £200+ for a 6-month period in a 1 bed flat. They sent the same to my mother-in-law who lived a few blocks away. She requested a proper reading and the meter couldn’t be read because it was FLOODED! In fact he couldn’t read any meters in our street as they were all FLOODED! I requested our meter to be read also, which never actually happened. I moved house and set up an account at my new address telling them I was no longer at my old address. This was 1 1/2 years ago. I received a bill in February at my new address for my old account still for £200+. I rang them and the polite chap said that was far too much water for 2 people to have used and it would be investigated. Until a few days ago I haven’t heard from southern water, when I got a letter from a debt collection agency in regards to this £200+. When I phoned i asked to speak to a manager I was cut off. After screaming down the phone I eventually got a “team-leader” who sounded 18. He said my bill was correct and that I had used that much, and that the investigation was over. He offered me 20% off which made me lose my rag and he ended the call because of my language. I got another call this morning from someone, an apparent “Collection team manager”. How this fella manages to breath in and out without some aid is beyond me, as I explained on several occasions how obviously there was a major problem with the water system in the block. I told him how my mother-in-law was later sent a greatly reduced bill that was still “estimated” and when she finally left and the meter read Southern Water actually owed her money.

    This guy ended the call several times as apparently I was abusive lol, but stupidly he displayed his office phone number when he rang so I just kept ringing back annoying him. These people actually put their personal mobile numbers on their voicemail so you can feel free to ring them in the evening and ask them about your bill while they are having their dinner.

    I have asked that when they eventually realise they are wrong and correct my bill how exactly they will compensate me for 1 1/2 years of grief, but I think “compensate” contained too many letters and it didn’t compute.

    I doubt this will come to an adult agreement as Southern Water’s staff do not have one brain cell between them. And the main thing that really gripes me about this is they probably send similar bills to pensioners who know no better than to pay an extortionate amount.

  53. Kay Reid says:

    Our kitchen tap water tastes of earth every time we get heavy rain. Has anyone else experienced this? I have reported it, though Southern Water could not find my road on their DB despite being 8 years old and receiving bills for that time!

  54. Peter Wright says:

    Southern Water also reinstated a direct debit after I cancelled it. I moved to a water meter so cancelled my dd, a month later found they had set up a new one and debited my account £35, after phoning and telling them they had no right to do this I cancelled it once more, but they are not returning the £35 pounds, said it would be taken off my next bill so we shall see. They’re a joke but I’m not laughing.

  55. Williams says:

    I’m writing this on behalf of my mum as she is disabled, she has all ready paid her bill up till October but has now had 2 letters from debt collectors to say they will collect it. We have tried to contact SW by phone and left a message because they say they will get back to you, well no one has got back to them, now she has written letters to both the dept people and to SW. This company prides itself on not doing there job properly, luckily my mum paid by cheque and has the stubs.

  56. Steve Jackson says:

    Got a letter today saying southern water are taking me to court for non payment for a billing period 1st Oct 2008 to 31st March 2009, only problem is today’s date is 29th of August 2008. I phoned southern water and they say they still want payment. They are totally unreasonable and very unhelpful at their service desk. Why don’t they go and chase people who don’t pay their bills. They won’t be getting payment until it’s due. Take me to court and see how far you get. All you are doing is annoying your customers who pay their bills. Yes I would like some reply back from southern water!!!!!!!

  57. N. Smeeton says:

    My property was flooded with sewage water in August and Southern Water have been useless at dealing with our complaint. I have been in contact with Consumer Council for Water – Southern. They will mediate between us as the dispute evolves. Does anyone have any experience of this mediation service? Is it truly objective?

  58. Marls G says:

    I have just had a mains sewage leak back up and the house has been surrounded by sewage… it’s been coming through the house via floor boards and has gone under my decking etc. The house stinks… and they have done nothing… At the moment there is no clean-up arranged, nothing… but they did tell me to keep the kids out of the garden… Appalling customer service, and it’s not even my fault!

  59. Jacqueline Fisher says:

    I also am dealing with a load of incompetent overpricing (suspect they are reading the wrong meter) and total lack of communication. So when all else fails try contacting (Consumer Council for Water – complaints and enquiries!).

  60. Martin Kulin says:

    I have been with Southern Water for 20 years +, told them recently I had changed my bank details, they sent me an ok, then a letter came which said I had not paid, but DD had gone out ok. I called them, waited 30 mins+ to get an answer, they said strange and amended system then 3 weeks later it starts all over again but this time put DD up 25%, called them and again they said they corrected. Then we got a letter saying we had not paid, but again we had, then we get a card in the post saying we are pay as you go client, so now I have sent a complaint. They will have to pay me some compensation, the worst company I have ever dealt with, sad because 10 years ago they were great!

  61. Yet Another Ex Southerwater Staff says:

    I used to work for this very odd company where training says customers come first. The day you are dealing with them it all comes down to call rates, more calls per hours is good, customers service doesn’t matter.

    People just passed calls around different departments as to remove a customer with a problem that they didn’t have the answer to as the supervisors weren’t available.

    I am ashamed to say that I worked there and was not allowed to give the 110% I have been giving in all my other jobs to the customer.

    It was 0.1% for customer 99.9% for stats. Wrong wrong wrong!!!

  62. Marie Knight says:

    I moved into my house on the 1st of September and set up a direct debit with Southern Water. I received my confirmation letter for direct debit yesterday and they said they will be taking 65 pound off me a month because I owe them 266 pound from when I first moved in. Well firstly I’m not on a meter so how can they tell me how much I have used since I first moved in, secondly there is no way I have used nearly 300 pounds of water in just over a month. I never used that much in my old house in 3 months and I was on a meter there. How can they justify that?

  63. Mrs C Lewis says:

    I have Portsmouth Water but Southern for sewage. I’m always ahead with Portsmouth Water, always seem to owe money to Southern. I pay £11 a month to Portsmouth, £25 to Southern as thay say I owe them money. I don’t know why, just had another payment card from them. They now want £32 a month. Can you tell me why as I can never get a answer from them. I tell a lie, got one last year – when I said I wasn’t happy, could not see why they think I owe them money, all I got was I hadn’t been paying right amount. I said I wasn’t paying this much and got told they would cut my water off if I didn’t pay. So I carried on paying the £25 but had no letters saying sewage going up but they now want £32 a month for me and my husband.

  64. Andrew Ward says:

    What is a normal water rates bill. I have been paying Southern Water over £50 per month for the last 4 years, i.e. over £600 a year. Does this seem high for a 2 bedroom detached bungalow?

  65. Free Water says:

    Free water, thanks Sourthern Water…

  66. A Wilson says:

    Southern Water installed a new meter just under a year ago. I have now received a bill for £840 for 6 months when we don’t have a bath or dishwasher and only 3 people in the house. Southern water say we should check our internal water supply and deny all responsibility even though they didn’t have it on record that they even installed a meter. I’m disgusted at this and from looking at the internet it appears that I’m not alone in my opinion.

  67. Sadie Reed says:

    The Southern Water website
    states that if you have suffered from sewage flooding you are entitled to the following:
    “Sewer flooding – general
    Normally we will respond to a complaint of sewer flooding within two hours of notification of wastewater entering a property (internal) and within four hours if flooding is outside a property (external). We will also provide a full clean up service where possible within 12 hours (internal flooding) or within 24 hours (external flooding).

    Sewer flooding – internal
    If your property is flooded due to a failure of our drainage system, we will pay you an amount equivalent to your annual sewerage charges – up to a maximum of £1,000 for each incident.”

    This information is supported by the Ofwat website ($FILE/gss_april08.pdf)
    For anyone who is struggling to get their sewage flooding problem sorted you should check out the Consumer Council for Water or the Ofwat websites to see if you can take your complaint any further.

  68. Alison Eldergill says:

    Southern Water are useless. We have had a complaint outstanding since July when our bill suddenly jumped by 400% and in spite of ringing them numerous times and getting all sorts of promises from them they have never once got back to us. We contacted the Consumer Council for Water who have been really helpful and prompt in dealing with us. Last week Southern Water sent us a final demand and threatened court action and to call in the bailiffs in spite of the fact our account is supposed to have been put on hold until this dispute is settled.
    If I have any choice I will never deal with them again.

  69. Edward Hudson says:

    I didn’t get a bill for over a year (maybe due to SW new billing system), then I got a letter from a debt collector for £655.37. I tried to ring/write to make arrangements for monthly payment (I’m unemployed at the moment) but no reply. So I’m going to ignore them, come and cut off my water, that should be fun!! (I live in a block of flats).

  70. Mark Elliot says:

    I think Southern Water are great. I have had excellent service, and even got invited in to be shown a site by a senior manager when I complained. They sorted my problem out, with bells on – well done I say.

  71. Sultan says:

    I have just received my bill from Southern Water for the period 10 Jul 08 to 16 Jan 09 (metered water and waste). On the bill is a stated inclusion of 1.5% “due to previous misreporting”. This reduction is not itemised and hence is only a statement. Following research, I found out that Southern Water was fined £20.3m for…”deliberately misreporting customer service performance to Ofwat and
    systematically manipulating information to conceal its true performance over an extended period of time and the company has acknowledged this.”

    The decision confirmed that “Bills will be reduced in 2008-09 to return the money it should not have received at the 1999 price review.” Does this equate to 1.5% or Southern Water are only playing silly beggars again? Southern Water is also billing me £333.13 for the 6 month period, which I believe is exorbitant. I have requested a breakdown of the bill but how can I verify their claimed meter readings. I have no faith in Southern Water and was forced to cancel direct debit payment when I found out they had been increasing deductions without notification. (true rating = 0)

  72. Sultan says:

    Why are ALL services providers allowed to have 0845 numbers and then rubbish customer services. That way consumers get done twice… poor service and premium rate to complain!

  73. Nikki Richardson says:

    What is going on????? I have been paying my water bills by direct debit and yes they have gone up every year but so had everyone’s… So I thought!!! I then decided to install a water meter to ‘save money’. My direct debits have now gone up to ove £40 per month and apparently I owe them £501, I only live in a 1 bed flat how can this be?? It’s a joke!!

  74. Maureen Richardson says:

    So many complaints against southern water…. Why? Because when you are sent a bill of such an unrealistic price, and query it, you don’t get a proper reply, and even after asking all the right questions you get fobbed off; to ready for taking money under force pretenses.

  75. Sarah Richardson says:

    Why have my payments gone from £76 to £265 over 6 months, this can’t be right can it?

  76. Ivan Doswell says:

    I have just moved into the Eastbourne area, and after reading the comments above, I am actually worried about contacting Southern waters customer service team. It would seem they provide an inadequate service and are praised on the amount of calls they receive, rather than the quality of service provided.
    I’m looking forward to the panpipe music.
    Wish me luck!!!!!!

  77. F. Mony says:

    My 75 year old neighbour has just received a bil for £500.00, strange he is on water meter, was threatened with bailiffs if not paid, today we received a bill for metered water. Letter has now gone to the C.E.O recorded delivery, watch this space!

  78. Sam Blatcher says:

    0845 is a BT line which is 4p a minute. If you don’t want to pay then don’t ring and complain. They offer written complaints and email complaints with a large dedicated complaints department.

    You are also probably unaware of the fact that they have the highest quality drinking water in Europe and the best leakage repair and prevention in England.

  79. C Halye says:

    DO NOT use their 0845 number, go to, click search for an alternative number, then type in southern water and all geographical numbers will come up, choose the appropriate number and you will not pay their unethical phone charges.

  80. Shelley French says:

    My son lives in a one bed flat and earns minimum wage. His water bill for the last 6 months is £250. He just can not afford it so I am having to subsidise it when I am struggling to pay my own. I did e-mail SW and I did get a prompt response but only to confirm that the bill was correct and the money had to be paid or he would be cut off…. How caring eh…

  81. Shelley French says:

    What a result. I contacted the ombudsman about my sons outrageous bill from Sothern Water. Within 24 hours of the Ombudsman contacting SW, my son had a very apologetic phone call from SW and an admission that they had actually billed him for someone else’s water!!!!!!! It’s a shame that when he telephoned them and e-mailed them that they didn’t discover this though. It was only once the ombudsman became involved that it got sorted within 24 hours. What can I say… well done Mr Ombudsman.

  82. Andy Newstead says:

    I rang Southern Water because my bill was 325 for 6 mths water what I thought was way to high, rang them and got told there was 2 meters to this property and there was 3 flats, weird. They said they we look into it then they send me another bill for 200 for this year and I need to pay it. They don’t care just about money, customer service is appalling. I live on my own so how can I use 525 of water in a year?

  83. Delce Road Residents says:

    We the residents along our road have suffered with a poor supply for many years. Southern Water’s response to our plight has been it’s our fault and we need to replace our water pipes from the stop-cock onto our houses. Even after doing this our supplies are still dreadful as the water main supplying our homes is only a 1 inch main shared between 10 homes..

    To fill a 10 litre bucket it can take over 3 minutes at times and at best 2mins 11 secs over 14 recorded fills at different times of the day over a week. This is causing problems maintaining hygiene and is costing me money as i can no longer have a shower as I have been scalded so many times when a neighbour turns a tap on and my supply drops. We want our water main replaced as it is furred up with limescale and Southern Water refuses to do this.

    They have recently dropped our water pressure even further as I believe there is a leak locally and they have not found it so they turned down the water to save digging up the path to find the leak.

    Southern Water are an uncaring water authority who do not listen or understand just how bad their supplies are.

  84. K. Lish says:

    We live in a 2 bedroom flat with our 2 year old daughter and pay £42 a month which has recently been reduced from £69 a month that we paid for 10 months which we only managed to get it down to after complaining when first being told when we moved in that our monthly payments would be £89 a month! My dad lives an hour away and thames water charge him £12 a month for a 3 bedroom house. Do they just make it up as they go along?

  85. Chloe says:

    Moved into our new build coach house in September 2008, firstly received a letter saying they could not recognise our address which is rich as we certainly had water coming out of our taps! Secondly I received a letter saying they were setting us up an account and we would receive our bill in due course, we have STILL not received a bill at all, going on the comments above I am not sure whether I am better off chasing them or not??? Also somebody told me recently once they don’t bill you for over a year they are then unable to take the funds from you, surely this is too good to be true????

  86. George Noyb says:

    Ok, well I would like to say that those who have said they have waited any longer than 5minutes are LYING. There are wall boards at Southern Water which tell them how long the queue is for.

  87. M Chestnutt says:

    I have had reasonable customer service, but a lot of very very random bills. We – as a 2 adult one tiny child household it seems that £265 for 6 months is what we have to pay – though previous bills have been a lot less….. but one was £882 for 6 months which we queried, and eventually they changed the meter. We then got bills at around £165 per 6 months which felt right, and now one for £265 which they say is right.

    Does this sound right? I just don’t know what to think!

  88. Anna Best says:

    I am still waiting for southern water to repair a shared water pipe which was reported leaking last April. My water pressure is almost zero, my heating wont work now, as its dropped too low for the boiler, and despite them sending out two lots of surveyors, who both confirmed the leak, I have heard nothing from them.

  89. Eric Walker says:

    Southern Water what can I say? Run entirely for the benefit of shareholders (3 persons) and directors bonuses.

  90. Mr T Winstanley says:

    Southern Water are a rip off do not pay them ever by direct debit. It is a total joke in this country that these costs should not have to be paid by people that are on low incomes or benefits from being disabled etc like myself but since these water companies have been privatized they seem to be able to charge what they want to. In 2009 water went up by 42% above inflation, how do they expect ppl on benefits to be able to pay this without going without food etc it is a total joke. Everybody should contact this corrupt company and their local mp etc and then we have also got to put up with extra costs just because we are coming up to summer it is disgusting.

  91. Andy Ross says:

    Avoid their insurance policy like the plague. Read the small print – it does not cover replacing leaking hot water cylinders, for example. Peace of mind? Don’t think so. Stick to home insurance. Con policies

  92. Steven Cowen says:

    I always find the water company very polite and friendly to speak to, always a pleasure to deal with.

  93. George Micheal Barton says:

    I keep trying to tell them that my father has passed away and all I get is a series of rude letters demanding 12 months water bill to be paid in full as his direct debit has been cancelled.

  94. Albert. Rowe says:

    I as a southern water customer have in the last two months brought to their attention that their web site is totally out of date with potential water meter installers be conned by given last years 09-10 prices this has now been corrected in part.

    Customers on meters may be aware they are being charged just on a £1.00 per cu meter or 1 tonne of water what many of us don’t realise is that we are then being charged a further £1.76p for 92.5% of the imported water ‘returned to sewer.

    I have a bungalow on 1/4 of an acre of ground with extensive gardens a large % of which is dedicated to growing vegetables, in the last 10 years we have had to water to get any crops to grow.
    With a metered import of 100 cu meters per year and the fact that a garden hose discharges approx 1 cu meter an hour that means the total allowance of 7.5% is used up in 7.5 hours that the allowance set against you imported metered water for the period of 1 year.

    On average and at present Aug 2010 we are using 300-400 litres a day watering crops and topping up the pond just to keep the fish alive, that is without taking into account all the other things we use water for where it is ‘not returned to sewer’, car washing x 2 pressure washing the brick drive etc etc the 7.5 cu meters not ‘returned to sewer’ allowance is a joke and nothing but a rip off by Southern Water.

    I have offered to fit a meter on my outside tap, as suggested by OFWAT no details can be obtained from Southern Water as to the specification of the meter or what evidence they require for a greater allowance to be granted in compliance with their own web site
    I have even filled in a form provided by Southern Water only to meet every objection and excuse under the sun as to why our ‘return to sewer’ % should not be increased Nothing but a rip off.

    Every householder is charged £8.00 for the roads drainage? I ask you when did we on the south side of the south downs, Worthing area last have a decent rainfall that penetrated the ground to do any good or indeed make good use of the road side drains most of which are blocked anyway. Just another rip off for which we are all paying,

    I have had a water meter installed this year, only too prepared to pay for what we use, what I’m not prepared to do is pay for the treatment of water which is used and not returned to sewer i.e water used on the garden, topping up the pond etc along with all the other uses where it does not ‘ return go back to sewer.’
    I have a meeting with southern water next Monday, I suspect more wasted time but we shall see, at least they will hear my views
    Customer service what a joke they don’t even understand the meaning of the word

    Who else makes a fortune from a product that falls from the sky, to which they claim total possession?

  95. Antony Panaggio says:

    I’m currently receiving at least 6 calls a day from a debt collection company working on behalf of Southern Water, threatening to take me to court for a bill for future consumption. I explain I’ve made a complaint to Southern makes no difference, and southern take 10 days to tell me it a bill for future and don’t see this as a problem…. still waiting for a further reply

  96. Wayne Greenslade says:

    Approximately 2 months ago I received a demand for a water bill for a property i once lived in. As I had moved out of that property in 2005 I was not going to pay for a bill for 2007/8. The best part is that the house had been knocked down and three new ones were put up in its place. I phoned southern water and explained the situation. They asked for documentary proof which was sent to them. At the end of august 2010 I received a demand from a debt collection agency (which turns out to be part of southern water). After phoning sourthern water the representative agreed that i had sent them proof and was trying to get me to give them the information of who i sold the property to. as it was five years ago i doubt i could find it but as there were three new houses build on the plot it should not be beyond the wit of man to find out who it was. I also phoned the debt collection agency who also agreed that i had sent documentary proof that i had moved out and could not understand why i had been sent the demand. Today 15 sep I have received another demand from the debt collection agency. The incompetence beggars belief.

  97. Mr Ironmonger says:

    My partner recently received a bill from Southern Water which relates back to our time as students. This bill was for £700.00 and arrived two years after we left. After contacting Southern Water I was told that we had never paid a bill during our time in the rented house (students). This is an utter joke considering we did pay the bill (at the Natwest) but some how they cant see this. If this was the case and we had never paid a bill why did they not send us a red bill during our two years in the property? They have asked for us to prove we have paid, which we cannot as we never kept the records after we moved out. We have spoken to citizen’s advice and the ombudsmen and they both say there is nothing we can do. So we have to prove we paid, but they don’t have to prove we didn’t pay. What a joke, waiting two years to inform us of an apparent debt.

  98. E. Aly says:

    I have just recieved a demand for final payment from a debt collectors agency to the tune of £453.84. I last lived in the southern water area 5 years ago as a student and am sure we paid a substantial amount when we first moved in. At the end of the year we informed southern water we were moving on and heard nothing, then 5 years later on I recieve this bill. Are they allowed to do this and how do I demand proof that this is a correct figure as it sounds like their just plucking figures from the sky. Is their a regulating board I can appeal to??

  99. Mrs Nichola Adams says:

    To whom it may concern at Southern Water, regarding the Barns Green sewage Treatment Works.

    I would like to know who the person in charge at the Barns Green Sewage Works, including the name and the email address of the person concerned.

  100. Mr Tony Johnston says:

    I have to say that southern water has been very consistent in the quality of their water supplies for some months now. In the past, it was that good .

  101. d walton, fareham, hants says:

    its all well and good southern water being polite and friendly, i would be polite and friendly and helpful if i got 50 pounds from every household for a natural resource that should not cost alot, i understand a fee for sewage maintanence and making it safer water but i dont see why it should cost most of the population a fenominal sum of money. i hope the directors of the board are enjoying thier mercedes that was paid for by the first 20 houses in my road this annum.

  102. Patricia says:

    Does anyone know if water meters are readily avail]able in the New Milton are please?

    • martin says:

      Just had water meter put in, read meter after 2 months use, my bill will be £150 more this year in spite of not using my hosepipe.

  103. terry winstanley says:

    I am disabled and I have been for many many years now and sw never understand when you say you have no money. I pay them a maximum of £1 a month which is all I can afford and legally as long as you pay £1 they can do nothing. This company are a complete joke even tho I am disabled they are now saying I owe them over £1000 which I do not have, they can’t show me any proof of these bills for all these years and I have asked them for help in the past but nothing, this company are the biggest rip off out there and I do not just live to pay bills and struggle even further than I do now and I certainly do not intend to pay service charges of about 4 different types so as these posh share holders can have bigger cars etc, if money is so tight southern water stop giving money to the 3rd world as a lot of people out in this country now are in the same boat like myself and we struggle to survive not live but survive. Stop ripping us off, we have put up with this for too long now.

    • Daniel B says:

      On several occasions i’ve complained to both the water companies about their charges, and everytime I get some arrogant brat telling me that’s the charges .. pay them. Fred Dineage challenged one of them on meridian tonight, saying the average water bill is £100 per year, why is it so high. I could not help but laugh at this. My water bills added together come to nearly £500 this year. Now that is HIGH !!!!! ……. My wife and I live in a one bedroom flat, we don’t waste water, we try to be as mean as possible when using it.
      I am disabled and retired, my wife is retired. yet the water boards have no respect for the elderly or disabled as long as the fat cats can line their pockets.

  104. clare says:

    Ive just had a bill for 330.00 for time spent living at my home 28/08/10 till now 16/10/10 , ever since i have lived in andover hampshire i have been expected to pay 25.00 a week, four bed house, ive just spoke to my neighbour she pays 48.00 a month , i am really worried as they have been ripping me off for years , 8 years in total now. I dont know what to do , why are they charging me so much…

  105. sheila wain says:

    I have a water meter and portsmouth water have just reduced my monthly payment to £4 a month so can somebody from southern water explain why my monthly payment to them is £15.50? I live on my own and am careful with the water I use

  106. Graham Savell says:

    The water delivery system is still losing millions of litres a year and we are expected to pay for it. Why should we pay a nothing short of a monopoly for services that aren’t being looked after. I don’t mind paying for a services but I do mind paying for its inefficient running. The board should be ashamed to call themselves a service.

  107. les winham says:

    Why are southern water charging me twice as much as other people who live in houses with the same ratable value. I am expected to pay over £600 pounds for my water this year this is a rip off. Can’t even use a hose pipe so when do I get my rebate southern water?

  108. Robert says:

    I live in Portsmouth got a bill from Portsmouth water from 20 Sep 2011 to 05 April 2012 for 79.00m3 -total £35.
    Waste water bill from Southern W. for this period is £174.04 is a JOKE!!!
    One bed flat 2 people in, water meters are crap, some people in my area got no meters and pay less, if you can go for estimated bill is 50% is no freedom with choice like electricity or gas.

  109. Pat says:

    We feel powerless, as water can only be supplied by your local company. Southern Water made everybody in our local area move over to a water meters, no choice. We are very careful users of water, we do not even water the garden and already we have found our bill has been DOUBLED. There is a con going on and it is worrying. No rating here, very angry.

  110. graham ayers says:

    I would like to have Severn Tent water but because I live in Lincolnshire I am stuck with Anglian and that tastes fowl.

  111. Tom says:

    Just received my bill. Works out as £500 per year – £130 more than when we were unmetred. I’m furious. 2 adults and 1 baby living in an average small size house should not have to pay this much. We only shower – my wife showers down the gym for god’s sake. Never hose the garden. SOUTHERN WATER : RIP OFF MERCHANTS!

    • JingleBells says:

      Yes southern water is a rip off, a friend of mine had a water meter installed as he lives on his own and doesn’t use a lot, southern water have told him they do not need to enter his property to read the meter they can scan it from outside but the meter is not electric it dose not have a battery to power it i.e. the Water coming through turns the meter and no electrical handheld device will pick up a reading of the amount of water used. So they have to enter to read the meter but they insist they do not need to… are they trying to pull a fast one? I think they are, I’ve told him to insist they enter is premises to get a true reading and refuse to pay any bills that are estimated from an outside source.
      Secondly for those of you who do not know if your water does not use the drains to drain water from your building they have no legal right to charge you but if you are not sure you can ask them as they know which homes have self drainage.

      • David says:

        The water meters Southern Water are installing are similar to ones used by many other water companies. They are a confirmed technology and mean the company can read 100 times more meters in a single day. They are not trying to rip you off, if you think that they are simply go outside and read your own meter to check the bill…

        You are correct though that if surface water from the roof of your house does not enter the sewerage system then the water company will remove this charge from your bill. The company however does not hold records of how houses were built and it is up to you to ask for this charge to be removed. See here

  112. jacquiweems says:

    Can you tell me why Southern Water are doing a survey. Asking people what they think of paying extra on their bills to pay for people that are struggling to pay theirs. Dam cheek that’s what I think. We are all struggling with energy bills and now you want us to pay for other peoples water bills.

  113. G WILLIAMS says:

    Can you tell me if you are charged to have a meter put in we rent out our house in Hampshire and want to give the tennents the choice of a meter or not

  114. Sandy new to Kent says:

    A scam it is, my eyes popped open when I called Southern Electric to inform them I was moving into a new house in Kent. They told there was no meters and I had to pay a standard bill of £350 from August to March next year. My last bill in London with Thames water for 5 months was only £85 – I am fuming about this. Is there anything that can be done about it

  115. Troy says:

    Southern Water – Rip Off!

    Yes, when you look at the leaflet they send you about 24% of your joint water and sewerage bill is for THEIR finance costs!!!!!!!

    Re-nationalise now.

  116. e3 says:

    Rip off!! I am expected to pay 4 x more than I paid in London last year and we don’t even have a bath , can’t even drink it, have to buy water to boil in kettle! It’s a rip off for sure.

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