South Staffordshire Water

Contact Details

South Staffordshire Water PLC
P.O. Box 63

Contact Information

  • Billing enquiries 0845 60 70 456 or Fax 01922 616 239
  • Billing and account line 0845 60 70 456
  • Difficulty paying 0800 09 30 610
  • Request a water meter 0845 45 67 063
  • Minicom 01922 618 025
  • Supply problems 0800 389 10 11
  • Water mains leak 0800 389 10 11

General Information

South Staffordshire Water PLC was formed in 1853 to supply water to the inhabitants of the Black Country. Today they provide water to a population of almost 1.25 million, covering an area of 1,490 square kilometres, stretching from the edge of Ashbourne in the north, to Halesowen in the south, and from Burton on Trent in the East to Kinver in the West.

Water is taken from two major surface water sources, Blithfield Reservoir in the north and Chelmarsh Reservoir in the south, along with 27 borehole stations. The water is then pumped through 5,722 kilometres of mains pipes, supplying on average 331 million litres of water per day.

  • South Staffordshire Water PLC is a water only company and does not deal with the removal of sewerage.
  • South Staffordshire is generally a hard water area, however this can vary.
  • South Staffordshire Water carried out 37,223 tests on water samples in 2003. 99.91% of these tests complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.

Customer Services

South Staffordshire Water provide various on-line leaflets that are designed to keep all their customers up to date on the services that they provide. You can find out more about charges, special services and copies of their yearly leaflet “Waterline”.

Code of Practice leaflets are available, which cover Debt, Domestic Customers and Leakage. These Codes of Practice leaflets give information on the main services provided, the terms and conditions on which they are offered and where and how to get advice and help, for example steps that can be taken if you are unable to pay your bill.

3 responses to “South Staffordshire Water”

  1. David Hingley says:

    No phone number to report drain contamination.

  2. An Employee says:

    South Staffs Water only deals with portable drinking water and is not responsible for drainage. This is dealt with Severn Trent.

  3. Jon Petrauskas says:

    I have not received my annual water bill and it is over a month late, I have tried ringing the numbers on the website but it seems to be constantly engaged, so I have written to South Staffs water and have not received a reply after 14 days, it must be one of the worst companyies to try and contact, no email address on the site, if I could change my water supplier I would.

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