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Customer services are open from 8am – 7pm on Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturday.

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South East Water merged with Mid Kent Water in December 2007 to bring together two key water companies in the South East of England into one company. The company is owned by Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund (HDF) and the unlisted Utilities Trust of Australia (UTA). HDF invests in utility infrastructure assets and has over 6,000 investors. UTA is an open-ended trust owned, in the main, by a number of Australian superannuation funds. Both HDF and UTA are managed by Hastings Fund Management Limited.

South East Water supply 5,657 square km across areas of Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Surrey with 565 million litres of water every day. 2.1 million people are supplied by South East Water via more than 14,500km of water mains.

Special Services

  • Bills available in Braille, audio tape or large print.
  • Nominee scheme available.
  • Password scheme for vulnerable customers.
  • Special tariffs for certain customers in receipt of qualifying benefits and who meet certain criteria.

28 responses to “South East Water”

  1. Nina M Kimble says:

    Is there a discount for the elderly on the water bills?

  2. Sewater Customer says:

    I believe that the Leak Alert Line 0800 028 3399 is not available anywhere on South East Water’s website, and when I phoned it at 1930 today I waited for 65 minutes before I got any human response. It was helpful in the end but SE Water seems to keep the out of hours service secret and minimally staffed; I got the idea that she was on her own! Thank you for your page.

  3. Mr Paul Legrys says:

    Their telephone service is appalling. After reporting a leak a week ago nothing has happened to help me repair it and I cannot contact their staff because the infuriatingly automated telephone system is going round in circles. I phoned the leak line and got the emergency line automated response then back onto the ‘all operators are busy’ routine on all of them. Not good enough and how much wasted water! Get your act together!

  4. Stuart J Rex says:

    This is by far the most inefficient service I have ever had the displeasure of using. I don’t think that they actually have any staff, just a telephone to assure you that someone “will” answer your call… 35 minutes in and I lost patience.

  5. Stuart Mcewan says:

    I fully agree with other customers the South East Water emergency help line is appalling. No water today and when I first rang they advised no problems with service but telephone lines are too busy to take calls!
    Now only a short message saying they are looking for a leak in East Grinsted but no assistance or offer of Water to be tankered to the area.
    Thank you for this web site as SEW web site has no telephone contact numbers – how helpful is that!

  6. Michael Roy- Stevens says:

    I have tried to pay my bill on-line, what a waste of my time, it did not happen because I have only got a 7 digit no!!!!!!!!!
    When I paid my southern water bill on-line it was fine?

  7. Mr George Potten says:

    I have spent the weekend trying to report a mains leak in Chaucer Close Basingstoke. If the phone line works it just keeps telling me all operators are engaged and I am in a queue. I contact Sentinel the local housing authority and they told me it was Thames I should contact. I got straight through to them and found no it is you. I still couldn’t get through! I have given up and hope that someone else has perhaps managed to get through and that the leak will be fixed. Gallons of water have gone down the drain and it is us that end up paying for it.

  8. Mark Miller says:

    The water board are useless. I’ve had a leak outside my house for over a month now. When you ring the leak line all you get is a ringing tone no one answers, they’re useless and who ends up paying for the water? We do. It is appalling, I’m going to the local papers about it, had enough of having to paddle to get into my car.

  9. Michael Cozens says:

    Phoned leak alert line at 7am for 40 mins without any reply, had to phone after 8am to have the call answered. Not very good when you are trying to report a major leak.

  10. Marc Railton says:

    To whom this will hopefully concern:

    I am writing as a complete novice to the water industry so my thoughts may seem a little to far though I would appreciate your comments. I have just seen the lunch time news and all about the latest rocket to be blasted into space and in particular the one off to the moon to investigate if there really is water on the moon itself. So, my question is this, the experts are saying there is not enough water on the earth, I realise there are places that are dry like deserts etc and other places that see rainfall only now and then but consider this if you haven’t already. The way I see it is that water evaporates from lakes rivers the sea etc and comes back down again, always has since time began I guess – so if you consider all the tinned bottled and jars that contain water including food goods and other food stuffs like lemonade and beer containing water that is made in bulk across the globe it seems to me to be no wonder that water is scarce, it is stored in such vast quantity that the earth in it’s natural state can’t bring back down what hasn’t yet gone up. I wonder if there is any credibility in what I’m saying and if so, why can we not do something about it. I would appreciate an answer from someone that studies water please..

  11. Geraldine Lejeune says:

    Called this morning and got through straight away, my query was dealt with by Richard who has excellent customer service skills. Thank you.

  12. Nicholas Caddick says:

    I have to agree with the other comments. I have been trying to report a problem and have found myself stuck in a queuing system for 20 minutes (and counting). Can this really be SE Water’s “24 hour emergency line”? It really is infuriating to be told endlessly that my call “will be answered by the next available adviser”. When?

  13. Maureen Rushen says:

    I have just tried to reach the Emergency Helpline of South East Water. I waited on the phone to be connected to a human operator, as opposed to a recorded message. We have 3 big dogs who are thirsty… we would like dinner but I am unable to cook… why… we have no mains water supply… My simple question is how long is this situation to go on?? That is the only answer I would like. According to the internet page for our water company there is not a problem in any area serviced by South East Water… maybe not by the company but certainly by its customers!!

  14. Christopher Samuel says:

    I have now been without water for 19 hours. Despite ringing the emergency line twice I am no nearer knowing when water will be resumed. Should I buy water, what about children, old people! the Customer support is apparently 1 man & 1 woman who also dont’ know what is going on because the technicians have not called in. I get no sense of urgency or BCP process to keep customers informed.
    This is not a good PR issue for your company.

  15. A says:

    I do not trust you. Think you are trying to make money by scaremongering.

    I will be investigating you in more detail over coming weeks.

    Above comments look fake to me – bet you mine do not get published, however there are other ways!

  16. Kate Ash says:

    I rang the emergency number and waited for over 35 minutes, in the end I got through and reported a leak, it took them 2 days to come out, and then they said it was not their responsibility! I tried to ring them back a few days later but you can’t them to answer!

  17. Anita Jacobs says:

    We have moved house and just been asked by South East water to provide our names, address, date of births AND send a copy of our driving licenses to confirm residency!! (Why not also get copies of our passports and inside leg measurements while they’re at it)!?! All within 14 days or we will be cut off! – We honestly thought this was an identity fraud scam; given the scale of identity theft it is unbelievably inappropriate – maybe even illegal? Disgusting.

  18. Rob Jones says:

    I have been waiting for a refund for overpayment since November 2009. Where is my money…promises and promises? English call centre pleasant but do nothing……I am not happy I am funding your business without compensation.

  19. Andy Irons says:

    South East Water, now amalgamated to Southern Water. For my SEW fresh water supply I have for the last 2 months been trying to get some sense from them to pay my bill. It has always been paid by standing order for the past 32 years. The only information I get from the parent company, Southeastern, if payment info for my waste water…. they seem oblivious to the fact they have my SEW fresh water accounts. After 16 emails I am still no closer to have the information I need to pay my bill by monthly standing order!

  20. Colin Course says:

    I wish they supplied all my water needs, you want a pain in the rear try dealing with southern water, they make these guys look like saints.

  21. Ali Sanjarani says:

    I have been trying to pay my water bill using the automated service with no success. The automated service should be dropped because it is not working. It does not allow you to use the keypad to enter your account details and voice recognition is poor.

  22. Ann Short says:

    Like many others, I waited for 25 mins to get an answer to my “emergency” call to report a complete water failure. An hour later my neighbours and I are still without water and do not know how long this situation is likely to last. There is a problem at Eastbourne, not sure it was understood this is Heathfield.

  23. Ernest Trevor Robinson says:

    I wish to say we are pleased with the service we get from this company.

  24. William Black says:

    I hope that this answers most of your problems when trying to get through to southeast water by phone, the 0845 number you phone cost a lot of money and they try to keep you hanging on as long as pos to make loads of money.

  25. Eastbourne Customer says:

    This is the third time this year we have woken up with no water supply. The free emergency number is not available on their website. There is never any notification of work. If you phone them to say you are having water supply problems and this has caused noisy pipes, they tell you to run the water hard for 2 hours. They’re awful. I’d give them no stars at all, but you don’t have that option.

  26. Daniel says:

    Terrible service – the worst answer phone message I have ever heard – you have to listen very careful otherwise you end up in the wrong place and have to start all over again. In the end I gave up and went to the top 01444 448219 MD’s secretary never had a response dealt with so quickly………. come on guys get your act together.

  27. Daniel B says:

    On several occasions i’ve complained to both the water companies about their charges, and everytime I get some arrogant brat telling me that’s the charges .. pay them. Fred Dineage challenged one of them on meridian tonight, saying the average water bill is £100 per year, why is it so high. I could not help but laugh at this. My water bills added together come to nearly £500 this year. Now that is HIGH !!!!! ……. My wife and I live in a one bedroom flat, we don’t waste water, we try to be as mean as possible when using it.
    I am disabled and retired, my wife is retired. yet the water boards have no respect for the elderly or disabled as long as the fat cats can line their pockets.

  28. mark says:

    Nice to see burst mains reported during day but workers wait till 10pm before starting work i.e. diggers and pneumatic drills, I presume they get paid extra for working unsociable hours so that the public can go without sleep.

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