Severn Trent Water

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Severn Trent Water Ltd
Customer Relations
Sherbourne House
St Martin’s Road

Contact Information

  • Head office 0121 722 4000
  • Customer relations 08457 500 500
  • Website
  • 24 hr Operational Emergencies 0800 783 4444
  • Billing Enquiries 08457 500 500
  • Water and Drainage Service 0800 783 4444
  • Information on Water Meters 0845 7090 646
  • Online Contact Form available Click here

Customer service and billing lines are open:

  • 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • 8:00am to 1:00pm Saturday.

General Information

Severn Trent Water is part of the Severn Trent Group of companies and is the world’s fourth largest privately-owned water company. They supply water services to over 8 million customers across a large area from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid Wales to the East Midlands.

Severn Trent Water supply 7, 400,000 people with 1,960 million litres of water per day through 45,674km of pipes fed from multiple sources including 32 impounding reservoirs, 203 groundwater sites, 20 water treatment works and 534 service reservoirs.

Severn Trent Water also provides sewerage services and has over 1000 sewerage treatment works and 53,325km of sewers.

  • Water and Sewerage company.
  • 99.9% of water quality tests carried out comply with standards.
  • Water in this are can range from soft to moderately hard. More specific information can be obtained from Severn Trent Water.

Customer Services

Severn Trent Water operates a ‘Customer Promise’ which outlines the commitments they aim to make to their customers. This includes notifying customers of any service interruptions, dealing with flooding, speed of dealing with queries and complaints and issues with bills and charges. If promises are not met satisfactorily then compensation may be available.

Special Services:

  • Bills and information in large print or Braille.
  • Bill and information reading service.
  • Textphone facilities.
  • Passwords to identify staff when visiting homes.
  • Meter reading service.
  • Nominee scheme.
  • Providing bottled water if supplies are interrupted.
  • Website available in different languages.

100 responses to “Severn Trent Water”

  1. Vaughan James says:

    I and my partner are disabled and we love to go to Draycot water just to sit and watch the lake and the wildlife.

    We drive around the lake at no more than 15 mph and stop in the parking areas and sit and enjoy the view.

    On Thursday we were informed by a ranger we would no longer be allowed to do this and would maybe allowed to the first small car park on the road near the twitchers viewing point.

    This car park is always full of fisherman’s cars and as we cannot walk far we are now effectively banned totally from visiting there unless we sit in the restaurant.

    I must add we are both retired and never exceed 15 miles per hour round there.

    We would not mind paying a small fee to visit and enjoy the wildlife .

  2. Jason Phillimore says:

    I would like to state that Severn Trent water is the pits they have flooded my home and my neighbour’s homes 3 times in the last 5 years and we still are awaiting to be told that they are sorry , but no nothing apart from their brand new pipe work bursting again what are we to do.

  3. Mrs Eve Bramwell says:

    Severn Trent are extremely inefficient. I have been trying to get a water meter fitted for 14 months now without success. I have wasted much time and effort ,made numerous telephone calls and have also written to Severn Trent but have yet to receive any response from them. Their Customer Relations Department are a joke!

  4. Aaron Sloman says:

    The web-site has been totally inaccessible since I started trying to access it yesterday.

    If Severn Trent are too incompetent to keep a web site available, I wonder why we trust them with the much harder task of managing our water supplies.

    I have no choice but to use them.

  5. Sandra Bishop says:

    I too have been trying to access Severn Trent website for a couple of days and can’t believe that an important website such as this one has been unavailable to customers for this long!!!!!!

  6. Wendy Greenberry says:

    I have been trying to contact severn trent with reference a report they have recently done on one of our properties the phone constantly rings with no response and and as for the web site this is unobtainable!!!!!

  7. Mrs A E Ralph says:

    I came home from work @ 4.00pm today to find the water had been switched off, when I contacted the Customer Services @ 4.30 pm they said they knew nothing about it to contact the contractors, It would have been polite to have notified me that this was going to happen, It is now 6.45pm and I still have no water, what do you suggest I do.

  8. B. W. Letherland says:

    Our Main Sewer has been Blocked for 48 Hours, Raw sewage has been discharging on to my Patio for 36 hrs, and the best I get from S.T. operations room is we are very busy, they could not run a bath.

  9. John Whitaker says:

    Like some of the other bloggers my problem is also with Severn Trent. Our water supply stopped at approx. 10.30 this morning. I phoned the emergency phone number and waited for over 20 mins before putting the phone down. I tried later in the day and waited 25 mins before I actually spoke to a real person.What is most annoying is the repeated message that “”your call is important to us.” Then answer the phone!!!!

  10. Colin Fishwick says:

    Prior to last week’s unusual rainfall ST turned off the pumps in our local sewer station. Over the next 36 hours our house (and the rest of the street) was flooded with rainwater and raw sewage. ST first denied we had a sewer main, then it was the local council’s responsibility, then it was the highway’s authority problem. Then they admitted it was their problem and a team would be dispatched to pump away the mess and disinfect the property. Guess what? After 48 hours – no show. ST are the most despicable bunch I have ever encountered.

  11. Helena Cox says:

    A ST spokes person, on BBC News 24, has just suggested we connect to ST web site to get information about the inevitable water shortage. I’m horrified to find this web site is unavailable and has been since April! We rely on them for the most important thing in life – WATER – and they can’t fix a web site!. Scary!

  12. Emma Hammond says:

    It would seem that is rarely available then! How helpful that as one of the thousands of homes affected by the damage to the pumping station in Cheltenham the helpline is directing us to this website – I have been unable to get on it at all this weekend. We have no water!

  13. Emma Hammond says:

    It would seem that is rarely available! How helpful that as one of the thousands of homes affected by the damage to the pumping station in Cheltenham the helpline is directing us to this website – I have been unable to get on it at all this weekend. We have no water!

  14. Ricky Taylor says:

    Why has Severn Trent chosen to use the internet as the primary source for information during the flood (e.g bowser locations) as stated during BBC news 24 interview yesterday?

    Internet service will be interrupted during a flood AND there were already warnings of no electricity at the time this decision was made. Use the radio!!!

  15. Ann Stevens says:

    Great work all of you with all this going on. I am most impressed. I wish you well.

  16. Nick says:

    I am really pleased that Severn Trent Shareholders will still get dividends worth millions and millions of pounds given out to them.

    It makes me feel all warm and furry that ST looks after this group of people before its customers who, if you live in Gloucester, have been without water for weeks.

    Well done ST

  17. Mike Wilson says:

    I have just checked my 82 yr old mother’s account to find ST charged her £163.51 for water in August (normally she pays 14.16 per month).

    Maybe this is an estimated bill for water consumed by a single person during AUGUST 2007 or are they charging her for the bottled water they think she received during the floods in Gloucestershire?

  18. Bekki Burns says:

    Does anybody know what is happening with the water supply in Warwick? Ours has been cut off, and when you phone the emergency number, you get a message saying they know there is a problem in our area. They don’t provide any information as to what the problem is and when it will be fixed.


  19. Ingrid Bevis says:

    We first reported unacceptably low water pressure to the Company by telephone, on July 15th 2007 (Ref. 2316105 – before the floods!). During the intervening SEVENTEEN weeks (apart from one week) we have had to use the facilities of relatives for showers, baths and laundry, causing considerable inconvenience and embarrassment.

    It is now the 18th October and the original problem is still unresolved even though a gang repaired the leak which was eventually found at the end of September. We had water pressure for one week! The leak then reoccurred in exactly the same place, we can only presume it wasn’t repaired very well. The leak was again detected and marked by your engineer and my husband then stayed in all week in belief that Severn Trent would arrive as promised on numerous occasions to repair the leak which they had not repaired properly the first time! The list of people we have spoken to is Emma, Patrick, Mandy, Nina, Satmar and Stuart to name but a few. Gangs have not turned up when scheduled, telephone calls have not been returned when promised, communication has been non existent and the problem remains at the time of writing. If your company are not able to come out and repair the fault you could at least have the decency to say so. My husband has wasted his valuable time and money waiting at home for gangs who do not appear! This is unacceptable.

    We have received a cheque for £160.00 to compensate for some of the inconvenience but now I feel that this is not good enough because of the ongoing inconvenience and frustration we are continuing to experience. We have never dealt with such an incompetent and unreliable organisation of any size.

  20. Robert Bright says:

    I have lived in the south Birmingham area for 60 years. My water supply has never been turned off, the pressure is constant and the water clear. I have no complaints. Am I unique?

  21. Mrs Susan Rawlings says:

    My mother who is 70 had a very high water bill in July – £400.00. She had already paid some of it, usually her bill is between £70 and £120.00. I have tried on several occasions to talk to the Severn Trent Water. All they say is she used it, she must pay. They have hung up on councilors who have tried to help. They have read the meter once and said it is correct. The Council have checked for leakage and cannot find anything with the bathrooms fitments. The Severn Trent have sent my mother a letter stating that if she does not pay in full, they will take her to court. They’ve recently sent another letter stating that she can pay £7.50 a week until it is paid for. She has in actual fact paid £150.00 already towards the bill and I have advised her not to pay any more. We have even had the Consumer Council for water involved but I must admit they haven’t really done much, just false promises and no action. No one seems to care and it is November, what on earth is her next winter bill gonna be? She did not water the garden as summer was wet. She does not take baths as she can’t get in and out of the bath, rarely takes a shower, and is very careful with the water usage. She lives on her own. I give it one star if I must.

  22. A. Cutler says:

    What a nightmare!! Had no water in the Leicestershire area of Coalville for 16 hours now!! Can only get through to an automated voice saying “we are aware of a fault and our engineers are on site due to a burst waterpipe this message will be updated at …….” This then changes to we will update every 2 hours – then when you ring again you get the previous message!! In the most recent call it was 4am!! Damn sure I’m not getting up at that time to try!
    All we wish for is to speak to a “real person” who could give us a better idea as we have young kids and a baby, so need to feed and water quite often. I know we can buy in water but just how much do we need to buy???? If we were able to talk to someone we could arrange to buy enough if they thought it was going to be a while and to go over to parents house so we could put a load of washing on and to bath the girls!!!
    Times seem to be that you can’t speak to anyone and I think that is why people get so wound up – if we spoke to someone we could at least cope. It’s the elderly I feel for we are lucky that we all look after our neighbours. Two weeks ago we had a power cut but had no problems getting hold of Powergen and a great lady even called to make sure we were all ok and with updates, she even called when they knew it was going to be back on! Not difficult! Get it together ST just let us know what’s happening!!!

  23. Jim Young says:

    Severn Trent tried to charge me over 300 pounds for water, this was at the time when their Fraud investigation was in all seen in the press. I refused to pay them, threatened them with full media coverage and in after the employee had a word with his boss, within ten minutes they agreed to send new bills out that were half the amount due. So, what does that say? Tthey were ripping me off, it’s as simple as that.

  24. Sophie Clark says:

    I just spoke to somebody on the phone about setting up an account (supposedly simple) and the ‘customer service’ advisor I spoke to was extremely rude to me because she did not know what she was doing and was forever making mistakes. Try staff training.

  25. D Howell says:

    I am with Severn Trent, I live alone and have heard that there is a discount scheme for single person water use. Can anyone tell me if its true?

  26. Dorothy Cerrone says:

    Today I had a water meter fitted, when the job was done and the fitter had gone I turned on the hot water tap only to get a dribble of water. Prior to the meter being fitted it was working with no problem. I have just spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get someone to take responsibility for the problem with my boiler. ST say it may be just coincidental that my my boiler stopped working/it’s the responsibility of the contractor/it’s not their fault. I say it’s not my responsibility, the contractor say it’s not their responsibility, ST say it’s not their responsibility. My advice don’t get a water meter fitted it may cost you dearly. And oh it is now 3 hours and am still waiting a call back. I have now lost the will to live and I’m freezing thank you very much ST…

  27. Hameed says:

    Hi, I am a single person, today I’ve received 270 pounds water bill (Birmingham-Nechells) which is so expensive. I don’t want to put meter, so does anybody know how I can cut my bill? Is there any cheaper companies we can switch? I’m with Severn Trent water. They are just stealing money from people, and no place to go, and you don’t know what to do. I even phoned them up, they said I’ve got to pay. Do we live in the UK or… Please help me out with this.

  28. Steve Orr-cooper says:

    I read in the letter that came with my water bill that we use about 50 m3 per year each. So that’s about 100m3 for my wife and me. we have no public sewer/drainage. I read that water costs about £1 per m3. That’s a thousand litres, about a tenth of a penny per litre! So why is my bill about £300 pa? The measures for saving water suggested would save tiny amounts of water and tiny sums of money. And if these measures cost anything to implement then the payback periods become well nigh infinite!

  29. John Simpson says:

    I’ve just read a Blog Complaint about a £220 water rate bill in the Midlands, how bloody sad. My wife and I both pensioners living a small 3 bedroom bungalow in Cornwall are faced with a £784 demand this year… In the words of Victor Meldrew, “I don’t Believe It”.

  30. Barbara Knowles says:

    After a conversation with a colleague at work I did not realise there was so much difference in what people pay for their services. I was horrified to find that I pay nearly double what he pays and there is only two of us in the house!
    When I looked on the website I got a stock answer of “rateable values.” Our house is band B, some joker is not telling me that the difference between band A and B is double are they?!! If anyone else suspects that they are over charged on the rateable value of their home please reply. Perhaps I need to challenge this with ST.

  31. Robin Hales says:

    Dorothy Cerrone – be a bit realistic about this. The last thing that ST wants is for you to gave a water meter fitted.

  32. Roger Hunt says:

    I have applied for a rebate on my surface water as my surface water I have found out runs into a ditch but I can only claim back the charges for 1 year. Severn Trents put a charge on your property for services as they do on everybody now; they introduced a surface water drainage policy in 1984 that states the onus has been placed on the customer to claim for a reduction of surface water if they believe their property is not connected for this service so they stick the charge on and hope you don’t find out as its money in their bank and up go their profits. Now that’s a rip off. They charge for a service you never had and you can only claim it back from 1 year of putting your claim in. Do you know of the 1984 drainage policy, you do now!!

  33. Stuart Kellett says:

    I have just received my latest water services bill from Severn Trent, the previous bill was for £29.43, this one is for £6,289.74. I have been informed that this is correct and I must pay!!!! See you in court ST.

  34. Lee Jones says:

    We are paying to much for our water bill.

  35. Philip Yates says:

    Severn Rrent…?? Waste of space…. customer service….. none! I had a leak.. couldn’t turn off my mains to stop tap fully… So still leaking told to turn off street mains stop tap… Trouble is it turns off 8 other properties and s/t said I have to tell them it’s me who has turned it off? Not their responsibility they said? From stop tap on street to my property my problem! but it’s not just my problem if I want to isolate just my property, it’s 7 others!? I asked what I could do not to inconvenience my neighbours? I was told to call out emergency plumber to install property’s own stop tap. Why don’t we stop paying service charges for properties that have shared supply pipes? We all pay a service charge but if anyone of us has a problem and needs to turn the main stop tap off in the street, it’s several houses that have to have their water off! I had water board out and they wouldn’t turn off because it affected another 7 houses… but mine continued to flood… They said I should call out plumber to fix it… I said I will tomorrow when I phone round for a price… as I could do without water for a day or so as I have friends and family nearby…. to be told not good enough! It needs doing inside their 4 hour timescale!!!!!!!!…. I said no! I can’t afford it but they turned water back on and left… letting my house fill up again.

  36. David Glastonbury says:

    I live in a 1-bed maisonette on my own yet my bills keep increasing exponentially; from £15 a month to £58! Despite over a year of trying to get an explanation all I’ve received is a “fobbing-off” as it’s “based on the rateable value of my property”, which I’ve checked has not increased significantly. They are a law unto themselves, and appear to FIX prices in the same flippant manner that they speak to you (if you are lucky enough to ever get through!). They should realise the stress and severe hardship they cause by their negligence and incompetence. It’s real people’s lives they are messing with. They should be thoroughly ashamed. Still, at least their shareholders are sitting pretty though.

  37. Tim Thornburn says:

    You lot should look at what other people are paying. ST average is £340 per yr, SW Water is £497 per year and rising. I’ll pay yours if you pay mine. I’m looking at £400 a year for 1 person. And there’s nothing I can do about it except stop washing.

  38. Rachel Leah Jayne Mellor says:

    I moved into a rented property on my own for the first time in June and I have recently received my first water bill which is for 4 and a half months and without disclosing figures its a lot more than anticipated (about double) and I am being charged £2.04 in total per cubic meter of water used, is this right?

  39. Daniel Deevers says:

    Severn Trent are robbing people blind. It would be cheaper for people to source water themselves than to pay the ridiculous bills these fools charge. Worst of all, the Government don’t seem to care. Water, an abundant natural resource from God almighty, has been used as a tool to fleece mankind… Soon we will be charged for the air we breathe. Shame.

  40. Robert Watkins says:

    What all blogers seem to miss is the fact that a contract works both ways. Once you exchange money for the service, the contract is in force. Failure to honor the contract is a breach in that contract and therefore I recommend that every person visit their small claims court and register their claim. As to offsetting the tort of negligence to a contractor, they tried that with me, it’s empty words and wont stand up in court. Take photographs, get witnesses where applicable and always send mail recorded delivery. If you have a phone conversation, make sure you get the persons name and then write to then to confirm the details of that conversation and again, send it recorded delivery. Take all this information to court when you make your claim together with costings of your time, phone calls, mail etc and add this to your claim. ST make enough money, and if they cant provide the service, then the government has a duty to act.

  41. S Sto says:

    I would like to be with a water company, we get charged by a farmer who obviously gets the bill, we have no sight of the bill and have no idea if we are paying the right amount or not and he seems to turn it on and off when he feels like it, we have no contact number for him and several times in the summer the water was off all day and night with no warning and no way of asking for it to go back on.

    I am desperately trying to get my water supply direct from the water company so at least I can see the bills and have some contact when there is a fault, any suggestions anyone, when I have contacted the water company we are not even on the data base….

  42. Tony Reynolds says:

    People on income support should have to pay only £2.00. I will be setting up bit on 10 Downing Street web site, please go to this and put your name to it after end of February, they should not get away with taking money from poorest in society as well as disabled people on benefits. Let’s do some thing about it, after all it’s god’s water for us everyone not theirs; let’s sign petition on 10 Downing Street web site, power to the people not these profiteers. Best regards to all, not water companies included though, please sign it when petition is activated.

  43. Barrie Hatton says:

    Could the reason the website is unavailable be that they want us to use the very expensive 0845 telephone number? Or am I just cynical?

  44. Dave Hough says:

    You cannot apply for a water meter on line. You have to phone their call centre and are subjected to a 5 minute grilling. All other water companies seem to make it easy for the customer, but not ST. Their website is also non functioning.

  45. Julie Mason says:

    Dave, you can apply online. Fill in the calculator then click apply:

  46. Adrian Cooper says:

    After I had raw sewage discharging into my property Severn Trent tried to deny all responsibility and suggested that I claimed on my house insurance! After 15 mins on the web I found info on the Guaranteed Standards Scheme, which says that I am entitled to compensation. After calling them back they still tried to wriggle out of it, but I finally got the payment I was entitled to. Take any issues to the Consumer Council for Water, who were very helpful. Severn Trent is the worst company I have ever dealt with!

  47. Vicky B says:

    Give the customer relations department a break! It’s hard work putting up with the hundreds of incompetent customers who won’t pay their bills, getting screamed at day in day out by people who think they know everything. If you want the luxury of getting water out of a tap then you have to pay for it! As an employee and a customer of STW I see both sides of the argument, the service isn’t the best it can be, but it isn’t the fault of us mere call centre peasants! We are just trying to earn a living like the rest of you (well majority of you). If there’s such a problem take it out with the bigwigs of the company! Sign a petition!!

  48. Andrew says:

    Why are people moaning about the website not working? works fine for me and everyone else I know!!! My suggestion to those who want to contact… write to them and complain!! By regulation they have to answer within 10 days else they are fined money!!

  49. R E Jones says:

    We have overpaid ST over 1000 pounds due to surface water charges why, couldn’t they check our original street plans when assessing our properties to find our complete road is NOT connected to the sewer for surface water? Our bill is 450 pounds this year. We are very annoyed.

  50. Mike Seagore says:

    I paid my last 1/2 year bill 2 months ago and I have just found a reminder in my today’s mail requesting to pay it urgently. This happened to me twice in the last 2 years, I just wonder how many people give or lend ST interest free money by paying twice. Another thing – they still owe me £1.3 from previous address as I moved out and left overpaid but 1/2 years gone and not bothered. Yes its just 1.30 but how many people do they owe and for how long we do not know?

  51. Martin James says:

    In answer to Vicky B. I m afraid you are totally wrong. It is the incompetent, couldn’t care less and unhelpful attitude of the customer service staff that are the cause of all the problems I have ever had with Severn Trent. If you can’t be bothered to correctly do the job you are paid to do then leave and let someone who would be willing to provide a proper and helpful customer service work there. Just about sums up your attitude, ‘blame someone else, it’s not my fault’! Do you job properly and most of the complaints would disappear.

  52. Keith Baker says:

    As an employee and customer I can see both sides of problems. Customer services can be a problem everywhere, have you phoned BT, BGas, EME, Council, your bank lately? The same everywhere. Call centres everywhere have a huge turn-over of staff (I wouldn’t want to work in a call centre!) At least ours is in UK! But remember, that some customers can be wrong too, no one likes to hear that a problem is theirs to sort out and not the water company’s or council’s etc.
    STW are making changes and improvements are being made, leakages down, complaints coming down, new systems are helping to improve things, but it is inevitable that mistakes are made and like every other industry we’re having to do more with less people. All those with genuine complaints that ST haven’t resolved, I do sympathise, but not all complaints are genuine or correctly guided to STW.
    If STW do fail you then you contact OFWAT or the Council for Water Consumers.

  53. Matt says:

    I have just received my half year bill to note that Severn Trent put their prices up on 1/4/09 and then estimated my usage to this date. Surely they should obtain an actual reading before overcharging customers. The customer service team were very arrogant and I was told that I have to pay the overpayment and I cannot move to another supplier!

  54. Dave James says:

    Don’t you just love the way Severn Trent bury their annual price hike in the smallest print possible when they bill you many months later. The increase is always way above the rate of inflation and as you can’t choose to switch to a more competitive water supplier, seems like nothing short of legalised extortion. Makes me wonder if I’m just helping to pay their fine for when they were caught overcharging in previous years.

  55. Gordon Townsend says:

    I do not see any problem with getting a water meter fitted. I got one put in and regret not having got one years ago. saves me a nice bit of cash.

  56. M Farrell says:

    Why am I paying 10% more for my water than my next door neighbour? We both occupy a semi detached house.

  57. Mary Payne says:

    I moved into a flat 4yrs ago, my water costs over £10 a mth more than my previous 3bed house with 3people. I’ve had a letter from severn trent saying they made a mistake and undercharged me for 3yrs! Plus my next yrs bill will be even dearer I’ve tried to argue it’s their fault but I’ve still got to pay the arrears that I didn’t know I was in!!

  58. Mark Anon says:

    I used to pay standard charge was around £170 now I switched to a meter and it was £40 😀

  59. Mark Anon says:

    They are clever though they know that on a meter they will get less so they try to stop it getting on a meter. When I moved to my new property with a meter it took 6 months for them to admit I had a meter fitted!

  60. Daniel Knell says:

    I m disabled, live on own.. I’m not lying, what’s the point. Bath once pm, yuk. Drink water. Wash cloths twice pm. Pay 20 pm 3 years £720.

    Still asking for £700 over 3 years. I’m broke, and in pain.. Who cares tho. Rude on phone. So I give up.

  61. Alex Thompson says:

    Severn Rrent…?? Waste of space…. customer service….. none! I had a leak.. couldn’t turn off my mains to stop tap fully… So still leaking told to turn off street mains stop tap… Trouble is it turns off 8 other properties and s/t said I have to tell them it’s me who has turned it off? Not their responsibility they said? From stop tap on street to my property my problem! but it’s not just my problem if I want to isolate just my property, it’s 7 others!? I asked what I could do not to inconvenience my neighbours? I was told to call out emergency plumber to install property’s own stop tap. Why don’t we stop paying service charges for properties that have shared supply pipes? We all pay a service charge but if anyone of us has a problem and needs to turn the main stop tap off in the street, it’s several houses that have to have their water off! I had water board out and they wouldn’t turn off because it affected another 7 houses… but mine continued to flood… They said I should call out plumber to fix it… I said I will tomorrow when I phone round for a price… as I could do without water for a day or so as I have friends and family nearby…. to be told not good enough! It needs doing inside their 4 hour timescale!!!!!!!!…. I said no! I can’t afford it but they turned water back on and left… letting my house fill up again.

    Posted by Philip Yates, 10th October 2008

    Have you thought about going on a single supply? It is your responsibility. You bought the house. Severn Trent had nothing to do with the pipework into YOUR property.

    Your anger, also though understandable, is misguided.

    One: YOUR internal stop tap would not shut off.

    Two: YOU are on a joint supply.

    Three: YOU did not consider going on to a single supply.

  62. Alex Thompson says:

    “We have overpaid ST over 1000 pounds due to surface water charges why, couldn’t they check our original street plans when assessing our properties to find our complete road is NOT connected to the sewer for surface water? Our bill is 450 pounds this year. We are very annoyed.”

    You will find, the reason ST didn’t know you were not connected to the surface water sewer is because ST DID NOT CONNECT YOU UP TO THE SURFACE WATER SEWER. It would of been done by a developer. In future, check. :)

  63. V N B says:

    I, like many others, am completely dissatisfied with the services provided by Severn Trent Water.

    I am on a low income, living alone in a terraced property. My bill appears to be much lower than most people’s on here, just under £140, for that I am grateful, but nonetheless, I still struggle to pay it. I work 2 jobs but my income is just £550 per month. From this I pay my mortgage, utilities, and groceries. I do not have income for luxuries.

    I can’t afford to make costly calls to Severn Trent Water’s 0845 number whereby I shall be waiting endlessly for someone to respond. I have been struggling to pay my annual bills for the past 2 ½ years. Last year I visited my local library to use their Internet service so that I could apply for a Payment Plan online. This service was not available to me – I was told sometime later that STW would not allow me to set up a payment plan online due to the ‘status’ of my account. At the time of attempting to apply for this payment plan, I had NO ARREARS, my account was in good standing and all payments were upto date.

    I recently complained to the Consumer Council for Water as STW pursued legal action against me for the bill despite making numerous payments prior to court action being instigated. STW said in a letter to me that they would not allow me to pay by installments unless I accepted judgement. STW said they MIGHT withdraw the costs of judgement if I accepted it.

    I refused to accept judgement and provided the court with a detailed defence. I did not believe that they could justify denying me the right to make payment by installments, or that they could simply deny a customer whom they were already aware was struggling financially, the ability to make an online application which would eliminate the cost of a lengthy telephone call.

    The Consumer Council for Water, contacted STW and STW falsely told them:
    A) I was in arrears at the time of attempting to make the online application and that as a result of this a ‘block’ had been entered to prevent me from applying online, and that,
    B) I did not make any payments towards the bill until a court claim was issued. The Consumer Council for Water, therefore concluded that the CCJ was justified and that STW could force me to accept judgement before they would allow me to pay the bill by installments, contrary to their Scheme of Charges, OFWAT guidelines and legislation!

    The Leicester County Court dealt with their claim, and personally I think there is a great deal of bias in this case. LCC benefit financially by issuing judgements. Despite my lengthy defence and full payment of the bill, I was issued with a CCJ, which cost me an additional £90 on top of my annual bill. This was issued ‘IN DEFAULT’. The court falsely claim that they did not receive my defence until after the deadline. I have tried to dispute the CCJ, both because it has been wrongly entered in default, and because the CCJ was entered onto the register on 14th December 2009 – I did not receive notification from the court that judgement had been entered against me until 27th January 2010 (the postmark 26th January 2010).

    Again the court will not allow me to dispute this judgement without further cost to me – they insist I pay a fee to have the judgement SET ASIDE. They have acknowledged on 2 separate occasions that I received such a late notification of the judgement due to the court being heavily behind schedule, and being grossly understaffed (I have recorded the conversations with these staff in order to substantiate my argument which I intend to put forward to the Court Service). They have also denied me the right to have a hearing held (I applied within 14 days of receiving notification) despite the decision to issue a CCJ being made by a judge, sitting alone, without a hearing taking place.

    Lastly I cannot obtain details of whom to contact regarding a complaint, on STW’s website. The link returns an error response – 404 Not Found – and it seems to be for the purpose of avoiding compliance with the GSS regulations. If customers are denied the details necessary to raise their grievances, STW do not need to worry about complying, and being forced to pay compensation to customers of whom they have continuously and repeatedly failed.

    This all seems like nothing more than a cost cutting exercise to me, to the detriment of the public who are not best placed to financially challenge such unscrupulous actions which line the pockets of what are clearly profit making organisations.

    I now neither trust the Court Service, Severn Trent Water or the Consumer Council for Water. It seems to me that these organisations, only act in the interests of the customer/public, if they benefit financially by doing so.

  64. G Macca says:

    Just think about it this way!! It cost approx £1.12 for 1000 ltrs of water from STW. it cost approx £1 a bottle from the shop. if your not happy with the service you receive, buy bottled water and have yourself disconnected. Same with sewage. If your not happy with the charge, arrange it yourself. I have nothing but praise for the hard working staff who spend hours trying to supply everyone with water. Problems will occur. Some people just like complaining. Water is cheap and you waste a lot of it. So if you don’t like the service don’t use it. Simple as that. However as you all want CLEAN water and your sewage taken from your property and treated don’t then moan about how much it cost. As i believe it could cost a lot more. Just think about the people who don’t have access to clean water or sanitation in Africa and other 3rd world countries.

  65. Cassie Newbold says:

    I work in the Debt Enquiries section for Customer Services, and believe me, were the ‘public’ a business, I’d have a fair few complaints to make too.
    Being called all the names under the sun, shouted and screamed and purely because they haven’t read their bill correctly, or looking into the problem before they get worked up about it, or people that believe we should just give them the water, if you want it free, you should probably start cleaning it yourself.
    Day in day out I deal with people that don’t even attempt to pay their bill they’re too busy complaining. Don’t blame faults on some bad experiences on the company as a whole, or I could generalise the public as being grumpy, rude and abusive.

  66. Jess Wolfenden says:

    I am not impressed that the water that runs through my taps is not drinkable every time me or my partner has had any we have both been sick for days after. I don’t see why I pay stupid amounts of money to have water when it’s not even drinkable the water is the same for most people where I live and 80 percent of the people around me are elderly or have young children. I am spending more on bottled water than the amount of water I use to run a bath what is the point!

  67. Mr. M Elton says:

    I have nothing but sympathy for the staff of Severn Trent. The company is obviously very badly managed and under funded.

    Last year I had a water leak that Severn Trent had to locate before I could attempt get fixed. I would have gladly paid anyone to carry out the test but they were the only authorised people that could carry out the test. It took them just over a year to carry out a gas test to the main water feed. I kept being given later and later dates for the test to be carried out. During this time I was desperate to try and move things along, not only for the vast amount of water being lost but I was concerned that the water may be destroying the foundations of my house.

    Finally, the test was carried out by really helpful engineers.

    As soon as it was established the leak was on my property a legal repair notice was issued to me, over 12 months after I informed them that I needed help!

    The telephone/internet customer service is just dreadful. All of my emails were ignored. The last one I sent begged them to contact me. I heard nothing.

    I’m a very tolerant person but I was truly at my wits end trying to get this problem sorted out. I really have neither the time nor inclination to complain to the company… my life is too short!

  68. Adam R says:

    I am signed up to STW for £18 a month direct debit, I was shocked the other day to receive a bill for £500 for just 6 months, this is about £83 a month!!

    I have spoken to STW and they say that that is what I must pay, although I want to prove that the meter in my flat is broken or something… I just don’t use £83 of water a month.. how could anyone?

    I turned the water off in my flat at the valve and Watched the meter… and it is stick clocking up every minute. Does this mean something is very wrong with the water supply in my flat?

  69. Helen Miller says:

    I have just attempted to speak to someone at ST, usual passed around piller to post, then 5 minutes on hold to speak to correct person, who just fobbed me off & didn’t understand what I was saying & told me to get a drain company out, for an unrelated problem. Completely useless & hopeless customer service.

  70. Jack Oneill says:

    Severn Trent! They tried to tell my mrs that our water bill should be 130 pounds per month, within this 20 min phone call she managed to get it down to 10 pounds per week, do you ever get the feeling you re being ripped off…. cause we do.

  71. Rob says:

    Maybe if they didn’t lose millions of gallons a year through leaks then the charges wouldn’t be so high. My water has been off about 4-5 times this year. Usually in the morning when I get ready for work. It seems to me they need some competition as they have a monopoly and can do whatever they want.

    • Mike says:

      STW dont give a sh** about its customers OR staff. I work for STW and have done for just over a year and in my opinion that’s too long!

  72. Prof. Harvey Crichton says:

    For a nation island surrounded by water we are well OVERPRICED.

    Saudi Arabia I can agree to similar prices as the UK but not here!

  73. A. P. H says:

    Still waiting for a quote for 2 supplies after 3 months. Area manager either driving (or diving water lol) or in a meeting. East Midlands division. Not one returned call. Absolute rubbish. Our cheque was cashed in good time though.

  74. Anthony says:

    If you can get in contact with a customer service rep you must know someone special. They don’t even answer the phone. Maybe if their employees weren’t so busy writing comments on their website justifying their poor service and trying to put the only 4 & 5 star comments here they might be able to answer the phone. Very poor customer service, way to go Brits!.

  75. Jenna says:

    Just moved house and received a final water bill from ST for £322!! When we first moved in 2 years ago we were paying £55 a month and ended up with a huge credit so went down to £35..then somehow ended up being £300 over, so 6 months ago started paying £89 a month …but still got this £322 bill to pay!
    Does that sound right for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 yound children)?
    They are checking for leaks, but not holding my breath …they can take me to court if they think I’m paying that! Our DD at the new house which is also on a metre has been set at £49 and that was with me being more than fair about how many baths etc we have.

  76. Syra Houlston says:

    I need the freephone number for STW, I am moving address and can not afford the expensive phone bill. I am very unhappy the STW lack the help needed by their customers, I’ll tell you what STW I’ll phone you on your outrageously over expensive phone number and you can send me the payment back to cover the cost of my phone bill yes?

  77. Adrian Andrews says:

    Could please remove the sodium flouride out the water as you know that in multipul studies it shows it does more harm than good & we didnt ask for it to be put in botto line. And no we know it doesnt help with dental health either just take it OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  78. hoda says:

    I do not know what is the problem with your 24hr emergency call services. I tried many time to contact STW for emergency but there was no answer, I just lost my many with answer machine. If nobody can get my emergency calls, why and for what are you using it?

  79. Melvin Ball says:

    The water from Seven Trent in my area of Wolverhampton is so bad that we have had to resort to distilation of it, together with the filtration of it.
    It is over priced and rubish we should not be tolerant of second rate service and rubish water its our health that they are compromising and they dont care its all about how much they can get from the customer.

  80. Lewis Brand says:

    I would like to commend STW and their contractors on their recent and ongoing mains improvement works in Oswestry, the work has been done to a high standard and relatively speedily. As for other posts moaning about water prices, in fact, water is dirt cheap in the U.K compared to the cost of gas or electricity.

  81. wendy says:

    Does anyone know how much severn trent water costs each year? I don’t want to have to pay loads :/

  82. sharon carr says:

    Im a single person struggling to make ends meet, do you get any rebate for single occupancy?

    • Paul says:

      No. You get charged a rate for a household, regardless of how many people live there. Your best bet is get a water meter fitted, then you’ll just pay for what you use. Being on your own, this’ll be a lot cheaper!

    • Water Bod says:

      There’s not a rebate system, but if you go onto a meter you will see a massive decrease in your bills. Mine have decreased from £32/month to £12/month. A meter is free and you can apply for one on the STW website.

    • geoff wood says:

      If you’re a single person you could save a lot of money by having a free water meter installed, my mum has just saved 70 pounds.

  83. cass 1946 says:

    I have a water meter and I am paying more than my friends are who haven’t and I am a single person over 60. I have asked stw to remove it and they say they cant once it’s been put in. I am paying £22 a month now, in my other home I was paying £17 a month without a water meter. It’s a rip off please be careful.

  84. DAWN says:

    I cannot believe my house has water rates of 714.48 a year! I lived in a much bigger house with loads more land before and paid 43 per month. There are 4 of us, I think I’m paying off the national debt! Greedy greedy Severn Trent.
    It’s disgusting! It’s as much as a mortgage every month and so is the damn council tax. Rip off Briton – No wonder English people leave here! Would a water metre be cheaper?

  85. Y Y Ng says:

    The same amount £104.50 has been deducted from my account for June and July respectively (still to check earlier months). I wondered if that is the monthly payment for a semi detached house without water meter. Please can you look into it.

  86. Steve evans says:

    Were being charged £643 for 10 months I think it’s a mistake but funny how they threaten to get debt collectors on your back when you say your on low income . Shame on you severn Trent water

  87. Stephen Hinchley says:

    I’m currently paying £17.11 a month, this works out at £205.32 p yr. What is the current rate for an unmetered property? My property is metered but may be moving to an unmetered property soon as I am on jsa and get only £53.46 per fortnight. I am really struggling to pay this every month, is there any help I can get with paying this?

  88. Gareth says:

    I live by myself in a 2 bed house in Birmingham, I pay £420 a year yet have friends in similar properties who still live in severn trent’s area and pay a lot less ( some with families hence more water usage). How does severn trent decide which areas pay what? (my house isn’t in a particularly expensive area)

  89. Napolean says:

    Can someone help me? I am doing Financial group and I need information about: Who are the main users of Severn Trent Water PLC Financial Communications?? Who they trying to `Target`??

  90. Duane m says:

    I switched to Severn Trent Water last spring and I can honestly say they are the best. Their customer service is number one and my bill has never been lower.

  91. aavey says:

    Seems to me like severn trent are charging what ever they please, surely they are breaking the law!! Well they wont get another penny out of me I would rather go to prison.

  92. aavey says:

    Robbing the poor yet again these big powerful companies, who do they think they are!!

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