Scottish Water

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Scottish Water
PO Box 8855
EH10 6YQ

Contact Information

  • Customer Service Helpline 0845 601 8855
  • 24 hour Emergency Helpline 0845 600 8855
  • Special Assistance Helpline 0845 601 8855

There is also an online Feedback Form and a ‘Call Me’ service for call back, letter or email on request.

General Information

Scottish Water was formed in 2002 after East, West and North of Scotland Water Authorities merged. They are now the only water and waste water services provider in Scotland, the 4th largest in the UK, covering a huge area of 79,000 square kilometres.

Scottish Water supplies approximately 5 million customers in 2.3 million households. 46,000 kilometres of water pipes and 39,000 kilometres of sewer pipes provide 2.3 billion litres of water and take away 1 billion litres of waste water every day. Water is treated at 1896 water treatment works including 1274 septic tanks, pumping stations, sludge treatment centres and reservoirs.

  • Water and Sewerage company supplying the whole of Scotland.
  • Over 800 water samples taken each day.
  • 99.44% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 complied with regulations.

Business Stream

Under the Water Services Act (Scotland) 2005 Scottish Water had to split its operation into wholesale (Scottish Water) and retail (Business Stream) units. Formerly known as Scottish Water Business Stream and ostensibly remaining a part of Scottish Water, Business Stream is a new business working completely independently of its parent company in order to ensure fair and transparent retail practice under the rules of the new deregulated marketplace for business customers. Its goal is to provide a first class service for business customers across Scotland.

Customer Services

Scottish Water are constantly working on improving levels of customer service across the country. They have a ‘Code of Practice’ which sets out the standards of service customers should expect.

This includes keeping to appointments, communicating interruptions to supply, handling enquiries and responding to queries and complaints. If standards are not met then compensation is offered.

Special Services:

  • Customers with special needs can have their name placed on the confidential Special Services register.
  • Information can be provided in large print, Braille and on audio cassette.
  • Textphone facilities (0845 603 8855) and Typetalk are available.
  • Access Line for speakers of another language (0845 606 8855).
  • Password system to prevent against bogus callers for home visits.

20 responses to “Scottish Water”

  1. Lesley Ogston says:

    The information I required was there at first hand. I needed a contact information for Scottish Water for our Infection Control Handbook.
    Thank you

  2. Harrison says:

    Is it possible to provide 2.5 million litres of water and discharge 1 billion litres of wastewater per day? I think water provided should be 2.5 billion litres of water per day.

  3. Brian Irvine says:

    I cannot get anyone from Scottish Water to provide me with a readout of the level of contaminants, i.e. ‘heavy metals ‘ that have been recorded in the last five years in our drinking water units per 1000 mls. Why???

  4. Janette Courtney says:

    I have been sent an estimated bill by my local council because of the main pipes outwith my home having tree roots, I am experiencing a back up of water and sewage. Why should I be responsible for this payment if they could not even get the camera down the pipes belonging to Scottish Water?

  5. William Watson says:

    Scottish Water are pressing to install a sewage discharge from the local treatment plant into the Clyde at my back door. They’re flashing their statutory powers like medal ribbons but I think they obtained their medals by listening to the public. Consultation is anathema to them.

  6. Ian Mackinnon says:

    What is the average cost for domestic connection for water and sewage?

  7. Jeremy says:

    Scottish Water Business customers beware; where new connections are taking place, they are ringing customers to ask if they would like to pay by direct debit and get a discount! When I asked how much? they wouldn’t tell me but said no less than 1%!!!! Wow! TAKE CARE. I understand the government are working to open water up like Electric & Gas i.e. a free market, let’s hope so QUICK!

  8. Scottish Water says:

    Scottish Water are well under staffed and are leaving us in an unsafe environment to work, we need help.

  9. Elizabeth Sinclair Da says:

    Mains water has been running down our street for about three weeks now. Shortly before, our plumber had difficulty with the stop-cock in the street. About the same time, there had been a prolonged ground frost for several days and we guessed that there might have been some connection. This suggestion was imparted to Scottish Water via their “contact us” link. Since then there have been three large holes dug (at what expense?) – subsequently re-filled and re-surfaced. The water is still running! No attempt has been made to investigate the area around the Toby! Scottish Water’s “contact us” link, bah – waste of time! (Zero out of 10).

  10. Robert Williamson says:

    Could someone please explain to me why Scottish Water is raising their prices by almost 5 percent to customers yet the directors have just awarded themselves increases of 30 percent on their salaries?

  11. Alastair Burrell says:

    Where can I get a copy of S452 relating to Sewers for Scotland 2?


  12. Thomas Crosbie says:

    Can anyone tell me if the water supply in Glasgow is flouridated or not ??

    I for one do not want this toxic crap anywhere near my water supply….

    Dont believe the shite that this stuff is good for you teeth, there is no evedence to back this up at all….

    Can anyone put my mind at rest….

  13. Sheila Clubb says:

    My small business only used one litre of water last week. I had to pay £9.00 for this.

  14. Catherine Mcgrath says:

    Trying to get through to their HR and getting CISCO voice messaging service.

  15. Colin Young says:

    Loss of water supply reported to Scottish water around 2am this morning but they would not take any action until they had more reports of this loss of supply. It is now 11.15am and the village of Dunning (and other areas) are still without water. So much for the improved customer service!

  16. R Sanderson says:

    There is burst again on Muirburn Rd, Beith (west of Woodside House). There has been a significant amount of water lost in this same place for years now. Periodically there is a token attempt to repair the problem but it has never lasted any length of time. Could you please let me know how and when you plan to address this problem properly?

  17. Amanda Kirkpatrick says:

    Our outside drain is blocked, not the sewer drain but the one which takes the old sink water away. We share our drain with other people in our row, at least 1 other house. Our house is more than 100 years old. Do we have to fix this ourselves or will Scottish Water do this for us. We do not have draining rods to reach and want to know this answer before we try and get some rods. Thank you

  18. gordon says:

    Could I have the list of additives that are in our water and how they are administered, I would like this information under the freedom of information act. An email of this will suffice.

  19. Issy says:

    Our plumber can’t find the outside stopcock…rang scottish water …..they can’t tell me where it is as they only maintain them! If they don’t know where they are for each house how can they maintain them?? Could take days before they come out ….NOT HAPPY. The ones near our house do not switch our water off.

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