Portsmouth Water

Contact Details

Portsmouth Water Ltd
P.O. Box 8, West Street

Contact Information

  • Head office 023 9249 9888
  • Minicom (0345) 585873
  • Water account enquiries (023) 9249 9666
  • Water meter enquiries (023) 9244 9090
  • Water quality enquiries (023) 9249 9888
  • Operations centre 24hr Emergency Service (eg Broken Mains, Leaks, Loss of supply)
    Havant (023) 9247 7999
  • Email customers@pwplc.co.uk
  • Website www.portsmouthwater.co.uk

General Information

Portsmouth Water is an Independent water supplier supplying water to over 280,000 customers in the Portsmouth area since 1857. An area of 868 sq km of the South East is supplied including the towns of Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, Chichester and Bognor Regis.

Over 3000 kilometres of water pipes transport treated water to 286,680 properties supplying 654,800 people. Water is taken from 21 water sources including 2 springs and 1 river and 21 reservoirs and 20 treatment works provide 175 million litres of water a day to Portsmouth Water’s customers.

437 sewage treatment works collects Northumbrian Water’s waste water via 683 sewage pumping stations and 15,484 km of sewers.

  • Water only Company, sewerage supplied by Southern Water.
  • Lowest water supply charges in England and Wales.
  • Water in this area is generally hard. More specific information can be obtained by Portsmouth Water.
  • 99.9% of water quality tests carried out in 2003 met regulations.

Customer Services

Portsmouth Water pride themselves on offering a high level of service despite having the lowest prices. They operate a ‘Guaranteed Standards Scheme’ which outlines the level of service customers should expect to receive.

This includes a promise to answer queries, keep appointments, deal with complaints and ensure water supply is kept at good quality. They offer compensation if certain problems are encountered or if requirements are not met.

Special Services:

  • Minicom for customers with hearing and speech difficulties.
  • Telephone to tell customers bill amount before sending.
  • Password system available for home visits.
  • Register of customers with special needs.

5 responses to “Portsmouth Water”

  1. Mr C Arnold says:

    I wonder why it is that in Fareham we have 2 water bills, I know one is waste and 1 drinking water, why can’t Portsmouth Water bill us for both? I’m on a meter and have no choice being in a housing assoc. flat and the amount of trouble I have getting an accurate bill from Southern is ridiculous with southern always saying Portsmouth haven’t submitted the reading to them . Why not allow Portsmouth to just supply both??

  2. Joyce Hannan says:

    I save water by showering every day, but in the last week the pressure has been turned down making the water scalding hot showing low pressure. This has happenned frequently over the past two years and have complainned.

  3. graham ayers says:

    How come you lot in Portsmouth have got your own water company while us in Grimsby have to settle for Anglian Water. The water they give us is vile but you cant change to a different supplier as we have to have it from whatever region you live in and they have a cheek to call us customers. If you are a customer you have a choice and we have not got one.

  4. Keith Clarke says:

    Is it true the boundary between Portsmouth Water and Southern Water in the Littlehampton region is the middle of the river Arun?

  5. Ms Jennifer Jones says:

    I have found their is a water meter at my new property which is reading 00012/077. I would like to set up a payment system. Do I need to contact Southern Water separately please?

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