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Northumbrian Water
Abbey Road
Pity Me

Billing enquiries:
Northumbrian Water
Customer Accounts Centre
PO Box 200

Contact Information

  • Head office main switchboard 0870 6084820 (Mon – Thurs 08:00 – 18:00 Fri 08:00 – 17:30)
  • Water and sewerage 0845 717 1100 (24 hour service)
  • Billing enquiries 0845 733 5566 (Mon – Fri 08:00 – 20:00 Sat 08:00 – 13:00)
  • To report a leak 0800 393084 (24 hour service)
  • To report a flood 0800 3287648 (24 hour service)
  • Minicom 0845 723 1254
  • Property Solutions 0870 241 7408 (Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00)
  • Website

General Information

Northumbrian Water provides water and waste water services in North East England and are part of the Northumbrian Water Group. They are one of the UK’s ten water and sewerage companies and provide services to almost 2 million properties.

Water is pumped out to its customers via 16,789km of water mains which are supplied by 242 service reservoirs and 35 water treatment plants.

437 sewage treatment works collects Northumbrian Water’s waste water via 683 sewage pumping stations and 15,484 km of sewers.

  • Combined Water and Sewerage company.
  • Water in this are is generally hard, more information can be obtained from Northumbrian water.
  • 99.2% of tests carried out on northumbrian water in 2003 met water quality regulations.

Customer Services

  • ‘OurPromise’ offers customers a guarantee that certain standards of customer care will be met. This promises compensation if appointments are missed or if enquiries and complaints are not dealt with.
  • Complaints are promised to be replied to within 10 working days.

Special Services

  • Computerised register so special services can be provided to customers with special needs.
  • Home visits available.
  • Bills available in large print, Braille and can be read over the phone.
  • Information can be provided in alternative languages.
  • Minicom line and specially trained staff to aid customers with hearing difficulties.
  • Calls via BT Typetalk:
    • For billing enquiries the number is 18001 0845 733 5566.
    • For non-billing enquiries the number is 18001 0845 717 1100.

18 responses to “Northumbrian Water”

  1. Anthony Hoggins says:

    There has been a water leak on Newbiggin Lane, Westerhope, Newcastle Upon Tyne (next to Peaks House Farm)
    since 04/05/07 and after being reported twice by myself has still not been attended to!

  2. Dominic Robinson says:

    I reported a banging manhole cover a couple of weeks ago. I was sent a letter explaining that it had been investigated and that it would be fixed on a specified date. The date came and the work was done. Great. THANKS!

  3. Mr Henry Joseph Tench says:

    I am interested in getting a water meter for my house “How do I Go About It”?

  4. Ffion Irvin says:

    Am I right in thinking that if your volumetric charging period for both water and sewage straddles a price increase then the whole of the charges for the period will be based on the higher charge?

  5. Mr Smallman says:

    We need to find out if we live in a medium- or hard-water area? We are based in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, postcode DH2.


  6. Brian Sayers says:

    I live in a council owned bungalow and the water at the moment has a nasty taste like slight anisceptic taste, this has happened a few times in the past and gone away but at the moment it is back and quite strong, is it possible someone could call and test it or do something about it, kind regards Brian Sayers.

  7. Vicky says:

    I rang up a couple of weeks ago as water was keep going off. They said i should wait one day so I did. and I am still waiting!

  8. Simon Wangai says:

    Enquiring about safe way of disposing waste water for car wash company.

  9. Neil Hedley-george says:

    Well yet again it looks like northumbrian water has lived up to my expectations. Absolutly rubbish. Not only were we not informed our water was very brown for over 12 hrs I have had to wash clothes over 7 times to get rid of the brown look. This has cost me money and energy. Furthermore I was on the phone in a queue for over 45 minutes at 10p per minute with still no answer. Northumbrian Water Cheers you have yet again cost me a fortune.

  10. Sandra Thompson says:

    I think they should retrain your flood line reps. as a concerned citizen I tried to report some flooding roadworks outside of the New York Social Club in New York Village. I was subjected to a police style interrogation and was asked what it had to do with me, and what concern it was of mine. I think his attitude was disgraceful and I gave up and told him to forget it. The road is still flooding.

  11. Claudia Ionita says:

    I’ve rented a flat in hexham and I’ve tried for the last three days to contact you over the phone to register myself, but they can’t hear me. I’ve never been registered before to your company, so can you tell me how can I do it?

  12. ­John Samos says:

    The water has a horrible taste that stays in your mouth for 10-20 seconds. I would highly recommend you not use this water supplier.

    • Miller says:

      To me it seems okay. Not that horrible that you can’t drink. It was a sarcasm though, for those who have a hard time understanding.

  13. amanda parvin says:

    I am appalled at the service and standards to my raw sewer floodings this year alone has been 5 times now and myself and my kids have been effected in more ways than one this time, my son was really ill and also housebound as he cryptosporidium…he was ill for 13 days and is picking up better now but I have been told that because the main drain was blocked with concrete for how long no one knows,that you refuse to take blame. I’m so depressed and gutted about this you have tried to pay me off with a measely £101.30! as I’ve lost hundreds of pounds worth of clothes, shoes, toys ect… my ratings are 0 as my sons health was my priority and I tried to tell emergency services this at the time but got nowhere at all…..

  14. jane pentelow says:

    Hi I want to know if i am paying the correct amount for my water and sewer rates, how can i find out.Thanks Jane

  15. wayne stewart says:

    We had sewage flooding last month, got a letter say here is a cheque for £98 but had no cheque?? Don’t get it.

  16. Garreth says:

    I’ve just moved into my first home. From what I can gather from customer feedback there’s not a good water / sewage company out there.

  17. Arnoli says:

    I confirm, the water has a terrible taste! Which other supplier do you recommend?

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