Essex and Suffolk Water

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Hall Street
Essex CM2 0HH

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  • Telephone 01245 491 234
  • Fax 01245 212 345
  • Website
  • Water Services 0845 782 0999
  • Billing Enquiries 0845 782 0111
  • Minicom 0845 723 1254.
  • Online Contact Form click here

General Information

Essex and Suffolk Water is part of the Northumbrian Water Group, established after a merge in 2000. They supply water to 1.7 million people in the Essex, south Norfolk and north Suffolk area with 95% of water taken from the regions rivers and reservoirs.

8,441km of water mains supply the local population with water from 25 water treatment plants and 110 service reservoirs.

  • Water only company. Sewerage is supplied by either Anglian or Thames Water.
  • Water in this area is hard to very hard. More information is available from Essex and Suffolk Water.
  • 99.93% of samples tested in 2003 complied with water quality regulations.

Customer Services

  • ‘OurPromise’ offers customers a guarantee that certain standards of customer care will be met. This promises compensation if appointments are missed or if enquiries and complaints are not dealt with.
  • Complaints are promised to be replied to within 10 working days.
Special Services:
  • Computerised register so special services can be provided to customers with special needs.
  • Home visits available.
  • Minicom line and specially trained staff to aid customers with hearing difficulties.
  • Bills available in large print, Braille and can be read over the phone.
  • Information can be provided in alternative languages.

13 responses to “Essex and Suffolk Water”

  1. L Freeman says:

    The drain in Ormond Road Gt Yarmouth next to the Lacon Arms Pub has been blocked for over a year and has been reported before.

  2. J. Djan says:

    Water has been leaking underground at Manor square RM8 for months but the company has done nothing about it. This is causing subsidence to the houses in the area.

  3. Ray Watson says:

    Water company informed about leak, that is affecting our property, still is ongoing and will affect others property.
    Essex and Suffolk turn up and say, yes you are connected to our system, yes you are one of our customers, yes you do pay your bills to us. Then say BUT we isn’t going to do anything about it and leave.
    Speak to Essex and Suffolk water, they say a private land-owner owns the property “they” are responsible for repairs, not us.
    Hang on, WE pay our money to YOU.
    Yes but Essex and Suffolk, don’t own the land, we suggest you contact the land-owner.

    I contact the land-owner, she says, Essex and Suffolk have repaired those pipes for more than 40 years, they belong to them.
    I inform the land-owner, Essex & Suffolk say she has responsibility for the pipes.
    The owner says, “Fine, I will arrange to turn your water off”.
    I inform Essex & Suffolk about this, they say “Tough, nothing to do with us”
    I inform them it is illegal to turn someone’s water off, their reply “Still tough”
    I inform them one of the persons that will be affected as they are supplied from same water supply, when water is turned off is terminally ill AND registered with chronic emphysema and an 8 year old little girl with her own special needs will also be affected.
    They reply “Not our problem” !!!!!

    End of phone call !!

  4. John Stephen Selby says:

    The water has so much chlorine in it a lot of people refuse to drink it near my place in Holton, Suffolk.

  5. Dan says:

    I just moved to a home with wessex water and they billed me £6 for x2 baths! after they got my direct debit information they then sent a letter announcing that im going to pay £228.00 a year for my water, im a single guy! Boycot these people.

  6. P Hudson says:

    An E&SW main burst in my street in new London Road on the 28th May. This caused my basement to flood. I am claiming for repairs through my insurance LV and it has been a nightmare. I have also issued a claim against E&SW for the extreme inconvenience along with Electric for dehumidifiers which were installed, insurance access which I should not have to pay. A sum to cover the cost for none use of the basement which is used as a sitting room and the fact I had to withdraw my house from the market! So far I have received one e-mail saying they will be in touch and since then nothing. It’s now Oct 2010 and I feel this is appalling. It seems the only way to go now is through a legal route.

  7. Richard Whiston says:

    I am moving house and the lady on the phone answered my call very promptly – I wasn’t even put on to hold. She was very clear, quick and responsive, and was able to arrange sending someone out to read my water meter on the day that I will be moving out. I was not expecting this to be so easy having read all the above complaints.

  8. jan says:

    no wonder u have one star rating….

    absolute shocking co in todays climate and customers changing providers all time they need buck their ideas up.

    major water repairs in essex waverley gardens they hit the electricity yesterday cut off from 10.00 am to 8 pm no electricity.

    dinner plans ysday had to be cancelled. couldnt use my drive,
    cost me phone calls to ring round all my friends ysday cancel

    all my food defrosted

    men take liberties and whatever little bit drive u have they park over it to make it easy for them.

    they leave behind their dirty rubbish .. tins coke food packaging

    they charge over 400 pounds a year for this appalling service daylight robbery



  9. paul says:

    I cannot turn my water off at the meter which is mounted beyond my boundry can anybody tell me who is responsble for this repair ?? I live in Chelmsford essex.

  10. Abbie Fiaschetti says:

    Now some might say this problem is over embellished, and it’s not that big a deal, but if we have a look at the EPA axioms for parts-per-million of diverse heavy metals, alkali metals, and chemicals, we’ll find extremely fast that it sure does not take a great deal to reach the edge of hazardous drinking water.

  11. Maneesh says:

    I am paying by direct debit after I moved in the property. I get a letter saying that this property is vacant as per the records and no one is paying bills.

  12. Colly says:

    I am extremely impressed with the speed with which E&S Water dealt with a recent problem. A new shower was installed 6 months ago and the engineer who checked the shower told us that as the filter was blocked with fine grit it was the responsibility of the water company to pay the £70 callout charge.
    I contacted E&S and advised them of the situation, the member of staff I spoke to dealt with this quickly and courteously. Within a couple of days I received confirmation that as there had been roadworks in my area recently they were accepting full responsibility and would be sending a cheque to the value of the callout bill. The cheque arrived 3 days later.
    Well done E&S.

  13. mark johnson says:

    Do not move to great yarmouth or any county that Essex and Suffolk Water provide as they don’t care about no one but them selfs, if you don’t have a meter in your property then you will pay though the roof for your water and if your on low income well there’s no help there.

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