Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig (Welsh Water)

Contact Details

Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig (Welsh Water)
Pentwyn Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF46 6LY

Contact Information

  • Customer services 0800 052 0145
  • Website www.dwrcymru.co.uk
  • Billing and account queries 0800 052 0145
  • Water meter enquiries 0800 052 0140
  • Reporting a leak 0800 281 432
  • Water services and emergencies 0800 052 0130
  • Sewerage services and emergencies 0800 085 3968
  • Minicom text 0800 052 4125
  • Publications 0800 052 0138
  • Welsh language line 0800 052 6058
  • Media enquiries 02920 556 140

General Information

Welsh Water is the 6th largest water company in England and Wales and provides water supply and sewerage services to over three million people in Wales and some of its adjoining areas. 1.2 million household customers and over 110,000 business customers are supplied by Welsh Water.

In the relatively wet area that Welsh Water covers, they abstract 5% of annual rainfall to supply on average about 900 million litres of water a day. To do this, they operate 84 impounding reservoirs, 740 service reservoirs, 106 water treatment works and pump water through a network of 26,800km of water mains.

Welsh Water also have a network of 17,600Km of sewers bringing the waste water to 850 water treatment works along the coast of Wales and alongside rivers.

  • Welsh Water supply both water and sewerage services.
  • Water hardness varies in this area from soft to moderately hard. Welsh Water can give you more details.
  • Water quality is continually tested and in 2003 99.85% of tests complied with regulations.

Customer Services

Level of Service

Last year over 1.2 million telephone contacts from customers were taken. Over 80% of these were billing enquiries and we answered 98% of all calls within 30 seconds.

Special Service Offered:
  • Maintain a register of customers with special needs, such as dialysis patients, giving priority in event of a problem with water supply.
  • Customer call centre has a minicom telephone system to help customers who are hard of hearing.
  • Main publications available on audiotape.
  • Bill is available in large print or in Braille.
  • Password scheme, a bogus caller hotline and a customer nominee system to help protect elderly and vulnerable.

34 responses to “Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig (Welsh Water)”

  1. Jack Russell says:

    Rang twice in a month re to much chlorine in the water . No improvement so far.

  2. John Ll Jones says:

    Nine o’ clock on a Saturday evening and what a pleasure to have the leak line telephone answered in less than one second by a very courteous lady who knew exacltly what she was talking about and dealt with my query with the utmost efficiency. Well done !

  3. David Higgon says:

    I have rung 4 times in 3 weeks about brown water coming out of the taps which has got worse. They said someone will vent the pipes on the first of May. Water still brown and I pay rates for this.

  4. Pauline Wlliams says:

    Very polite lady! She was very helpful put my mind at rest, it was nice to speak to someone at 6.15 on a Saturday evening and get helpful advice.

  5. Sarah Povey says:

    I phoned up to receive payment plan one person told me a set price per month. Then a few months later get a letter stating I’m behind only to phone up once again to be told that the price they set up was wrong and instead of letting me know they carried on letting me go in arrears. Now they expect the full amount or adding on charges. What a laugh, means the amount of rain we have had this year but still have to pay over the top.

  6. Margaret Jones says:

    My whole street water supply was cut off with no notice, rangi up to report it and the man on the phone was nasty, shouting etc. He refused to transfer me to the manager to complain, refused to give full name etc. Not bad for the hottest day so far, no water and a 2 year old unable to be bathed or given drink. Very bad service!

  7. Jeff Smith says:

    Water leak noticed on a bank holiday Monday at 0800hrs, called WW and they answered within one second. Engineer out first thing tomorrow I hope!

  8. Elly Yule says:

    The chlorine in our water has got stronger since they started building a new housing development near us. This has given me such an upset stomach that I have had to pay for bottled water to go in my kettle. When I phoned I was told the chlorine levels are normal. This is utter rubbish. I have lived in this house for 7 years and never had a problem before. Every few weeks I get really ill again and it’s all because of the water (we even changed our kettle and bought a new one in case it was the kettle but we worked out it was the water). The chlorine levels are too high, you can really smell it most of the time throughout the day in the water. When are they going to do something about it?

  9. Nick Davis says:

    Could you please advise me on turbidity sensors for household use. I feed off a borehole and experience very fine silt in the water supply, I’m wanting to fit a turbidity sensor to my supply before it fills my water tank. Is their any advise you can give, suppliers etc.

  10. Anne James says:

    Why not write to customer if there is a discrepancy in what has been set up by DD to what the charges are now? My elderly and disabled mother had a phone call that terrified her when someone from the DD department called to tell her should be paying twice as much. When did the charges go up last year anyway? WW needs to be more answerable to the public in how it spends our money plus put a stop to harassing vulnerable customers.

  11. Ed Byrne says:

    Water supply in Aberystwyth over the past few months is appalling, the water will randomly taste very very bad, almost sickening. Have got a new kettle and a water filter. In my opinion Welsh Water add far too much chlorine to the water and completely FAIL to monitor or address this issue effectively. Called to complain, was rudely told this is Normal. What a disgrace.

  12. Terry Gray says:

    I can’t believe WW can charge such high amounts for water. They told me today 8th Aug 2009 that they charge £20 per person per month for water/sewage. Unbelievable!! Wales has the greatest rainfall in the entire world, they should be paying us for using it!!

  13. Lucy Phillips says:

    The chlorine levels are way too high (I live in Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire). When you run the tap it smells like a swimming pool. I have to buy mineral water in bulk as tap water makes me feel ill, even though I have tried filtering it. It’s costing me a lot of money. I have complained to the DWI and urge others to do the same.

  14. Andrew says:

    I had a water meter fitted and had the bill, big shock, I got a leak, had to have a new water line from road to my sink to find it was not my problem as welsh water two goes of fitting the meter and it was their fault I had a leek and after all my drive has been ripped apart that say that’s the way the cookie crumble. Will I get any compensation for all the upset,
    can anyone help?

  15. Janet Bradley says:

    We are having a meter installed and rang for advice (19:30 Friday evening). Excellent customer service. They answered phone straight away and were really polite and helpful.

  16. Abigail Tracey says:

    Very good.

  17. Ian says:

    re: “I can’t believe WW can charge such high amounts for water. They told me today 8th Aug 2009 that they charge £20 per person per month for water/sewage. Unbelievable!! Wales has the greatest rainfall in the entire world, they should be paying us for using it!!”

    I’m sure that WW would provide water for free, but for the cost of pipes, treatments and energy to pump the water… There may be plenty of water, but this does not determine the cost!

  18. Gcp says:

    Does anyone have any information on the Leakage Repair Scheme, I phoned WW as their Customer Information Leaflet states that they will endeavour to repair/replace one leak free of charge within three years at the same property. I’ve been waiting for a Call Back from WW for 4 days now as I need to speak to my nearest WW Contractors to speak about the amount of work to be done?

  19. Mike Lewis says:

    Can anyone help, we have a small shop with no water or toilet but welsh water are trying to charge us for water and sewage even though they know we have no water.
    They say we must pay, when we said you would not come into our shop and pay for an item and not take it away with you they just said that’s the way it is and we must pay. Anyone else come across this?

  20. David Moorcraft says:

    Rang Welsh Water on Sat am – ok you can expect a bit of a wait – but spoke to helpful lady – advised I am leaving property – she was efficient – closed the account – only tiny complaint – they can’t refund any Direct debit overpayment back to my bank – they have to send a cheque. But service was good

  21. Chris C says:

    Mike – you will still have to pay drainage charge as your buildings run off water will drain into a public drain, hence the charge as this is maintained by the water board, although you should be able to pay a drainage only charge.

  22. Stuart Wilson says:

    On hold for 22 minutes. Realise it could be busy, but no option to leave a message and no indication that the call will EVER be answered. PLUS I have to pay for the call?? Not great.

  23. G.Psaila says:

    I have two problems.which have been going on for at least 9 years .
    The first is that from about 10 pm. the water pressure start rising from 7Bars to over 10.5 Bars causing leaks and damage to the fixtures connected to the plumming system, and stays high during the night until 8.30 am the follwing morningo .
    To stop this problem I have to turn the stop tap off at 10pm and back on at 8.30 am. Othere wise I’ll end up with leaks and floods from the boiler which is in the garage.
    The second problem is that the water has black spots and is full of air and some times looks clowdy .
    I have reported the above a number of times in the last 3 months to the North Wales Water services without satisfaction

    I have now collected enough evidence to prove this case.

    I would appreciate your advice


  24. ron williams says:

    I was connected to new main at front of my property and cut of from communal line that was a lead piped at rear I was charged a connection fee I am on your water assist tariff and both myself and wife are registered disabled my neighbour who his in good health has just been connected free of charge your coments please.

  25. Julie Brown says:

    Why is it that you do not get a discount when you live on your own. I pay the same for my water as a family of 5. You need to start giving discounts to people who live on their own. I don’t use a lot of water on my own yet pay the same. Can you explain why that is when you make so much money on the consumer with the use of the water please.

    • Mike says:

      That`s why you can get a water meter fitted for free….

    • chris says:

      Well how about getting a meter installed in order to put your money where your mouth is…I am about to get one and HOPE to save money being very thrifty indeed. Watch this space !!

  26. chris says:

    I would ask however why the water /sewerage charge in Powys is double that payable in central Bristol??

    I smell a rat in the disguise of pure profit.
    Lack of regulation methinks.

  27. David Gittins says:

    I am a town councillor in Hay-on-Wye. For report purposes I need to know the year when Welsh Water was set up?

  28. Barbara says:

    Instead of sending a bill they sent a reminder saying we have to pay within 7 days. Three days later started ringing up being”nice”.
    Water quality in the area is appalling, more like water added to chlorine rather than chlorine added to water. Utterly disgusting.
    Not suitable for baking with yeast since the chlorine will kill the yeast in minutes. Having to pay huge bills and get water for consumption/cooking at our local supermarket….
    Abysmal service.
    Not what I am used to.

  29. Ray Turner says:

    I have a septic tank, but understand that I am being charged for the removal of surface water. I therefore would like to have a refund on this charge that I have been paying for the past 10 years since I moved into the property.
    Many thanks

  30. Andy Goodwin says:

    Single people may find it diffucult to reduce the waterbill when 75% of it is standing charge

  31. Mr Alun owen says:

    We have another burst main in the field next door to our small holding. Last December the main burst on our property flooding the gravelled area behind our sheds and the water actually flowed through them including all the dirty water pumped from the like that was dug. In talking to the farmer up the road he asked if we had received any compensation from you as this was your main on our property. We as yet have not. Please could you look into this. Also thus main runs through the back if our property and through our garden. We were told when it burst twice in December that it was 59 years old. We are concerned that this is likely to happen again. What if anything are Welsh Water likely to do to alleviate the likelihood of this. I look forward to your reply. Thanks

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