Cholderton and District Water

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  • Head Office 0198 0629 203
  • Fax 0198 0629 307

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Cholderton and District Water supply almost 1 million litres of water per day to 2,100 customers throughout the villages of Villages of Cholderton and Shipton Bellinger in Wiltshire. Cholderton and District water have 1 treatment plant and 1 service reservoir and over 44 KM of mains through which the water is supplied.

  • Cholderton and District Water is a water only company.
  • The water supplied by Cholderton and District Water is classed as hard to very hard.
  • Cholderton and District Water Company Limited carried out 605 tests on samples taken in 2003. 99.83% of these tests complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.

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  1. Susan Cambridge says:

    I am looking for voluntary work as a water treatment Engineer I did my degree in Process Technology and Management I specialised in Water treatment I would like to get some work experience in order for me to secure employment.
    I hope you can help me I live in the London Area.
    Thank you in advance and look forward to your response.
    Many thanks.

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