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Anglian Water
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  • Billing and general enquiries 08457 91 91 55
  • Water or sewage services and requirements 08457 145 145
  • Emergencies 08457 145 145
  • Minicom 0800 917 5901
  • Freephone leakline 0800 771 881
  • Language line 08457 91 91 55
  • 24 hr Emergency contact 08457 145 145
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General Information

Anglian Water is part of the AWG plc group and supplies water and wastewater services to the largest geographical area of all the water companies in England and Wales. Anglian Water serves East Anglia, East Midlands, providing water and wastewater services to around 6 million industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Anglian Water operates in one of the driest regions of the country with only 600mm of rain per year. They supply over one billion litres of water every day through their extensive network of 36,000 kilometres of water mains. Anglian Water is also responsible for 1,007 sewage treatment works in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

The company is located in the east of England and employs approximately 10,000 staff across the UK.

  • Anglian Water is responsible for both water and sewerage.
  • Anglian Water is generally a hard water area.
  • In 2003 Anglian Water carried out 235,570 tests and 99.70% of these tests complied with the Regulations set by OFWAT.

Company Services

Anglian Water has its own Codes of Practice and Domestic Customer Charter, which outlines a certain level of service that you can expect from them. If these levels of service are not met then compensation is offered.

They offer WaterCare service where vulnerable customers can register for specific services or assistance. Services include:

  • Visits to inform visually impaired customers of interruption to supply.
  • Special arrangements for those with medical conditions who rely on a constant water supply.
  • Large print, braille bills and bills read over the telephone or sent to a relative or friend.
  • Minicom service for those with speech or hearing difficulties.
  • Help reading your meter where required.

78 responses to “Anglian Water”

  1. Sanjay Amrith says:

    Anglian water are our suppliers, they are extremely expensive and there customer service stinks!

  2. Martin Gregory says:

    customer is rubbish, trying to get a water metre fitted is prooving very difficult and am loosing patience fast

  3. John Stone says:

    Appalling customer service. Trying to force me to pay a previous tenants bill by taking me to county court despite numerous phone calls and letters.

  4. Miss Aneka Williams says:

    I am very disappointed with Anglian Water they have sent me a bill charging me for water rates for a shared property despite the fact that my landlord is responsible for all bills and utilities for the property including Water. And I can prove this. I am very unhappy indeed.

  5. David Bent says:

    Just had a water bill for £800 for 6 months use. Both my wife & myself are at work all day. We tried the turn off & check the meter test, and its spinning rapidly. We spoke to Anglia, they said it will be looked at within 5 days and the bill will be adjusted according to their findings, will keep you posted….

  6. Marc Hudson says:

    Just had a bill for £8000, yes that is right it is not a typo – £8000. Now I admit I do like to spend a bit of time in the shower in the morning but I only have a 3 bed semi not Buckingham Palace. I have phoned Anglian and the girl said that she thinks there may be a leak (her name was Einstein I think). As it is a new build the builders are liable and I am currently having arguments with them and Anglian. Does anybody know of any legal websites or anything that could give me some advice on where I stand??

  7. Louise Symonds says:

    Anglian Water have upped my direct debits payments without telling me. I was paying £30 per month and there is only two of us. Our last bill was £120 and we were £180 for same period. I’ve been trying to get hold of AW on phone for 30mins now – no answer yet. It’s disgusting, I’m furious.

  8. Marc Hudson says:

    Just to update you all, the bill is now coming to just a shade over £11,000. The leak has been found and repaired. I am now having problems getting this sorted as Anglian Water are telling me that the builders should be liable for the bill and the building company (Stamford Homes) are telling me that I should be able to get it sorted with the water company. Basically I am stuck in the middle of 2 companies neither wanting to help out…

  9. Paul says:

    Mr Hudson, Anglia Water are responsible for all water problems up to private property or private roads. If it is a new build then the contractors are responsible are all you have to do is prove that you haven’t excavated anywhere in your garden or anyone else. Go to NHBC as most building companies are members of this, I am sure they will help you the best they can.

  10. Michael Punshon says:

    I am also disgusted with the treatment I have received from Anglian water, particularly from their Customer Complaints Resolution manager. She seems quite incapable of listening to reason and insists that her interpretation of any situation is absolutely final. She insisted that I could not discuss my problem with a technician, despite her own technical expertise being woefully lacking. Her concern is that if Anglian Water comply with their legal responsibilities (as she sees them) nothing else matters. After all what can I do? Anglian Water are a monopoly supplier and there is no where else to go. Either I pay the amounts based on their meter readings or I will be disconnected. A suggestion by me that the meter might be defective is scorned but I am reliably inform by the manufactures Elster Kent Water Meters that the existing meter that was installed about 15 years ago would normally been replaced after 10 years. Still as the meter reading currently shows that I owe £568.26 compared with a bill for £204.63 for the same period last year, why should Anglian Water worry. I am also told that if I insist on having the meter checked the cost would undoubtedly cost more than fitting a completely new meter which it seems they should have done some time ago. Incidentally if the £568.26 is not paid immediately the supply Anglian Water have threated disconnection. Is there any authority that can prevent this privatised subsidiary of AWG from ignoring even the basic principles of customer service and satisfaction to achieve maximum profitability?

  11. Roxy Begum says:

    I have just finished writing a looong letter to Anglian water in the hope that my £900 bill that I apparently owe from like 7 years ago gets sorted out. I’ve been charged for a commercial property rate at the price of £74 a month. However, because i refused to pay this amount, 4 years ago they reduced it to £35 and kept adding the rest of the money to the account without even telling me!!! Now I have a bill for £900 and when I phoned up to complain, they have threatened me with court action saying I haven’t made one payment in 3 years!!! Along with that they have just installed new computers which has no details before 2006 so we can almost prove nothing!!! Help!!

  12. David Adams says:

    Anglian Water were so polite to me today. The best call centre I have ever dealt with, super agents. I had a big problem, they sent me a pink letter saying I owed a lot of money when I didn’t. It took 5 minutes for me to explain the problem to the agent, then it was fine, all sorted in 20 minutes. Answered the phone instantly, brilliant service, and I’ve just read on the ofwat website, top water company in the UK.

  13. Dave Shaw says:

    A.W.A The customer care is non existent. I have been in touch with E.D.F energy with a joint problem between both parties and 3 days later I am still waiting for a reply from A.W.A but I got a reply the same afternoon from E.D.F energy. Pull your socks up A.W.A.

  14. James Reed says:

    Anglian water are useless! We moved into our new house in March 2007. Have phoned AW several times with the details of the water meter and asked for a bill (again, several times). Keep getting told that the house isn’t on their system, so we’ve given them the meter number and still no bill arrives. I don’t want to get a massive bill in 10 years time!! Any advice? Just off to put it in writing to them. Incidentally, they have come round and repaired the stopcock for us, despite not acknowledging that we exist. Glad I’m not a shareholder!

  15. Justine Newman says:

    I have received 2 telephone calls from Anglian Water’s debt collection office with regard to an outstanding account on a house which I sold. I have advised the representative that I am no longer responsible for the account and that all the details were given when I settled, up to the date of sale. Unfortunately the said representative believes that it is my responsibility to chase up this account with the new owners – I don’t think so!

  16. Jennifer Bray says:

    I reported a leak in front of our house in November, man from Anglian Water came and looked at it and agreed it needed fixing, said they’d send somebody. Next we hear is a phone call in December asking what we thought of their service, it turned out they thought they’d fixed the leak, but hadn’t. A month later in January same call, same reply: leak’s not been fixed. It’s February now, so I’m expecting another call asking what we think of their service. They seem to be very good at phoning to check on service, but utterly incapable of fixing leaks.

  17. Nick Lamb says:

    I have had 2 court judgments placed on me even though I am not in any way connected to the property in question – these were placed in 2002 and 2007 both over the same premise that I have no liability for. Last time the bailiffs got involved and were superb, they stated that this level of poor service is normal for Anglian Water. They assisted me in resolving the issue even though AW did absolutely nothing – I received £100 compensation for the inconvenience on the advice of the court and a letter was received from AW accepting they were at fault and it would not happen again!! OH NO!!! already I am starting to receive bills for a property I have no relation to yet again!! The customer service department and Debt recovery department are abysmal! The promise lots but deliver nothing! They don’t even ring you back when they say they will. It’s time somebody came down on them and made them responsible for their actions.

  18. Karen Chown says:

    Anglian Water have been promising to fit a meter for me since January. I have rang on numerous occasions and after one failed attempt I am now still waiting for them to contact me for a fitting date. In the meantime I have received next years bill based on rateable value which I refuse to pay at almost £40 per month. I am a single Mum with only myself and my 11 year old at home, trying to do my best to save money. I am disgusted with the level of customer service in this respect.

  19. Lucy West says:

    I have just come home to a letter from some debt collecting agency working on behalf of Anglian Water wanting £180 from a house that I have never lived in!! This actually turns out to be from the house we lived in until April 2007. That’s ok BUT we have been told now that we owe £1029 for the period we have lived in our current house because they say they have never received any payments as apparently I never told them we had moved! So how then do they know that we moved from our old house in 2007 and knew where to send that massive bill!! Magic!

  20. D. Grosch says:

    Just had my ‘Anglian Water’ bill in… double last year’s and it’s to cover the period April ’08 – March ’09… as it’s only April (’08!) I shall not be paying for a service / product that I’m yet to receive… What a brilliant scam… I’m going to start billing my clients a year in advance and see how I get on… I expect to be laughed at (a lot) and out of business within a few months… I of course, don’t have a monopoly… Nice try ‘Anglian Water’ – try playing with a straight bat and stop the gimmicks…

  21. Saber M Faqirzada says:

    I am having a tough time with this Anglian Water and I try to send them this letter today but can not do it as their link is rejecting my email. Anglian water is a rip off. Can anybody tell me which is the cheapest? This is just very hard to be with Anglia Water.

    This is my letter:
    I have been with your company for years now but I am extremely unhappy about the great discrimination in price of water according to having or not having a water meter.

    When I was living in Mill field area I used to pay only £5 a week but since I am living in my current address I am paying not only for my self but also for other people who do not have a water meter.

    Why we should as water meter holder is counted for every drop of water but people without having a water meter should spend as much as water they want and they pay a fixed amount no matter how much water they use for garden or 3-5 cars to wash every week.

    Can you tell me if we obliged to pay for their car wash and watering their gardens?
    I wish there was another company of water supply and I would not stay for another day with Anglia water as they are so irresponsible. Anglia Water has never cared about costumer like us who are paying for other people’s water use.

    I would appreciate if Anglia water take the appropriate action and fit a water meter for every house in England and let every one pay for what they spent rather then paying for others. Or take pour meter away us to be able to pay a fixed amount every year.

    I will wait if Anglia water takes any action for this problem other wise I should seek legal advice.
    I have been paying much more then I use and this is because I have to pay for other people and like me many families are suffering.

    I am ready to discuss the matter with Anglian water.

  22. Martyn Elmy says:

    I informed AW that we were selling a house and asked for a final bill, they sent me another estimate, then said I have given them 5 days notice to read the meter – I posted the letter 7 days in advance – now they say the earliest they can read the meter is mid September. Oh and they don’t accept emails! Another privatised monopoly!!!

  23. Graham Cadel says:

    As a very small business our last bill was for 5 cubic meters of water for which we receive a bill for £78.30. I know there is a charge for sewerage but this is ridiculous. Bring on the day when there is some competition. I would give this company a minus rating if the system allowed it.

  24. Brian Harley says:

    I have received yet another unsolicited mailing from Anglian Water Direct, trying to persuade me to take out emergency pipe cover. I already have sufficient cover under my buildings insurance policy but just as I was about to bin the letter I noticed that this was an opt-out scheme. Well AW Direct, this sort of thing is ILLEGAL under the distance selling regulations. Please take note!

  25. Colin Myram says:

    In February 2007 part of a Leylandii hedge blew over in dark and it knocked aerial off my car. Anglian water said fix it and contact Willis in Ipswich, a loss adjuster. No response from them for months. Then said being handled by Gallagher Bassett, aonther loss adjuster and since have refused to reimburse. No-one has inspected site from them but subsequently the hedge has bee topped this summer following other plants being blown over into road. Aglian Water keep referring me to Gallagher Bassett in spite of my pleas for them to deal with me directly. I shall now have to take this to Offwat and Insurance Ombudsman in my time.

  26. Peter Atyeo says:

    Ok, Miss West, I’ve got some questions and a few answers for you:

    “wanting £180 from a house that I have never lived in!! This actually turns out to be from the house we lived in until April 2007” so u did live there?

    “they say they have never received any payments” so your claim is that you didn’t realise what? that you had to pay for water, or that you weren’t?

    “So how then do they know that we moved from our old house in 2007”. Because the new occupiers would have told them (because they pay their bills).

    “and knew where to send that massive bill!!”. That’s what debt collection agencies do, if you had given your forwarding address they wouldn’t have bothered with that, they would have just issued you with a summons.

    This board is for people with real issues, not to complain about being caught not paying your bill.

  27. Gerry Keogh says:

    There has been a water leak from the ground at the junction of Arlington Gardens and Besthorpe Road in Attleborough since early/mid August. The water comes up through the ground and simply runs down a drain a few feet away. I telephoned to report it early in September and Anglian Water confirmed that they knew about it also that it was scheduled to be repaired before the end of the month. It is now 2/3rds of the way through October and there is no sign of a repair! Goodness knows how many more gallons of water will be wasted by just literally running down the drain! I’m really glad that British Gas don’t take repairs so lightly otherwise we would all have been blown up by now!

  28. Anne Pharo says:

    I separated from my husband about 4.5 years ago and immediately told Anglian Water that I had left the house whereas my ex was still living in it. The bill was in joint names. I also explained that I had lost everything in leaving my ex and was living in a refuge as a single mum. I got rehoused and started building up my life again, eventually got a job. A couple of years later I got a bill from them which I disputed saying even if I considered I would be liable for some of the money for the period I had been living in the house I had clearly notified them the date when I’d left and why had they not been chasing my ex? Apparently he’d disappeared and so they now wanted me to pay it. I offered to pay £20/month which they refused. They then left me alone for a further 2 years, I’ve just had a letter from a debt collector including fees. Bearing in mind I have not been hiding I have clearly offered to repay SOME of it am I now still liable for ALL of what the debt collector is asking for? Seems a bit unfair to me… Where do I stand legally? I am now divorced and my ex is still running away from his bills (never mind the fact that he’s not paying maintenance to me). Should I still be liable for anything that was in joint names and nearly five years ago?

  29. Kerrie Williams says:

    I have been dealing with Anglian Waters complaints department since August 08. Just as you think that one problem has been rectified an even more annoying one rears its head! Overcharged bills, broken appointments and it seems that several people have to get involved rather than one person deal and conclude it. Most recently an appointment I made to fix the leaking water meter fitted two months ago which should have been fitted in Oct 07 (another story!) was cancelled by AW but no-one bothered to call and advise me. I took the afternoon off work and waited and when I called (again) to find where the plumber was I was given a limp apology that noone had called me and asked to schedule for another day!! I am now going to the consumer council for water as I have no choice who supplies me just a shame that they are soooo bad!

  30. Karen Ann Porter says:

    East Anglian Water are unhelpful. I was informed today that I have an £800.00 bill. I don’t know how this has been reached. I am a single person and switched to this method as I thought it would be cheaper. Of course when I called their office, they were not interested they wanted me to call Homeserve to detect the leak, but when I called Homserve they directed me back to useless Anglian Water. I do not know what they get paid for as it certainly it is not for doing any work. The person who surveys your house for their useless water meter equipment is also lazy and does not offer any assistance whatsoever. I think they should be replaced with an organisation whose employees are willing to help customers and not pass the buck to everyone else. I detest living in East Anglia and look forward to moving as soon as possible.

  31. Richard Parsons says:

    Their Customer etiquette is disgusting. I got handed over without ANY attempt at debt resolution, and when I got down to the bottom of the matter, Angian-Water’s accounts department said the outstanding balance was ZERO. They then took an undertaking to contact the debt recovery service and update them. A week later, lo and behold I get a phone call from the debt recovery agents for an outstanding balance.

    The debt recovery people just won’t lay off until Anglian Water tell them so, and everyone at Anglian Water have a tendency to be incompetent. KEEP AWAY from Anglian Water!

  32. Sidnet Norton says:

    Anglian Water are the same as the rest of the privatised utility companies. They put profit first, second and third and customer service is a necessary evil that is bottom of the list.

  33. Lisa Mcafee says:

    We are currently being charged £61 per month for a three bed semi – is this normal? I have had checks for leaks etc. but seems water tight. My parents around the corner have a larger house, use more water and their bill is £30 per month. It doesn’t make any sense.

  34. K Bublis says:

    Very expensive!!

  35. Kathleen Pickering says:

    Seven months after moving house I received a bill from a collection service on behalf of Anglian Water. Finding no record of my bank processing the payment (despite giving Anglian my card details), I paid the bill. 4 months later I’ve just received a bill for a slightly different amount, from same collection agency. Bit of checking has revealed that first bill sent to MY name and address was for someone else at an address I’ve not lived at! Apparently when transferring files from Anglian to collection agency ‘all the files were mixed up’, meaning any number of people have been sent wrong bills….!!!! Unbelievable! Now 10 months on I’ve been sent another ‘correct’ bill, and Anglian swear they have sent me 4-5 previous letters regarding this (not received) but cannot tell me where they sent them!

  36. Ody Nwan says:

    For the past three years of living in my flat, Anglian Water has being sending me bills of no less than £350 every 5 months. I don’t understand how this is even possible.. I live alone, I only spend 3 days in a week in my flat as I am away… I don’t have a garden or even a car to wash. I have a shower cubicle and I do laundry once a week… My latest bill is £339. I wanted to see if I was some maniac that just waste water so I asked my neighbour to see her water bill… Shockingly but not surprisingly, she is paying 105 for her 5 months and I on the other hand am paying triple that. WHY!! Anglian Water is definitely screwing me over… HELP.. I need HELP DESPERATELY.

  37. Brian Baylis says:

    Some 7 years ago, I was living alone in a first floor 1-bedroom flat, with NO washing Machine, so just using water for drinking, cooking, washing-up, washing and shaving, bathing and toilet. My immediate next door neighbours had a washing machine, yet were paying HALF of what I was charged. They asked me, not the other way round, so when I contacted Anglian water, they sent a letter back to me INSTRUCTING me not to discuss my bills with the neighbours. Needless to say, THEY got a much stronger answer back again. They were basing the water rates on the rateable value of the flat. What rubbish?

    From there, I moved to a 1-bedroom bungalow which had a meter. The reader came round and claimed he could see THROUGH polystyrene covering the meter to read it. There was also water INSIDE the meter.

    Now I have moved to another bungalow, I make a point of actually reading the meter so as to get accurate bills. I am in credit with my Direct debit payments, but they wont refund it, so I am going to STOP it if I don’t get the refund this time as the latest reading was given to them just yesterday.

    Their customer service STINKS and far more than the sewage we flush away.

  38. Mark C says:

    We have a water meter and we pay about £60 per quarter for our water. We live in a huge 3 bedroom detached house and harvest rainwater for watering the garden. Other than that – we have baths / showers daily etc etc. We are in the Yorkshire Water area.

  39. J B says:

    I can’t think of any reason to find fault with East Anglian Water other than the Internet site is down today. My water bill is £5 a month (not on mains sewage). I live alone and only have showers. I am obviously on a meter but my bill is significantly less (after taking into account sewage costs) than when I lived in Manchester and used a meter????

  40. Kathryn Williams says:

    I have been having huge bills from Anglian Water, and yet I am extremely frugal, simply because of the size of my bills. After much investigation, it has been discovered that I have a shared water supply, and all the water the family next door use, goes through my meter. The people at Anglian water are at last being very helpful. I just hope they remain helpful when the reimburse me!

  41. Mrs Szwed says:

    Anglian Water stinks. We live in a 3 bedroom end terrace and pay nearly £500 year while a friend who has a 4 bedroom detached house only pays £300 tell me why? We’ve been told because we live near the centre of town it’s more expensive, how do they work that one out? They’ve got us over a barrel we need water to live so we have to pay.

  42. Ally says:

    They seem to enjoy quietly sitting on vast increases in water rates and explain that they only update you to the fact once a year. Some circumstances can lead to what seems to be a steady and reasonable water bill to have a huge debited amount for when you move property. Avoid their meter system for shared houses.

  43. Colin Cleary says:

    I have just got a bill from Anglian Water for £696.77 of which £304.97 was for June 08 to 31 March and I did not live at the address. The rest £391.80 is for 1/4/09 to 31/3/10… How can they charge you for something you hadn’t had in the past or for something you haven’t had yet? It is all wrong, they are of no help at all. The customer service is really bad.

  44. Dawn Bryan says:

    I live in the borders and have done so for twenty yrs. The first time I knew about Anglian Water was when I received a letter from a debt company saying I owed them £145 and from what I can gather it was my cousin that had used my name and address. I’ve tried phoning Anglian W. 4 times now and still can’t get a reply. I’m starting to get really annoyed now.

  45. K Boldero says:

    I have just contacted Anglia Water Authority, supposedly, as I have been given a letter from the occupants of a house that know me… good job they do if not I would never have received it. When I rang AWA I asked where they got my name and address from. They said electoral list. Wrong… as I am not listed at that address. As far as I could make out it wasn’t even AWA that I was speaking to on the phone, but a consumer company. These people get information from Emails and correspondence send through the www. If you look at the front section of your server, as with BT, Yahoo home page it clearly states that they take classified information… this is then plied to a third party for a sum. It is us the user that has to pick up the bill, when mis-guided and mis-sold items by the third party company who inundate us with hundreds of scam emails.

  46. Caol Glenister says:

    Had water gushing out of a drain in the street for 2 days after Clancy had been working on drain, phoned Anglian water twice! on 2 separate days to be told ‘will be fixed tomorrow’ on both occasions!! Think this is disgusting. I expect we will be told soon we have a hose pipe ban!!

  47. Robert Wills says:

    I’ve had me first payment booklet for 8 years and nothing has changed, they still got it wrong to their benefit, by £250 (well, it would be if I were to pay it that is). Anyway, they are overpaid, overpriced, and have a poor customer service. The only way to beat the blighters is to keep in the account in arrears, they can bill in advance but they won’t get it…

  48. John Budd Lu7 Area Of L/buzzard says:

    Water main broken again, after 2 power cuts we now have no water till god knows when, and there is a diesel tanker stuck on top of the repair site for good measure.

  49. Kelly Todd says:

    I am not happy with Anglian water as they increased my direct debit payments without telling me. They told me that they would contact me in March 08, it is now July 09. What a joke! Warning to people be careful, they are very expensive.

  50. David Fensome says:

    Just got back from holiday. Very low water pressure, (no shower no hot water and toilet taking 30 minutes to refill) called the 0845 No. and they said “we will be with me within 12hrs”. After the 3rd call they say engineer tried to contact me (bearing in mind that I’ve had no problem in France and they also have my land line No.) I now have been told that they may be with me tomorrow afternoon and that I’ve been paying for my calls and that I cannot change my water supplier!!! Yes I still have not showered and am angry with this service that I am unable to change.

  51. Rodneysadd says:

    The area of Pennygate and Carrington Road in Spalding has a history with problems with the drainage and waste water. Despite the help line numbers Anglia Water are very hard to get hold of for reporting the problems we have locally.

  52. Ravi K says:

    Anglian is by far the worst company I have spoken to. They are charging me 500 pounds per year for a 2 bed house. When I asked them why, I was told as the house does not have a water meter I pay the unlimited price. I’ve asked for a meter to be fitted in April: still waiting for it to be fitted. Whenever I call I get the same reply… waiting to book an appointment!!

  53. Glen Dear says:

    Look at all these comments, I agree with the sentiments of all the poor sods that have experienced your bad service. I just spent my lunch break on the phone trying to speak with a human, too much to ask, your machine hung up on me after 25 minutes. Cheers AW!

  54. Gareth Wilkins says:

    I’m very disappointed with Anglian Water. They cancelled my payment plan, because I was a couple of payments in arrears. I’ve paid extra, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy them. Well they’re not getting any more out of me. £35 per fortnight to make up the arrears that’s as far as I’m willing to go. It’s the shareholders fault.

    • James says:

      Why is this the share holders fault? If you are paying on a payment plan then you should keep up to date. I bet you wouldn’t fall behind on your sky or council tax payments! I don’t agree with everything about law, but some of these posts here are stupid. You have my sympathy if sewage is coming up in your back garden, but something like this?

  55. Adrian Cole says:

    Wasted my morning trying to get through to AW to report a suspected leaking main. No success. Assuming that AW read this website; please take a look at the junction of Ancaster Road / Gippeswyk Road, Ipswich. There is a steady stream of clean water running to waste down the road. This area is just thawing out after the recent cold-spell.

  56. Scott Land says:

    Anglian Water is by far the worst company I have ever encountered. Customer service is worse than non-existent, billing highly inaccurate and debt collection the most brutal imaginable and based on nothing. How oh how were this company ever granted a monopoly? Lets all get together and start a petition, maybe on the No. 10 petitions website.

  57. David Armitage says:

    I reported a leak on Thursday – 5 days ago – in Hoveton (Horning Road West/). Signs have been put up about flooding. Thousands of gallons are being lost and evidently nothing has been done. There is now also a hole in the road. Its a disgrace.

  58. Kwingham says:

    AW – what a joke. I’ve had raw sewage pouring into my garden intermittently for 3 years. AW’s response – it must be rainwater my pipes are damaged!! Had a survey team down – nothing wrong with my pipes – AW now admit it’s an infrastructure problem – too much sh*t too small pipes and pumps! The best they could do was fit a new non return valve to stop the backflow – well bugger me if they fitted that incorrectly at least three times and left us flooded for 10 days before they came to clean up!!! Flooded again this week – no help from AW – just found out next village pump station broke down so they tankered 36000 gallons to our village and pumped it down our sewer – where did it come out – my garden!!! The CC for water are ever so helpful – nothing happened on the 17 occasions that we were flooded until we appeared on the telly and in the press – now we’ve had 1.5 year’s sewage charges refunded. Not enough – I’m seeing a solicitor to sue for negligence!!

  59. Sanjay Stevens says:

    Very expensive! Horrible customer services… worst company in the world!

  60. Jack Leeder says:

    I was overcharged £12 by Anglian water 4 years ago. I complained and after 6 months they offered me a £5 rebate. I am refusing to pay my bill until they rebate me the full £12. Whilst this situation costs me time (writing letters) and peace of mind it probably costs Anglian water a lot more than the measly £12 in question. I will continue not to pay my bill for another 4 years if needed until they rebate my account the full £12. How utterly dumb can they be?

  61. Neil Daniels says:

    Anglian water appeared uninvited in my front yard a week ago as they had a mains drainage problem….at this stage no problem with my drains. A week on and I have had a front yard full of sewage for 2 days.
    Despite 6 phone calls and assurance that I would be called back. I still have a yard full of sewage and no idea if any one will in fact show today. I continue to wait patiently. Now also it seems the line is closed until Monday.

    Apparently someone turned up at 2 in the morning yesterday and didn’t want to disturb me. Very helpful. ( I expect it’s a very good hourly rate at that time)
    What an appalling dysfunctional lack of respect & communication. Not impressed.
    One star is being stupidly generous

  62. Bob Iadarola says:

    There has been a burst water pipe on the A5 north of the Flying Fox Pub for the last 3 months. Last month there was a white van and some cones there but the leak still exists. When are Anglian water going to repair this major leak?

  63. Thomas Heaton says:

    At the end of the day they are providing water so deal with it cause you need the water if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

  64. Rebecca Farrant says:

    I think it’s out of order that people in England have to pay for water when the water is chalky and people in Northern Ireland have pure water and don’t pay for anything!!!!!!! Please can people agree with me I am thinking about doing a petition.

  65. Rod Watts says:

    I am in Anglian water area. Question: Can you choose to NOT have water services? i.e I choose to have gas, telephone, cable TV, electric power etc. Can I choose to NOT to have Anglian water services???

    • Will says:

      You can choose to have a domestic premise disconnected but it costs money. It costs money because if you choose not to have a water service they need to know you won’t still use water and simply not pay because domestic water cannot be disconnected. You can also choose to have a private filtration/sewerage system installed but you must provided proof of this to the water company so they can cancel your charges.

  66. Anthony Gee says:

    Why do we get a smell of sewage here in Trowse now quite frequently? Are you cleaning tanks, or what? The smell varies in intensity but seems recently to becoming stronger and more unpleasant. We assume this is caused by the Whitlingham Sewage Treatment Works.

  67. Anita says:

    If you smell or see sewage anywhere it shouldn’t be, report it straight away to the Environmental Health Authority / Environment department at Council – not the water company who don’t care about anything more than taking money off of you! It’s a dangerous health risk especially to children – if the water company won’t sort it out they will be heavily fined.

  68. c says:

    Make every property have a water meter installed that way people will pay for what they use that is fair. you dont have set rates for amounts of gas or electric so why should anyone have a set rate for water. everyone should pay.

  69. Glen says:

    Complaint ongoing since Feb 2011 and the customer relations team management seem to be more interested in arguing with customers than resolving issues. A letter of apology promised on 24 Feb is as of today (19 Aug) still waiting to be sent and promises of transcripts of calls are never provided.
    Requests for the complaint to be reviewed by senior management are blocked.
    When are we going to be able to chose water suppliers and vote with our feet to avoid the poor customer service from this monopoly organisation.

  70. Gary Foster says:

    Phoned anglian water to report a very bad leak via a fractured pipe, water was pouring from under my drive, I HAD IT REPAIRED by Anglian water 12 months prior, I was told on the phone the repair was carried out by them over 12 months ago, so I had to pay, MY reply well leave it I am not on a water meter and at least it will water the garden for years to come, complete waste of time..

  71. lorraine says:

    My daughter had a water meter put in, by anglian water on friday 17.2.2012 this is now saturday 18th and has no water, she has a two week old baby and not been able to make his feeds. She has been told by anglian they may be out by monday 20th.

  72. Isabel Meyer says:

    I have water leak, which Anglian Water will not repair because of its location down an ally way between house.. I have read on this website that they would re paid the bill for the repair though. Is this correct?

  73. Eric Lacey says:

    Is there a hosepipe ban in Norfolk PE31 7RB. I need to clean my static mobile home the first of its twice yearly external cleaning. Thank you.

  74. Mr J.E.Lehan says:

    Can someone tell me catagoricaly if the hose pipe ban is in force in the Linford area as there does seem to be persons living in houses to the rear watering their gardens is Linford under the ban.

  75. ian cox says:

    You are right their Anglian need to get their act together.

  76. Christine Fletcher says:

    Don’t be fooled by Anglian Water you can be sure they have plenty of shares in meter companies. Father christmas comes everytime you are having a meter put in. If I remember rightly you should not pay any pipe mending as it supposed to come out of our bills. Ring ofwat to check. First rule don’t be bullied by these people.

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