Moving House

If you are moving into a new property you will need to find out who your water supplier is. If you are moving into a rented property, the previous tenants, landlord or management agency should be able to inform you who supplies water and sewerage to the property. Unlike other utilities such as electricity and gas, you cannot choose or change your water supplier so it is simply a case of finding out who your supplier is, receiving your bill and setting up payment.

If you have bought a property and are unable to find out details of who supplies water to the property from either the past owner or the estate agent, then you can find out from the Consumer Council for Water website here.

Moving in checklist

  • Find out who supplies water and sewerage to the property (It can be the same company or two separate companies.)
  • Contact the company the day you move in, or before hand, giving them the date you will start being responsible for the water costs. List of companies can be found here – (click through on logos for comtact details.)
  • If the property has a water meter, read the meter on the day you move in and give the company the reading or arrange for someone from your water company to come out to read it
  • Set up payment for your water bill with the company. You can usually pay the bill in one go, in two separate installments, or in monthly installments. The latter will help spread the cost across the year which many people find most managable