Flood Help

Summer 2007 has been a wet one for many parts of the UK. As the flood waters subside, it has been estimated that over 3,000 properties have been affected; that number is expected to rise in the coming weeks as insurance claims (literally) pour in.

It is believed that flooding is on the rise in the UK as our climate becomes warmer and as we ever-increasingly develop the land, decreasing the amount of forests and vegetation.

This is grim news for the projected 4.3 million UK residents who will be affected by flooding annually.

What causes flooding?

Why does it flood more in some areas and less in others? What causes flooding and why can’t we prevent it?

What should I do if there is a flood?

Practical advice on how to protect your family and your property from injury and damage during a flood.

Insurance Issues

Advice on how to obtain insurance if you live in a aflood-prone area.

Your Views

Have you been affected by the recent floods?

Share your thoughts and help other flood victims today.

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