Yorkshire Water set to face up to criticism

January 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Yorkshire Water, the Bradford-based water company, has come under fire for the manner in which it handled an incident that resulted in thousands of homes being left without access to water at the turn of the year.

Around 3,000 homes and businesses across the region were cut off from the water supply following a burst, with some homes affected for several days.

Yorkshire Water has been criticised for failing to communicate with consumers adequately following the incident, the water company apparently adopting a lax approach in its quest to spread awareness of bottled water supplies designed to compensate for the problem with the mains supply.

Whilst homeowners were rightly left feeling infuriated by the incident, it is in all likelihood the numerous small businesses hit by the burst that will end up feeling the consequences in the long-term.

The burst couldn’t have happened at a more devastating time for many businesses, with some restaurants and bars in the region left without water on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With many establishments relying upon custom at such peak times to tide them over through the dark days of January and February, the potential cost of not having access to water is clear for all to see.

Yorkshire Water, which has apparently been left having to repair more than 100 burst pipes per day since the Christmas period, has since apologised for the lack of communication but it may be some time yet before consumers put their faith back in the company.

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