We have to embrace water efficiency

April 15, 2008 at 1:10 pm

Will people in the UK only care about how much water they waste when they see that the country really is running short? Will it take us running out to sit up suddenly and feel thirsty? A meeting with the Economic and Social Research Council and UK Water Industry Research has revealed that this is largely the case with us here in Britain. This is worrying a number of environmentalists and the water companies too. Britain was compared to the rest of Europe in their water consumption and it has revealed that we are not up to speed in terms of our attitude.

It never rains but it pours – and you’ve only to look at some of the houses in places such as Hull and Gloucester last year to see this. It’s because of the amount of rain in the UK lately though, that its residents are somewhat sceptical about the idea of us being short of water. The problem is though, that there aren’t sufficient storage and drainage facilities and so it all goes straight back into the sea, no sooner have people put their umbrellas away.

Many people have recently made the big change to meters, which means they, like those in the rest of Europe, are more careful with how much they use and when they leave taps running etc. But this is still quite uncommon in the UK and for that reason the shortage is predicted to get more and more serious over the next ten years. It might take more than just a hose-pipe ban in the summer to change the attitudes of people in the UK.

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