Water company drought fears for 2012

December 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

A number of water companies have announced that they are concerned that 2012 could see a drought, and are starting to prepare for the possibility.

Thames Water and South East Water are the latest two water companies to express their concern, and they were preceded by Anglian Water.

The news comes as there are growing concerns over the reduced groundwater levels and a lack of supply, following a particularly dry autumn.

On top of that, there are fears that the UK could be about to experience its second mild winter in a row which could increase the chances of a drought occurring.

The companies have stated that up to half of all households in the UK could face restrictions imposed due to a drought next year if the amount of rainfall this winter does not go back to its normal level.

The UK has recently experienced some of the driest weather that it has ever seen. As a result, water companies are now starting to urge customers to start taking their water conservation seriously to do their bit to help.

Temperatures across England are still very mild, and if the winter proves to be dry again then there are serious concerns about what it could lead to.

If the rainfall is not satisfactory, people could see restrictions imposed on using sprinklers, hosepipes, washing cars and other activities.

However, Southern Water and Severn Trent both told The Guardian that they are hoping the rainfall is sufficient this winter to prevent the need for more restrictions.

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  1. sylvia pinney says:

    Please can you tell me if a hosepipe ban is brought in will it means I cannot hose my allotment. I understood that previously they have been exempt.

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