Water companies secretly dropping pressure?

March 26, 2010 at 1:59 pm

Next time your boiler breaks down, will you consider it pure bad luck or something altogether more sinister? It seems a surprising proposition, but it was recently revealed that water companies could be reducing the water pressure to households and potentially damaging boilers without informing customers.

The claims have now been taken up by Ofwat, which is investigating them seriously. Boiler breakdowns in the winter are an absolute nightmare and the last thing that anyone wants to happen. But the thought that they might come as a direct result of the water companies is particularly grating.

Water companies lose a vast amount of water every day through holes in the old pipes, and they claim that reducing pressure is a necessary action in order to reduce the levels of wastage.

But the practice of reducing the pressure has been condemned as a way to avoid the real problem of fixing the pipes, at the same time as forcing customers to fix their boilers unnecessarily. This news is going to be even more frustrating to many customers seeing as water companies are currently enjoying record profits.

There is an easy way to test your water pressure: just try to fill a bucket with one gallon of water in 30 seconds from a tap on the ground floor. If you can do this then the pressure is fine. If you find that the pressure falls lower than this for over an hour on two or more occasions in a month then you can claim a £25 refund.

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