Water Bills on the Up

February 22, 2006 at 3:37 pm

As if huge gas and electricity bill rises were not enough this year so far, Ofwat have just announced that our water bills are also set to rise in April by an average of 5.5%. In real terms this means approximately £15 will be added to the average water bill.

The price rises are attributed to rising delivery, sewage disposal and environmental regulation compliance charges and on a positive note Ofwat are assuring customers that they extra costs will allow water companies to continue to make further improvements to water quality, the environment and help reduce sewer flooding.

The largest blow will be felt by South West Water customers who will see a 9.4% increase. United Utilities Water and Wessex Water will see 7%+ added to their costs, Thames Water an extra 4.6% and the Anglian Water customers will see the smallest increase at only 2.4%

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