United Utilities freeze water rates

January 29, 2009 at 3:46 pm

United Utilities has brought some welcome news to community groups throughout the country which are currently feeling the effects of the credit crunch. The water company, which provides services in regions including Manchester, Lancashire, and Cheshire, has revealed that it will freeze the rates charged to charities and organisations including religious organisations. Such groups had been worried after the company announced that it was set to increase the charges.

The news has not just made members of the groups happy. The impact of price rises could have had much wider implications. Many members of the public were concerned that churches would be forced to cut back the money spent on performing good deeds in the local community, whilst regular church-goers were anxious that some churches would have to close down permanently.

The news is not all positive though. The price freeze is only a temporary one and new charges will be phased in when long-term solutions to current problems are found. A spokesman for United Utilities stated that the new charges would not be phased in “until Ofwat agrees” to “implement a longer term solution”.

A spokesman for the Scout Association, Simon Carter, revealed that he was happy with the news, since it is “good to see this company take a brave step”. However, Carter also stated that the move is “only a partial moratorium”. Despite this, United Utilities remains adamant that they will help their “most affected customers” to “minimise their charges” whilst ensuring that the impact upon the environment is as negligible as possible.

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