Thames Water faces humiliation

November 28, 2008 at 1:48 am

A new website has been set up by environmental group, WaterWatch, to allow Oxford residents to voice their concerns about Thames Water. The website forms part of the Liberal Democrat’s campaign website and was created as a response to worsening relations between the water company and its customers.

Thames Water has been blamed for all sorts of things over the past few months, including burst water mains, extensive urban flooding, and the failure to prevent the contamination of water sources with raw human sewage. However, despite persistent complaints to the local council, the company has yet to alleviate the numerous concerns of the local residents.

The Liberal Democrat councillors, Ruth Wilkinson and David Rundle, have pledged to humiliate Thames Water by compiling a list of its offences and they plan to take action to prevent further incidents occurring. The water company has attempted to circumvent the plan by asking affected customers to contact its help desk as soon as possible.

Noel Hodson, a resident of Headington, Oxford, has complained numerous times about a sewage problem affecting a brook at the foot of his garden. He expressed his support for the new campaign and highlighted the need for a better sewerage system in the local area.

“I think it’s a good idea”, Mr. Hodson was quoted as saying. He continued to reveal his belief that “anything that makes it easier for people to highlight their problems will help make the city a better place.”

Oxford residents (particularly those who live in the towns of Headington and Marston) who have a problem with Thames Water have been encouraged to contact their local Liberal Democrat councillors at the Oxford WaterWatch website.

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