Thames Water could Face Fines for Leakage

June 28, 2006 at 10:42 am

Thames Water may be fined after failing to meet leakage targets during 2005-2006.

Ofwat released a statement last week saying that the company is inefficient and has contributed towards shortages which has led them to impose hosepipe bans and seek drought orders.

It is the third year in a row they have missed their targets, with leakage reported as high as 915 million litres a day last year. It is not surprising then that their customers see it as a farce when told they are not allowed to water their gardens or wash their cars.

The leakage target of 860 mega-litres per day was missed by 34 mega-litres so it seems only fair that the water company are penalised. Lets hope that the money will be well spent either finding solutions to the leakage problem or reducing ever increasing bills.

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2 responses to “Thames Water could Face Fines for Leakage”

  1. Paul Gape says:

    It’s absolutely outrageous that a hose pipe ban can even be considered when the water companies waste so much through their inefficiency. Their only cause is to ensure the shareholders can still have the biggest possible dividend. In view of the dire situation they have caused to the consumer it should be legislated that until they can manage their leaks, profits and dividends HAVE to be spent on the infrastructure.

  2. David says:

    Official figures show that Thames water loses 30,000 litres for ever km of pipe they have in the ground or 10,500 gallons for every mile. What other company can afford to throw away 1/3rd of its finished product and still stay in business?

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