Thames water accept responsibility for sewage leak

August 5, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Thames Water has been forced to accept responsibility for a sewage leak that killed hundreds of fish along a 5km stretch of waterway.

The Environment Agency was called to Silchester Brook in Hampshire last week after members of the public spotted sewage entering a watercourse. Current estimates suggest that the leak has killed hundreds of fish, including perch and trout.

Having accepted the blame for the incident, Thames Water have turned their attention to discovering the cause of the accident by launching an investigation to establish the cause of the tragic event. As part of their apology, Thames Water have also offered to restock the stretch with fish once a cleanup operation is over.

As well as looking into the potential impact of the leak, the Environment Agency was quick to thank locals whose speedy reaction enabled the agency to act quickly. An investigation into the cause of events has also been launched by the Environment Agency. In addition to initiating a cleanup operation following the death of hundreds of fish, the agency has also had to act to prevent other animals from drinking the polluted water.

Ben Govan, an Environment Agency officer, informed the media that “Environment officers are currently on site collecting evidence and sampling, and we have staff taking further samples from the river and doing some ecological monitoring.”

Reports have also suggested that the number of fish deaths could have been far higher if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking and actions of local farmers, who apparently saved hundreds of fish, including chub, trout and perch, by rescuing them from the toxic water and placing them in a makeshift aquarium on a local farm.

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