Thames offers businesses free water saving advice

December 17, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Thames Water is offering its business customers free advice and training on ways to cut down on water usage and save money.

Partnering Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), Thames Water will provide a ‘Rippleffect’ support package for businesses, offering tips and practical advice.

The support package is free and offers guidance to businesses in the form of five on-line training modules. Also available to support the modules are on-line tools, guides, a free phone advice line, web conferences and webcast, said the water company.

According to Thames Water, the Rippleffect provides a straightforward approach to identify how much water a business uses, by highlighting ways to reduce water consumption and save money.

It also recommends ‘quick win’ water saving devices, with one example being the use of passive infrared sensors (PIR). Companies using urinals that operate without a flush control could benefit by saving approximately £3,800 a year in water and sewage costs by installing PIR. Installation costs are around £350 and payback can be expected to be seen in five weeks, said Thames Water.

It also advised that measuring and monitoring water use, as well as comparing water usage each year was important, in order for businesses to save on consumption.

David Grantham, Thames Water’s water efficiency manager, said that Thames Water wanted to help businesses find water saving solutions, to ensure that there was “more water in the supply network for other people, and more in the environment for wildlife”.

He explained that London and the Thames Valley region had been classed as “seriously water stressed”, with below average rainfall for 15 of the past 19 months and this was creating a “cumulative problem”.

“By reducing water consumption, you can reduce your carbon emissions,” he added.

To register for a Rippleffect support package visit Thames Water

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