Tap water tastes good and is increasingly available

September 11, 2008 at 1:57 am

It is becoming easier and easier to opt for tap water instead of bottled water, and a new survey by Which? has shown tap water rivals bottled water as far as taste is concerned.

In its August edition, consumer watchdog Which? published the results of an online survey which showed that 50% of those surveyed could not taste the difference between tap and bottled water. Nearly a fifth of the 3,039 online respondents said they actually preferred the taste of tap water.

Winning the taste test adds to tap water’s very strong appeal over bottled water for its minimal environmental impact and lower cost per litre. Tap water costs 0.22 pence, making it 141 times cheaper than the bestselling mineral water Evian, which costs 31 pence per litre in the supermarket, and more on the high street.

A number of new initiatives reflect the growing popularity of tap water for these reasons of taste, cost and environmental impact. They include Drink Tap, the August campaign of Green Thing, a website running monthly initiatives to help people develop more environmentally-friendly habits. People can find ideas on the site that they may not have thought of yet to help them substitute tap water for bottled.

Another initiative in the pipeline is a pilot scheme which will place free tap water vending machines in ten London stations. People will be able to fill up water bottles from the machines as they pass through.

Finally, in restaurants and bars, the Evening Standard’s Water on Tap campaign aims to end the stigma of asking for tap water with your meal. Participating establishments can sign up online, promising to offer tap water on their menu alongside bottled mineral or sparkling water.

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