Summer water to cost more

March 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Southern Water has announced that it is to begin charging its customers a higher rate for water during the summer months. The increased charge is being called a seasonal tariff, and it’s the first of its kind to be introduced in the UK.

The aim of the measure is to help preserve water supplies during the drier summer weather. The south east of the country has long had to deal with seasonal pressure on supplies, and this is one measure that could go some way to getting people to take greater care over how much water they are using.

The scheme will start in June and last until September. It will affect customers living in West Sussex, Medway and Hampshire.

As part of the scheme, new meters will be installed in the households of Southern Water’s customers. A total of 487,000 meters are to be installed over the next five years. Southern Water claims that by 2015, 93% of its customers will have a meter.

The seasonal tariff will lead to 6% higher bills from June to September. But for the rest of the year the bills will drop by 2% from their current levels. Southern Water says that this should mean that most customers will pay the same amount for their water over the course of the year as they do at the moment.

Southern Water is the first water company to implement a seasonal tariff, although it is thought that other companies are considering starting up similar schemes.

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