Solar powered water for farmers

May 15, 2009 at 4:15 am

Solar panels that power water pumps down on the farm were once reserved for farmers lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine in continents like Africa and Asia. The British farmer, who was brave enough to risk buying one, knew more than most how unpredictable the summers in the UK can be. Things are about to change though, thanks to some new technology that will mean even the clouds of a British August will result in the sun generating power and driving water pumps.

The SolarPump PS150, PS200 & PS600 models are new and improved water pumps from 4 Elements Ltd. They don’t require constant glaring sunlight to power the pumps and are very effective and easy to use. Farmers in the UK currently have to rely on either diesel powered pumps to irrigate their fields with water, which can be very impractical not to mention bad for the environment, or mains-powered pumps, which are tricky to install and very expensive to run. The improvement of solar powered pumps is a godsend for farming in the UK.

The pumps have only one or two moving parts so they are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. When they’re at full charge, the products at the lower end of the market can pump an impressive 9000 litres every day. The more expensive models can manage double that. Prices start at around £2,000 and come with a large range of cables, pumps and heads, as well as installation instructions. They more than recoup their cost, even within the first year.

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