Shower power campaign encourages water-saving

October 23, 2009 at 4:34 am

Despite the lack of sunshine this summer, water shortages are once again hitting the headlines, with parts of the South East so short of water that they are being likened Morocco and Egypt.

We are all familiar with being asked to turn off the hosepipe, fix dripping taps and be a bit more frugal with the washing machine. The business of saving water can, however, seem a bit serious so it’s good to see someone has been having a more lighthearted look at our bathroom habits in the interests of water conservation.

A project championed by athlete Kriss Akabusi has discovered that, contrary to popular belief, women spend only fractionally more time in the shower than men. On average ladies linger for 39 extra seconds compared with their male counterparts and 26% shower in five minutes or less. For the full statistics and to calculate how much water you use in the shower, visit the Waterwise website.

Kriss Akabusi was surprised at the amount of time some Britons spend in the shower. He said that while many people, like himself, only take five minutes to shower, he was “amazed” to learn of “the worrying number who think nothing of taking anything between 15 and 30 minutes”.

For those of us on a water meter, reducing showering times has definite financial benefits. And while leaving the tap running when you are brushing your teeth certainly wastes water, dawdling in the shower has the added down-side of squandering energy. By reducing the time you spend in the shower, you save electricity (or gas) and trim a little off your fuel bill as well as your water costs.

The campaign is also promoting the use of innovative showerheads which reduce water consumption, and encouraging everyone to keep an eye on the clock each time they wash. Using an ecocamel showerhead it’s estimated that the average household could save between £140 and £250 per year. And you can stop all that water going down the plughole for an initial outlay of just 25 quid!

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