Scottish Water Watchdog Launched

February 22, 2006 at 3:16 pm

Waterwatch will be the new watchdog for the whole of Scotland. It has been launched by Ministers to deal with complaints about Scotland wide water company, Scottish Water.

Waterwatch will represent customers on issues such as burst drains, damaged sewage systems and increase in water charges. Last year the water company dealt with 747 of these complaints in house.

Scottish water received the most fines for polluting rivers, streams and beaches in 2005, 11 in total, with £41,500 worth of fines – more than any other UK water company. Part of the reason for this bad record are old pipe networks and supplying such a large area. Future investment is being made however, with £2.1bn planned spend over the next four years.

Scottish Water welcome the launch of Waterwatch, commenting that their customers views are vital during this major investment period.

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