Scottish Water is the Leakiest in Britain

June 19, 2006 at 5:35 pm

Reports have shown that Scottish Water is losing a billion litres of water a day through leaks and dripping taps. While much of the South of England are facing drought and water restrictions, water is literally pouring away in Scotland.

The amount currently being lost is enough to supply 2 million people – 1.1 billion litres a day during 05-06. Leakage is coming from faulty mains, many of which are 120 years old and also from pipes between the mains and households as well as dripping taps and general wastage in homes.

The water company have pledged to fix the problem in a four year plan costing £2.4 billion. It has been an ongoing problem as many of the mains already had leaks when the Scottish Water replaced three regional water boards. The situation had been neglected so needs action now. A spokesman from the water board assured the Scotsman recently that the new funding and targets should mean a “significant reduction in leakage”.

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