Ripple effect: new water saving initiative for British businesses

August 1, 2008 at 1:43 am

“Few businesses identify water as the raw material that is paid for twice – to receive it and to take away the waste.” Envirowise claims that water is not perceived to be a big contributor to rising company bills, in spite of being set to rise at 18% on average for five years. What is more, even though water is relatively cheaper than energy, it involves other costs such as pumping, heating and treatment.

The good news is that taking the sharply rising cost of water in hand is possible with the help of a new initiative called the Rippleffect, commencing in September. The initiative is being run by government-funded advice provider, Envirowise, and is aimed at UK businesses of any size. In particular, businesses in the food industry aiming to meet the Defra target of reducing water use by 20% by 2020 may find the Rippleffect gives them exactly the structured support that they need to achieve water efficiency.

The Rippleffect will benefit participants by helping them identify ways the business is using and wasting water. It will also provide businesses with an action plan to follow, and advice on how to measure the savings they are making.
Joining the Rippleffect before the 10th of September deadline could help businesses save about 30% on their water and effluents bills, which can increase to 50% by investing in capital.

The Rippleffect is a way of seriously improving water efficiency and gaining well-deserved environmental credentials for UK businesses.

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