Most expensive water bills in the country

February 10, 2006 at 3:34 pm

South West Water customers, living in the Devon and Cornwall area are paying the highest water bills in the country. The average bill in this area is £414 which contrasts greatly with an average of £254 paid by Thames Water customers in London. For water company rate information see our water rates page.

Before privatisation in 1989 most people paid a similar amount for their water bills but huge differences can now be seen in bills for several reasons. Devon and Cornwall is a desirable area to live in and more of a strain is being felt on the regions water budget. There is also a dispersed rural community with less people spread over a larger area compared with the larger cities so there are less customers to take the impact when bills increase.

As customers in this area pay so much, they are being invited to attend a discussion chaired by CCWSW, the regional watchdog, where issues such as customer grievances, policies on water meters and updates on river flows will be discussed.

Customers who are considering switching to a meter may benefit from the information offered. The meeting will be held on 16.02.06 in Exeter and those wishing to attend should call CCWater South West on 0139 242 8028.

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3 responses to “Most expensive water bills in the country”

  1. Mark Tillyer says:

    You must be joking? Devon and Cornwall pay the highest, what about mine?

    I have Tendring Hundred water services
    my bill for 30 sherwood drive clacton on sea is £613.00 a year for a 4 bedroom detached house and the water pressure is so bad but legal, I cant run 2 taps at a time.

    Beat that for expensive water

  2. Justin Jones says:

    It is unfair that Devon and Cornwall residents should pay the highest water charges. To make matters worst customers in Devon and Cornwall are unhappy at plans to spend £1.5m refurbishing South West Water’s (SWW) headquarters. This should not be allowed.

  3. Phil says:

    So one of the wettest and least populated areas of the uk pays the highest water rates. While one of the driest and most heavily populated pay the least? How on Earth is this possible or justified?

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