Leicestershire drying up

November 6, 2008 at 2:13 pm

Severn-Trent Water has announced plans to build a £30 million pipeline across Leicestershire in an effort to put an end to growing concerns about the county’s long-term water supply. The new proposal includes plans to circumvent ‘bottlenecks’ in the existing plumbing whilst improving connections between Leicestershire and the reservoirs in the Peak District.

Leicester city council has approved plans to construct a number of new housing estates in the Oadby area, a move which Severn-Trent believes has compounded water supply issues by increasing overall demand. In the same report, the water company warned that it could face a total deficit of 29 million litres of water unless the existing piping was upgraded within the next ten years.

A spokesperson for Severn-Trent explained that climate change was a key factor in the impending drought but made no pledge to limit the company’s impact on the environment. Independent environmental group, Waterwise, believes that companies like Severn-Trent should concentrate on reducing the amount of water that their consumers waste rather than “building their way out of trouble.”

If Seven-Trent’s new pipeline is approved, water rates may need to increase to compensate for the extra cost of the 20-mile-long underground pipe. The industry regulator, OFWAT, will be consulted regarding the legality of the price rise and their decision will determine whether or not Severn-Trent is allowed to build the extra pipeline.

Severn-Trent is hoping to produce an additional 60 million litres of water per day. This figure would allow it to provide water for a further 100,000 people.

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