Hosepipe ban may be lifted soon

January 9, 2007 at 5:06 pm

Recent heavy rains are filling up reservoirs and may mean an end to the hosepipe ban in the south east of England. Over the past three months rainfall has been well above average, ending drought conditions that have characterised the region since the end of 2004.

A year ago reservoirs throughout the region were nearly empty, but levels are now rising giving hope of an end to restrictions on water use. Water companies, such as Southern Water, are now considering lifting their hosepipe bans, but they are waiting for underground aquifers to be fully recharged. Water levels in the aquifers are rising but are still below full capacity. However, if the heavy rain continues throughout January there is a possibility that aquifers may be fully recharged by the end of the month.

Seven water companies currently enforce hosepipe bans, and there is a fear that lifting these bans too early may lead to further water shortages next summer. If the rains stop and the aquifers fail to fully recover then this could mean water shortages in the year to come. The general consensus is that water shortages in the south east are not over yet, but that there is an end in sight.

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