Have you been Affected by Water Leaks?

July 4, 2006 at 3:43 am

  • Have you or anyone you know been affected by a water leak?
  • Have you seen water pouring away in a public place and no evidence that the water company was doing anything about it?
  • Do you have any photos of the leak?
  • Has your house been flooded as a result of a leak that was not your responsibility?
  • What sort of response did you receive from your water company?
  • Did they provide any aftercare? Did you feel it was sufficient?

Have your say! Send us your comments and photos below.

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55 responses to “Have you been Affected by Water Leaks?”

  1. Steve Woodward says:

    Phoned 0800 028 3399 to report a leak. Pleasant operator could not find street that I was reporting and gave me Southern Water tel number who also denied it was their area and gave 0845 602 1724. The operator was a lot more competent and was extremely efficient. I just felt that it should not take three phone calls to report a leak!

  2. Mimi Alderman says:

    A fairly small waterleak in Old Nazeing Road (outside number 167) has been reported a few times over the last two weeks by various neighbours yet nothing has been done. The leak is where they did some repairs a few weeks back. This is really annoying to watch this waste when a hose pipe ban is in place.

  3. Lisa Hayes says:

    I’ve just reported a water leak to South West Water where I was dealt with by a very efficient operator and told that the leak had already been reported, the inspector had been notified and a work order had been raised. He assured me that the leak will be fixed by the end of the day… this space!

  4. Bruce Whiting says:

    I don’t think Severn Trent want leaks reported. They can’t deal with the ones they already know about. Otherwise there would be an easy form on their website to use rather than waiting 6 minutes, as I am currently doing, for one of their operators to answer the phone.

  5. Wendy Parr says:

    Tried to report a water leak to STW for 3 days but can get no response from emergency number apart from telling me the waiting time is 10 mins. I havent got time to hang on. Leak on A6007 Nottingham Rd., Heanor /Derbys.outside Library hole in middle of road getting bigger every day!!!!!!!!!

  6. Phil Cook says:

    I’ll second the comments on Severn Trent Water. I’ve just called their combined Emergency Services/leakline and waited 15 minutes before being told I was in a queue and played some musak. Only took a couple of minutes after that. Trouble was the leak was on an Industrial Estate which has only has one major postcode. All the ST operator could see was a list of properties and units, surely providing them with Google Maps too would allow a more versatile reporting system.

  7. Alison Sloan says:

    Just tried to tell Severn trent Water about a leak down the road but was told there was a 10 minute queue. Why not make it easy to report leaks online and/or give a list of leaks already notified?

  8. Gareth Davison says:

    Its not just the big water companies, Three Valleys water do have an online reporting system, but one week from having reported a leaking mains pipe I phoned them to discover they had only just read my message but would now start looking into it….If we are all on hosepipe bans, why cant something be done to penalise the water companies themselves for wasting our water.

  9. S. Tullett says:

    I just rang Sutton and East surrey water to report a large leak in the path in Horley and was told” we have 8 leaks so will not be out tonight” A thank you would be nice!

  10. Miss Tina Woolford says:

    I have a water leak in my front garden right this moment, i called sutton water and was told they would come in the morning… watch this space….

  11. Miss Tina Woolford says:

    I’m well impressed, Sutton and East surrey Water came as promised. It was a mains pipe that had burst and two very friendly workmen had the job fixed in just a few hours, they even did their best to get my lawn looking back to normal. So I say thankyou Sutton and East Surrey Water.

  12. Sandy Gemmill says:

    One would have thought that Scottish Water would have a working web site on which you could report leaks, such as the one in Mertoun Place, Edinburgh (from a relatively new water pipe). Even a free phone number for leaks listed in the telephone directory would have been a help since the only losers are Scottish Water with gallons of water disappearing down a roadside drain.

  13. Darren Thickett says:

    i think its disgusting the way water rates are going up what has happened to the millions the companies have had of us in the past supposedly for pipe renewal why hasnt the money been reinvested weve been paying to line the shareholders pockets thats why.
    another reason why we have a water shortage is most of the natural sping water is being bottled and put on the supermarket shelves (how many millions of gallons are sat on the shelves or are in warehouses?) where we not only have to pay for a natural product ( if we want it) but pay the government v.a.t as well

  14. Sandy Gemmill says:

    Just to say, in response to my comments of 28th August, that when I arrived home I discovered that Scottish Water had dug a hole in Mertoun Place and the leak had been repaired. The hole has now been filled in and I have also discovered that the Scottish Water website is working.

  15. Steve Saunders says:

    On and off since November last year the flat above mine has had a water leak. Despite pressure from Anglia water no remedial action appears to have been taken or enforced. The leak emanates from the toilet cistern (??new ballcock).
    Said leak is no longer just a drip. It is a flow. Location of said leak is 35 Roseville Close, Norwich, NR1 1UX

  16. Mr A Langford says:

    I reported a water leak from a stopcock in Alcocks Lane at around 6.30pm Sunday 8th October. It is still leaking 48 hours later with no sign of anyone attending. No wonder there are hosepipe bans etc. What is going on at this company?

  17. Greg Moger says:

    I reported a leak a month ago to Severn Trent Leakline, the water was bubbling up through the grass at the end of a drive we share with 2 other houses. After a week of inactivity I rang again to be told I should call a plumber as it was on our land! I advised that it was their mains and did not know whose house it served and it would damage a new retaining wall if not fixed soon.
    A man eventually called and ascertained that it was one of my neighbours supplies who had a meter installed at the house therefore not a domestic issue. He sprayed the grass area with a blue spray and that is the last we have seen of him!
    When we rang last week ( I think to India) we were once again told we should call a plumber! I totally despair of this idiotic country that I once proudly used to call my own! Greg Moger Cinderford Glos.

  18. Greg Moger says:

    Further to my reporting a leak in Cinderford which was ignored for 6 weeks I rang my MP and the following morning a crew turned up and repaired it in 20mins!
    Severn Trent then had the cheek to claim the credit for a “prompt” response via e-mail! I asked if the MPs telephone call to their Operations Director had any bearing on the matter and have not had a reply. What a surprise! So…if you have a leak don’t bother Severn Trent…ring your MP!

  19. Sam Brooks says:

    my house was flooded because of a leaking tap

  20. Terry Robson says:

    I thought I would be able to report leaks online but find I can’t.
    That’s rubbish after spending 20mins on the phone tryibg to report it.

  21. Tim Archer says:

    1978 sewage and water leak have contacted MPstill waiting for adaquate remedy.
    Advised if i continue to harry Water company they will bankrupt me by inaction and solicitors time waisting.Tony Blair PM is to busy.

  22. Gerald Rogers says:

    Why are you allowed a leakage level

    It’s a good job the Gas companies are not allowed a leakage level


  23. Disgruntled Bill Payer says:

    A hole in the path, dug by Northumbrian Water two or three days ago, remained undisturbed (with water running normally) until this evening around 7 or 8pm when they arrived to dig and cut and generally cause mayhem for locals.

    10.15pm and the water’s off. 20 minutes to find the number to call, 15 minutes waiting for an answer, and then to discover that they appear to have had no knowledge of the earlier work until I mentioned it beggars belief…

  24. Nigel Collins says:

    Reporting a leak in Nutfield Road Merstham Surrey, by railway bridge, has been leaking for neary 2 years!!

  25. F Frederick says:

    I don’t think there’s any excuse for such blatant wastage…door seal leakage testing? Surely it would have been easier to use two or three buckets of water and not 15-20 minutes of high pressure water from a hose? Correct me please if I’m wrong! (Unable to load picture gutted!)

  26. George Murdoch says:

    Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water repaired our leak within 2 hours of a telephone call and could not have been more helpful in ensuring we had a clean supply. Thank you John.

  27. Dean Cooper says:

    their is a leak in middle of road outside of the dingle pub northfield on the roundabout it has been leaking into the road fore 4 days now

  28. Keith Curzon says:

    water leak from mains on wellington road nantwich.this has been leaking fo 3 days that i know wonder our pressure is down

  29. Marilyn Stonebank says:

    re email i sent before the problem leak is in poplar avenue dinnington n/cle

  30. Penelope Gregory says:

    this is a water leak in the road at cromwell green letchworth, cromwell green is a cul de sac there is a little exit road which goes to glebe road that is where the leak is

  31. Leonard Cox says:

    The change of policy by Three Valleys Water regarding the non maintenance of OSVs
    which are situated in the roadway and the charge of £40 for call out, is is against the interest of the consumer and should be changed immediately. The levy of the £34 Standing charge should be more than adiquate for this purpose. If you agree please contact me

  32. John Loughlin says:

    There has been a water leak at the junction of Pelham Road and Old Road West for several days.

  33. Gordon Shaw says:

    There is a perpetually wet area in Ockham Road South roughly opposite Oakwood Drive, so I presume there is a leak. The road surface is in particularly bad condition there so it appears to be making the poor road surface worse and possibly dangerous.

  34. Anthony Hoggins says:

    A water leak at Newbiggin Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne,Next to Pecks House Farm, Has been leaking since last Thursday!10/05/07 and stlll is, despite reporting it twice ! NO ACTION YET18/05/07 !, this water has been running for 8 days 24Hrs none stop,How much water has been lost I shudder to think,Yet you tell us to preserve it, you can do the opposite! I find this total unacceptable,I will be contacting the local news paper in due course! I await a reply to this incompitence!!!!

  35. Lisa Kelsey says:

    My garden has been filling with water every summer for the past 3 years! It has been reported for the last 2 years. The same officer has investigated it for the last 2 years yet nothing ever seems to happen! I have just reported it again for the 3rd year running. Watch this space.

  36. Martin Roach says:

    I am going to have to take Three Valleys Water to court over their leaks some of which have been going on for up to SEVEN YEARS – does anyone know under which part of which Water Act companies are required to repair and maintain water mains?

  37. Harry Joshi says:

    A minor main’s leak on the road turned into a major one. First reported 6th September 2007. Thousands of gallons of clean water flowing into the drain,12 daysin a row, 24 hrs a day nonstop!

    Horrifying to think how much water is lost after calls of preservation.

    A pool of water has formed 4 ft. away from my front wall. Each passing vehicle splashing without fail and showering my wall.

    One lady nearly lost control of her wheelchair after being drenched by a passing car. Numerous pedestrians are splashed with muddy water ruining their clothing. They just shout at the drivers in vain. It’s a very busy road, at times 3 cars per minute.

    While my front wall has turned from pure white to muddy brown soaking wet and damp, Anglian Water has only managed to mark and paint the damaged area on the road. No sign of repair starting. No engineer to assess the damage to my property.Total avoidance of the problem.

  38. Alice Doyle says:

    A water leak has occurred in our service pipe between our water meter and our property. The service pipe runs under public byway and pedestrian pavements, not immediately on our property. The water board say it’s our responsibility to fix it even though it means getting permission from the council to dig up public roads. We have also found out that when the pipes were laid in 1978 – yes only 1978, they were laid without being protected with a layer of sand so when the cement was dropped onto the pipes, the acid from the cement will have eroded the pipes and that’s why there is now a leak. I can’t believe that we are going to have to pay for a repair that is on public land and because of a contractors shoddy workmanship back in 78. I am fuming!!

  39. Taylor says:

    There was a leak behind my place of work just before the easter bank holiday weekend. They came and dug a big hole and seemingly stopped the leak. The hole is still there today, the 29th of April. Apparently while fixing the leak they broke the sewage pipe and somehow this takes weeks of doing nothing at all to fix! Where the hole is seriously affects our ability to take in deliveries and in fact half a palette of a delivery sadly ended up at the bottom of the hole; the poor delivery men had to drag our stock out of a giant hole full of sewage! Scottish Water have been very difficult to contact etc. throughout it all. Then this morning I took my dog out and there appears to be a leak at the bottom of the road, so I naturally hopped online expecting to be able to report this via e-mail or something, no such luck. Scottish water have an appalling service and a website that’s as much use than a round ruler. I refuse to pay to phone this leak in so needless to say it will stay untouched for weeks, months, years even.

  40. Ian Copeland says:

    I’ve just reported a water leak to United Utilities. This has been reported three times. They assured me that the leak will be fixed by 5 working days… swimming with water summer time and covered in ice winter time… watch this space!

  41. Watermiser Q. Bloodpressure says:

    Water leak in Linden Avenue, Culsdon reported mid July 2008.
    Still leaking 22 August 2008. Oh, some herbert has been out and marked a few blue and yellow marks on the road – which might be for the water or Daft Ken’s London emission Zone, or something. No sign of the leak being stopped, is there?

  42. David Owner says:

    We’ve had a leak of fresh (non-chlorinated water coming from a narrow gap between our bungalow and our neighbour and for the past 5 weeks (and counting) we have been waiting for Anglia Water to address the problem – the contractor for Anglia Water says the gap is too narrow and won’t accept the job so we’re waiting and waiting and pumping out tons of water from a trench dug in our garden to try to contain the situation.

  43. Saeed Firouzi says:

    I’m Having a problem, trying to report a BIG leak on a public road. Wasted lots of time, trying to find a phone number or a website. Trying to report any faults or problems on our public areas appears to be a difficult task. I think this why majority of the public areas have fallen into a sorry estate.

  44. C 9 says:

    I bought a property at auction which had been empty for a while. Before I completed I phoned the water companies to say I thought there was a leak. I say companies because Southern Water do the drainage and SouthEast water do the supply. Anyway after me moaning I got the water turned off before I completed.
    Good job because when I completed I found a pool of water under the floorboards and a burst pipe. 6000meters cubed of water had been clocked on the meter since it was previously read. There was a pile of to ‘to the occupier’ letters going back 12months saying the water company would cut the water if there was no response – but they never had.
    Needless damage, and the two water companies just blame each other. Why do we have a system with two companies billing for supply then drainage. They play ‘good cop, bad cop’ are terrible at corresponding but both want their bills paid. Also they use expensive 0870 numbers.

    It’s a terrible system dual companies – it shouldn’t be allowed – two billers for one utility.

  45. Rose Matthews says:

    A sewage drain has collapsed under the main highway in front of my house. Dwr Cymru (the water board) won’t touch it because it only affects my property; the council won’t touch it and my home insurance won’t cover it.

    In the meantime, everything that gets flushed gets deposited on my vegetable patch!

  46. Alan Oakley says:

    There is a leak outside 2 South Avenue Hurstpierpoint but there aren’t enough ‘advisers’ to answer the phone within a reasonable time, and my time is valuable – so the water will carry on running down the road.

  47. Amanda Davis says:

    Just to say we have had water coming up in our garden for 4 years! Beat that.

  48. Mrs L Juniper-solley says:

    I am disgusted with Thames Water, that my entire neighbourhood in east London has been without water since this afternoon due to children opening several mains water supplies in the area to enjoy the water in the hot weather. We are told that they will not come and turn them off until post 10 pm and not without police assistance as they are threatened by the children. In the meantime we have elderly, children, pets, all manner of health and safety issues in 30 degree heat. It’s disgusting treatment. Thames Water should be looking at tamper proof covers rather than running scared from children and making an entire community suffer for their incompetence!! Be ashamed, and if one case of illness is caused by this I shall be escalating to the highest authorities.

  49. David Lindsell says:

    There is a water leak on the footpath which leads between Waterloo Court and Bridge Street in Andover, Hampshire.
    Water appears to be bubbling up through the paving slabs.

  50. Mrs Elworthy says:

    There has been a leak in the middle of Seaton Down Road, Seaton, Devon, for at least the last 7 days and nothing seems to be done about it. Water is precious and EXPENSIVE. When are they going to do something about it? It is part of my money that is running down the drain.

  51. Ted Willis says:

    We have had a leak in our village which must be thousands of gallons a day for nearly 2 years. Anglian water say they are looking into it but lately they have stopped returning my calls.

  52. Gavin George says:

    I have had a problem with my neighbour refusing to fix her water supply pipe. It’s burst twice since Feb this year, the problem been the burst was so close to her house it was running under my house and flooded my front garden. She refused to do anything about it as it wasn’t effecting her home, so I was left to phone up my water company for weeks trying to get advice, eventually them came and repaired it, but said if it bursts again they would not fix it. Anyone know anybody I can contact if this bursts again? Any advice would be welcome.

  53. V Cohen says:

    There has been a water leak in the North East (Northumbria Water I presume) since last winter. It is on Scotswood Road outside the old Vickers Armstrong works. This must have been reported but is still leaking nearly a year on.

  54. Ratnajit Sen says:

    People have to be aware about the water management system, and every people should be responsible for the abuse of water. GOVT have to take more investigative action and apply the perfect laws of water resource. ph (9038700201)

  55. Mina says:

    Hi I am a landlady for an apartment, which has been let out. Recently my tenants complained of high water bills and it appears there is a leak somewhere between the apartment and water meter. The pipe crosses a public carpark and I have been told I have sole responsibility for getting it repaired.

    This is after I have been passed from pillar to post. Anglian water, who supply the water will not even offer a quote to get the work done.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so I would welcome advice on how to get this matter sorted…of course as cheaply as possible.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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