Good News for Window Cleaners

June 14, 2006 at 10:29 am

Since talk of drought began and restrictions and orders were put in place, one of the most concerned groups have been window cleaners. Their day to day activity relies on the use of water and their safety relies on the apparatus they use – yet restriction threatened the use of both.

However The Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) are able to reassure those in the window cleaning business as they successfully lobbied DEFRA so that water-fed pole systems can still be used for the cleaning of windows at height.

After drought orders were granted to water companies in the south, the FWC were worried about the safety and livelihood of those in the window cleaning business as their options seem to be continue business and violate the orders or start using ladders and violate the Work at Height Restrictions (WAHR) implemented by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Neither options were really viable so the FWC noted their objections as soon as the drought orders were logged so they could represent members at hearings.

With the help of the British Window Cleaning Academy, Omnipole, the HSE and support from local newspapers the decision to allow window cleaners to continue using water fed poles to clean windows in Sutton and East Surrey was made. There are still some restrictions whereby water must be fed from portable tanks and not mains supplies and that ground floor windows should be cleaned by traditional methods where possible.

Either way, it is great news for window cleaners in the south who can continue their work without compromising their safety and if further drought orders are granted, the FWC will continue to push for similar rulings.

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One response to “Good News for Window Cleaners”

  1. Jeff Brimble says:

    The the decision to allow window cleaners to continue using water fed poles to clean windows in Sutton and East Surrey is one of common sense. I use the waterfed pole sytem I have economically, using only a quarter of a bucket of clean water per house so it can be argued its more economical than traditional means. The bowser/portable tank is the way that 99% of window cleaners and others operate any way.
    The trade should be congratulated for working so hard to reach this logical decision,allowing many operatives to carry on earning a livelehood after investing in their future.By contributing to the tax sytem instead of needing its support.
    Jeff Brimble, RUTHIN. Wales

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