Ex head of Welsh Water says water should be sold to England

April 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm

With seven water companies in England imposing hosepipe bans recently, water is well and truly back on the agenda. Now the former boss of Welsh Water has claimed that water should be treated like oil and sold to drought-hit regions of England.

John Elfed Jones said on BBC Wales that Wales should take advantage of the hosepipe ban in England by transferring its water and selling it to the hardest-hit regions. However, Welsh Water was quick to reject the idea, saying that it is not practical and too expensive.

The announcement was made after it was revealed that Severn Trent is planning to sell water to Anglian Water, which has been affected by the hosepipe ban. The water will not be sold for profit but only to cover costs, and it will help to supply the needs of 100,000 homes in Lincolnshire by providing up to 30 million litres of water a day.

Mr Jones said that it was “about time we took this option seriously”, but a Welsh Water spokesperson said that it is “not possible to move water from Wales to the south-east” of England, and that it is “too expensive and it would not be a practical option either for environmental reasons”.

20 million people are affected by the hosepipe ban in England which came into force due to the severe lack of rainfall in recent months. This is the first time that Severn Trent has traded water, and the company stated that it would continue to do so as long as was necessary.

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