Drought not cured by a few wet days.

May 22, 2006 at 5:53 am

It’s what we have been apparently missing all winter down here in the south but it doesn’t seem that the dreary start to the summer is quite enough to lift drought fears.

Rain all weekend and rain forecast for all of the week ahead is due to two atlantic depressions crossing the country which are bringing not only wet weather but wind, thunder and lightning too. Bad news for those hoping that we might see a bit of sun some time soon, but good news for many others who have been negatively affected by dry weather and the water restrictions that have come with it.

The Environment Agency are however warning that this wet weather spell is by no means any solution to the current water situation. After 18 months of dry weather, a lot more than a weeks worth of rain is needed to get supplies back up to a normal level. They are warning consumers and water companies to continue to use water wisely and conserve the supplies that we currently have.

Hosepipe bans already in place and drought orders being applied forin the south prove that the lack of water is still a very real problem. See how your area is affected on our hose pipe ban page and do your best to help the situation by conserving water at home wherever you can with the help of Soak’s
water saving tips.

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