Compensation for Contaminated Water Supply To Low

December 22, 2005 at 3:32 pm

Many people in parts of Gwynedd, Wales have been affected by a bug from contaminated water – the cause of which is still unknown. The potentially deadly cryptosporidium bug has affected over two hundred people, some who have passed it on between themselves rather than catching it directly from the drinking water.

Over 37,000 customers were told to boil their water before drinking. Watchdog Consumer Council for Water Wales claimed that compensation for this issue should be upped and free bottled water supplies should be given to the affected households. Welsh Water were criticised for their response to the crisis as the watchdog asked questions such as ‘What is being done?

Why hadn’t customers been told earlier? When will they have a clean water supply? They also stated that the �25 standard compensation was not enough and that bottled water should be offered to customers until clean water supplies were resumed.

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