Brits pouring water down the drain

July 15, 2013 at 4:10 pm

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) Foundation has recently carried out a study of 86,000 homes and found that of the 9 billion litres of water used in the UK each day, a quarter is used taking a shower and almost another quarter (22%) is used in flushing the toilet. By shortening the time we spend under the shower even by just one minute (the average shower lasts seven and a half minutes) we could all save money and still be clean. It is also possible to reduce the amount of water used when flushing the toilet by fitting a dual-flush cistern or asking your water company for a free water-saving “hippo”.

Another area for savings is filling the kettle. 95% of us boil the kettle each day and 40% of us boil it at least five times a day. Three out of four of us are guilty of boiling more water than we actually need. Overfilling kettles and then pouring away the water we don’t need costs an annual £68 million nationally.

There has long been debate about whether it takes more or less water to wash dishes manually rather than using a dishwasher. The average household washes dishes by hand ten times a week and uses the dishwasher three times a week. It seems, however, that larger families could save water by using the dishwasher more often, provided of course the dishwasher is energy efficient and only used with full loads.

For lots of tips on how to cut down your water consumption at home and at work visit the Waterwise website.

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