Bottled Water a Waste of Money

July 7, 2006 at 4:34 am

Many people who spend money on buying expensive bottled mineral water, may be disappointed to hear that tap water is just as healthy.

The Consumer Council for Water has confirmed this and stated that as well as saving consumers money, opting for tap rather than bottled water is friendlier to the environment also as it reduces the number of plastic bottles going to landfill sites and reduces the cost of transporting bottled water.

Tests carried out by the Drinking Water Inspectorate proved that our water was the safest it has ever been with only 4 samples out of every 10,000 fell short of standards and 99.96% of water met British and European standards.

When looking at the cost of drinking water from a tap and out of a bottle, the savings are clear. It costs only £1 a year for one person to drink their recommended 8 glasses a day from the tap – a litre estimated at 0.1p where as to drink the same amount of bottled water amounts up to a whopping £500 a year – each litre costing an average of £1.

So, save yourself some cash, take advantage of the good quality of our water and help the environment by reaching for the tap instead of the bottle.

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