All Doom and Gloom for the Water Industry

March 2, 2006 at 10:26 am

It seems to be one thing after another for the Water Industry as customers continue to receive news of shortages, bill increases and now compulsory metering in some areas.

It seems hose pipe bans are set for this summer after the driest winter for 40 years in parts of the country with rainfall remaining scarce and resevoirs still at low levels.

There are also concerns about leaks in distribution pipes in some areas, which frustrate customers as they try hard to conserve their usage whilst unrepaired leaks nearby see water trickling away. Water UK assure customers that something is being done about these leaks but where the situation is bad, for example parts of London, it is a costly job, with Thames Water spending £190m a year fixing leaks and mains.

The latest worry for many water customers is the introduction of compulsory meters. After such a dry winter, the government has agreed that companies can implement compulsory water meter installation where necessary. Folkstone and Dover Water will be one of the companies taking action on this issue after severely dry conditions and this leaves many households concerned over increased bills. This comes soon after Ofwat recently announced water bill increases across the country.

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