A precise map of the water depth around the UK to be published

May 11, 2009 at 2:59 am

As an island, the UK is certainly not short of any coastlines. But sometimes the problem is knowing where the deepest areas of water are and which industries can benefit or not from certain depths. That problem has now been more or less solved though thanks to a remarkable series of maps which precisely display the depth of waters around the British Isles.

Thanks to some hard and lengthy work undertaken by a branch of the UK Hydrographic Office – which is part of the Ministry of Defence and provides mapping, charts and all manner of services for the Royal Navy and international mariners – called SeaZone, their Digital Survey Bathymetry has created a collection of maps using the very latest in marine technology. Instead of the old way of dropping a line to the seabed, SeaZone have used single-beam technology, which sends a sound echo through the waters to pick up the return of the acoustics and then measure the depths. They have also used the even more modern method of multi-beam, which is Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) that beams light and lasers to a surface and records the return in order to note the distance.

It’s very cutting edge and will be paramount to a huge number of industries working in the seas around the UK. The engineering world, especially the mining of oil and gas, will benefit hugely from the maps, as will the environmental bodies hoping to protect the shorelines, the fishing industries looking for target areas for their catch, and also branches of the emergency services and rescue teams.

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  1. Lyndas9254 says:

    I like this site. Wish we had one here. It is just amazing the technology that is coming out. Using the old way of dropping a string so to say and now using electrical beams…. amazing.

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